Joe Torre is a crappy manager

Yes, I know the guy has FOUR WORLD SERIES RINGS!!111!1, but look at this: he’s using Roger Clemens as a relief pitcher.

Yankee fans, please explain to me how you guys won four championships with this guy at the helm? I’ve never seen such shoddy bullpen management in my entire life.


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Yeah, well, he had to use seven pitchers yesterday (a day after using five) in a 13-inning game that had some slightly crazy rallies and lead changes.

So it’s not like he’s using Clemens out of the ‘pen in a vacuum or anything.

You could argue that getting to the point where he had to use Clemens is where he screwed up, but sometimes things just add up (like 13-inning games following a game where you used five pitchers, for example).

Plus, the Yanks are in a position where they can’t afford to just give up on a game by throwing some reliever out there for multiple innings, to save arms for the coming days. They’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

And remember, I hate the Yankees. And no, I don’t think Torre is all that great, but then no manager really has much effect on baseball games anyway.


But Clemens is, uh, 45 years old. And he’s a starting pitcher. And he’s due to make a start in, like, a couple of days. Who would have been better to pitch instead of Clemens? How about anyone? Myers could’ve been used to face Bonds and Klesko. That’s his job.


I’m not sure what him being 45 has to do with anything … Jesse Orosco pitched in relief at the age of 73 or something. Myers pitched yesterday and the day before, so …

Anyway, the Yanks ought to try and get some of their money’s worth out of that sack of shit anyway, even if it means blowing his arm out by pitching him in relief on his off days.

I’m surprised he’s even on the road with them for the SF trip …


I’d really tend to agree with DA- he was just pretty much outta pitchers. But at the same time there’s a bigger story here. The Yanks came into town with the Giants on the skids. They were just lost. They couldn’t get an RBI hit, the starters were blowing up, the bullpen was barely holding their own. The Giants needed a crappy team to come in so they could feast on ’em, win a series and regain some confidence.

And that team turned out to be the Yankees? They ain’t as good as they think they are if they couldn’t come in and sweep the pathetic Giants. Now they’ve gotta have even bigger doubts, and the Giants can feel pretty good about themselves. At least until the DBacks get here…



On behalf of Yankee haters everywhere, I would like to say:



What’s a “Yankees fan”?


Hey retarded donut, your joke somehow snuck between my legs, under my glove, and rolled slowly into right field.

a different brad

DA already covered it. For what Clemens is being paid, he better be ready for some unorthodox uses. He ain’t saving his arm for anything, that’s for sure.
Besides, using starters as relievers on their throw days is an idea that’s long been underexplored.


Um, I’m thinking of becoming a soccer fan…

a different brad

And mikey, what I saw was that the Giants have some great starting pitching, and marginally better relief. And the Yanks are a streaky team this year.
N retarded donut, I’m a Yankees fan.


I saw “R. Clemens” in the boxscore today, and I spent 20 minutes trying to find out who *really* pitched for the Yanks in relief. Like, maybe they signed some journeyman named Richard Clemens or something.

But, comically, there was no mistake.


Enough w/ the Sawks/Yankees, you effete Northeastern elitists. Librul’s like yew all have rooned this country for Us REaL Americans. Note that MY GOD has killed decadent (former) SF reliever Rod Beck. It will hoppen 2 U, 2,commies!!!



I’m a Yankees fan.



Jesus, Rod Beck died? Man … him and Mike Jackson were one of the great 1-2 closing punches in the mid-90s for the Giants. The Fu Manchu, the beer gut, the swinging arm … Rod Beck. That’s really too bad.

a different brad

Well donut, if you’re going to be an idiot tribalist, i’m gonna stand up for my tribe.


Hating the Yankees unites as many people as loving the Yankees. We can all be proud of our idiot tribalism.

Hating the Yankees is a hobby.

Hating the Pistons is a duty.

Lousy Pistons.


So, how about those Bears? That was a sweet eagle that the handler scored from the safety zone, eh!


I (casually) watched the Saturday game while doing some housework, and was quite pleased by workout the NYY bullpen got, and all for a loss!


The Hon. knows shit about baseball. Clemens needed to work a few innings and he flew all the way to SF, the game is all about killing two balls with one strike. Torre is a great manager, and I dislike the Yankees.
Go Giants! (Sob, it’s so cold in the cellar.)


If this was Clemens’s side day (two days after his last start, where a pitcher has a throwing session in the bullpen to keep his arm in good shape), it wasn’t a bad thing to use him. Especially if, as D.A. pointed out, Torre was otherwise out of pitchers.


“for what he’s being paid”?

For what he’s being paid, Clemens should go from player to player on the opposing team and systematically bribe them into throwing the game.

Don’t get me started on what he’s being paid.


Rod Beck played for the Red Sox too. Don’t think we aren’t sad.


Best Rod Beck moment I remember was someone asking him at some point about his….erm, lack of physical training. His response?

“I’ve never seen anyone go on the DL with pulled fat.”


Maybe he was hoping to make win number 350 an easy one.


BillBuckner said,
June 25, 2007 at 2:26

Hey retarded donut, your joke somehow snuck between my legs, under my glove, and rolled slowly into right field.

Ooooh. And YOUR joke would have hurt too, if it wasn’t for the, you know, the Yanks’ epic choke, the World Series win and the current ownership of the best record in baseball. When the Yanks or the Mets win a Series this century, I figure you’ll let us know.


If you want to know why Joe Torre sucks as a manager look at the bench. Those are his guys. Tonight at first base: Miguel Cairo.


Torre didn’t win those World Series – Buck Schowalter built a great team out of crap, was fired, then Torre stayed out of their way. Then Schowalter went to Arizona, built a good team out of nothing, was fired, and Bob Brenley stayed out of their way. The baseball universe owes Buck Schowalter 5 World Series rings.


I liked it when Bonds patted, who was it, Robinson Cano? or Jeter? on the cheek when he (Bonds) stole second base the other night.


Torre nanages the dodgers like he still has the hame run power that he
had with the yanks.He really stinks as when to take the pitcher out.
When you can’t beat teams like washington and pittsburgh you have
got a problem.


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