President Convicted Embezzler Chalabi is on the case!

The Financial Times has the latest on everybody’s favorite ingrate:

Mr Chalabi chairs the Governing Council’s Higher Committee for
de-Ba’athification. Formed in September, this has expanded its work from
rooting out senior functionaries of the former regime to implementing what
he calls “a programme of economic de-Ba’athification”.

The committee is one of the most powerful in the Governing Council. …

Critics of de-Ba’athification have attacked the programme as revenge-driven.
Iyad Allawi, a fellow member of the Governing Council who has also returned from western exile, has called the plan “dangerous”, and declared he was boycotting Mr Chalabi’s committee.

Mr Chalabi’s opponents worry that his de-Ba’athification committee has few
checks and balances, and that it could be used selectively to favour his
associates and undermine business rivals. He insists, however, that the
motives for de-Ba’athification are a “moral issue”.

He said the de-Ba’athification committee would also examine the restitution
of an estimated 500,000 properties he said had been confiscated under the
Ba’athist regime. He said the properties included his sister’s house, which
the family has already recovered and in which Mr Chalabi gave the interview.

Under the de-Ba’athification programme an estimated 20,000 suspected senior
Ba’athists, many of them technocrats, have been sacked from the government
machinery.This has been widely criticised as contributing in the atrophy of
the Iraqi state structure.

But Mr Chalabi argued that the policy’s impact had been “very light” and
said a second wave of de-Ba’athification now being finalised by his
committee would be “deliberately harsh”, although not a witch hunt. [Emphasis added]

Given how long he’d been out of the country, we’re surprised Ahmad even managed to find his way to the house.

Thanks to Mrs. Blair for the FT article.


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It’s the long overdue Chalibification of Iraq. A neo-con dream come true!


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