Do not play innocent with us!

Yes, we’re back. Yes, we were gone. Well, kind of anyway. The award-winning content was still here, but we couldn’t login and post new crap. To add insult to injury, you couldn’t leave comments anymore. Though at least the comments were totally broken at the start. For a short period of time today, you could load the comments and type a new one, though trying to post resulted in an error. Anyway, all those problems are gone. For now.

You see, our ISP (Scott) would have you believe it was a simple technical problem. Really? Sadly, No! What Scott sometimes pretends isn’t true is that he is, in fact, Dutch, while the staff of Sadly, No! lives in Germany. Germany – Holland. Mean anything to you? Of course you exclaim, Germany is playing against Holland on Monday Tuesday [thanks to Mr. Orange] in the 12th European Football Championship. Obviously, the Dutch have decided to take the first shot by temporarily disabling Sadly, No! to give their team an edge. This subterfuge will not be rewarded. On Monday, Germany will teach the Netherlands a lesson. And then, Sadly, No! will be deleted from our ISP’s servers. Enjoy us while you still can.


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Whatever the problem was, I’m sure Scott’s looking into it.


You have to keep an eye on Niederlanders, they are sneaky, at least those in my family are.

I will say that their spontaneous street demostrations during the Vietnam war were the best organized in Europe. They began and ended promptly and never interferred with access to bars.

Frankfurt was quite disorganized, although given the general attitude of Hessians it was always easy to tell if it was a demontration or just a normal day in Frankfurt.


I’m glad it was merely a technical gaffe. When it flashed “Forbidden-you don’t have permission, etc”, I thought I was being personally banned, that I had, in some way, incurred your wrath though I couldn’t imagine how, unless you have some aversion to run-on sentences like the one you’re reading now..


the match is on tuesday..


Obviously Germany will win. One has but to consider the differences between Edam Schmierkaese to understand potency.


Germany – Holland. Mean anything to you?

No. What means something to me is that France just beat England 2-1 in injury time. Allez les Bleus!


Wij willen onze fietsen terug!!

But to be honest, last night’s French victory over Beckham & Co. Inc. Ltd. means a lot more to me than whatever might happen tomorrow. Ol?, ol? ol? ol?!!


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