You Don’t Say!

Dan Riehl gets seriously Freudian:

The Battle For Iraq

The battle for Iraq continues and will continue for some time. We must continue to fight this relativity low causality war, whether we like it, or not.

“Low causality” indeed. You only wonder if he’s referring to the disconnect between cause and effect that got this disastrous war started in the first place, or to our Bizarro media world, where those who were the most wrong about the war back then enjoy some of the most cushy sinecures discussing it today …

Now, normally it’s just not cricket to make fun of typos on blogs: They happen to teh best of us, after all. But we couldn’t resist vis-a-vis Riehl, seeing as how in his very next post, he makes fun of somebody else’s.


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Cut Dan some slack. His first language is Klingon.


Would that be general relativity low causality war or special relativity low causality war?


Klingons have no word for “Unjust War”. Or Jolly.


The nitwit can’t even spell “real” properly.


normally it’s just not cricket to make fun of typos on blogs

I believe there are over 3500 commas involved though…


Let’s get to the real scandal – why did my blog fall off of seb’s blog roll?

Herr Doktor Bimler

This could be the first war in modern history to use Jungian acausal synchronicity as the core principle of strategy.
Relativity and low causality is a good combination.


That’s not a fucking typu! (See, I just made a typo back there, a perfectly honest error from a hunt & peck typist, & I’m leaving it in as an illustration.)
That’s simply using an incorrect word, ’cause it sounds/spells/reads similarly to the actual word. Example: when commenters type “tow the line,” because they are so fucking stupid, illiterate & ignorant they don’t know the very language in which they’re attempting to communicate, and don’t even have the capability to think about what they’re saying or what their little metaphor may mean. (It’s “toe the line,” retards, try to figure it out!!) Other examples abound, just can’t remember any at the moment.
And I’m just talking about commenters here, who (for example, & I don’t mean anything by this, I can check my lousy typing, etc., w/o a preview, thank you) may not have access to a preview fuction. Danny boy is an alleged pro, and should at least give his shit a quick once-over before publihing it. So don’t give him a break on that at all!!
And P. fookin’ S.: What’s the word before “causality?” Looks like “relativity.” Does this fuck know anything? D. A., I’ll assume you pulled no trickery, as I’ve no time to look @ Dan’s fucking shit, gotta hit Trader Joe’s b/4 they close.


No trickery, M. Bouffant.

And to you, ignobility and the good Herr Doktor, for seeing that the doofus wrote ‘relativity’ instead of ‘relatively’ … my hat’s off to you. I missed that the first time around, so struck by teh funny of ‘low causality’ was I.


Also, if you can stomach it, check out this nutty Riehl World View commenter calling the Iraq debacle “America’s Finest Hour” (his caps):

You can draw whatever conclusions you want from these facts, however the conclusions I draw are, first, that the American intervention has saved lives even as the liberation is taking place and, secondly, that the giving of blood and treasure to enable Iraqis to throw off the shackles of tyranny and establish a democracy is America’s Finest Hour.

This guy clearly reads waaaaay too much Victor Davis Hanson.


I don’t know how old Riehl is, but there’s the possibility he’s old & wretched as I am, & can’t see these little teeny tiny letters (as I missed both ignobility’s & Herr Doktor’s prior references). Nope, now that I’ve checked his site, no excuse for Riehl, his font is more than big enough for the elderly. (I didn’t really think there was trickery, just sayin’.) I don’t think any of the comment crowd there noticed either. And that’s hardly fair of him to pick on (in his next post) some jihadist moron writing in a language not his own, that uses a completely different alphabet, fer cryin’ out loud.
“America’s Finest Hour,” my sweet patootie!! “Saved lives…liberation is taking place.” There are none so blind as …

Herr Doktor Bimler

Would that be general relativity low causality war or special relativity low causality war?
Riehl is clearly thinking of general relativity, and I;m sure that in future posts he will explain distinction between causal (time-like) geodesics and acausal (space-like) geodesics. If the integral of the metric is positive, it’s a space-like geodesic…
But I forgot, you don’t have a metric “to know if we are winning or losing the global war”, according to Rumsfeld.

Still can’t see the relevance to Iraq. Unless Riehl looked up Killing Fields and found that “A Killing vector field… is a vector field on a Riemannian manifold (or pseudo-Riemannian manifold) that preserves the metric.”


i know some folk get all pissy about grammer and spelling on blogs, and as a minimum, I at least try to get it right, unless, of course I’ve been drinking.

But at the very minimum, you would expect someone like Riehl, righwing pansy-ass or not to at least know the difference between ‘relativity’ and ‘relativly’. He sets himself up as some half serious commentator, and can’t get that right, why should anyone take him seriously.


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