Almost like a real post

A friend of the management writes with a cry for help:

By a hilarious twist of fate, a short scholarship essay I wrote on community service was nominated by MTV as a finalist in the Choose or Lose Contest. The final winner, who receives $5000 and an appearance on TRL (HA!) will be decided by public vote all this week at:

If you could take a few seconds to vote for Essay #7(look for Joshua) […] I would be much obliged!

As we told Joshua we voted for Allison, who is in our humble opinions way cuter than he is. Should you not be as superficial and shallow as we are, we do however urge you to vote for Joshua.


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I say vote for Sam (#2) because he’s straight up representin’ the outskirts of San Antonio, and he isn’t a republican douchebag like that treacherous-looking Chad (#6).

And Anne (#1) is wayyyy cute.


Joshua voted for as ordered, Sir!

And yes, Anne is way cute. Allison looks like a Republican mom in waiting.


Three of the ten finalists are from Florida. One of the finalists is named “Chad.” Is Chad from Florida? Sadly, No!


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