Hamming it up

Shorter Mary Katherine Ham: Because the rich are apparently genetically superior to everyone, we must allow them to pass all their money to their children so they can keep providing jobs to the swarthy commoners.


‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

UPDATE: Oh dammit, I posted this without realizing Leonard had done a number on it below. Oh well, just be sure to read his too. This piece deserves a good thrashing.


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I like the way
The way she dance (OHH!)(HAAA! HAAA!)
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Put ’em in a trance (OHH!)(HAAA! HAAA!)
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Oh wait, it’s just some red-eye from shitty photography. Never mind.


It’s exactly this sense of entitlement the inheritance tax was established to avoid.

I wonder if she’s ever worked a real job a day in her life..


Maybe wingnuts believe MK Hamsteak because they feel that she might like them, but only if they believe her.

Of course, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed… unless she wanted to do it on the floor.

Mmmm, those heady days of junior high, how I miss them.


Normally I’d be offended at being called inferior, and that I should pay more taxes then Paris Hilton, but I wanna tap that ass…

a different brad

You know why I don’t buy into dude entitlement as a concept? Cause I went to boarding school and have seen real entitlement in action. Rich kids think there’s something inherently special about them that means they deserve what they get, by and large.
The only problem with the inheritance tax is it doesn’t take enough of the estate.


I think the thread at the following link pretty well establishes what the Hamites woule like to see:


Rather respulsive creatures, really.

Having said that, Ms. Ham looks fethcingly porkalicious in the photo above.


Oh wait, it’s just some red-eye

I think it’s one of those Zoolander “obey my dog” type of deals.

Why does she have her name tag stuck on her skin, by the way?


Anderson Cooper became a journalist, and he’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, who wasn’t a journalist, and therefore we should eliminate the Estate Tax? What?


WTF…does not the fact that she listed a number of heirs-to-great-fortunes that have inherited great fortunes prove that the death tax HAS NOT prevented wealthy people from passing on their wealth!


mmmmm…open faced ham sammich


Free market what?
Meritocracy who?

If the sons and daughters of privilege are valuable members of society, then society being the free-market meritocracy that it is, those sons and daughters will have no problem providing for themselves and becoming successful. Right?


Shorter Ham: “Ahoy, Polloi!”


I thought real capitalists would be against inherited wealth, since it cuts into the bloody, vicious battle for competition & efficiency that all are supposed to wage against all others.


The article was appalling, but why did you put the photo of a hungover Carrie Fisher with it?


Pluck, work, labor, trouble. It’s an old, simple lesson that Paris clearly missed.

Paris should also not forget about the Land Giveaways, Frauds, Starvation Slaves, and Murders it takes to build a truly great Robber Baron Legacy.


Paris should also learn to spend a bit more on lawyers…


“Paris should also learn to spend a bit more on lawyers…”

Or, you know, more money on cab rides, and less time driving under the influence.


Does she wear the wind chimes on her ears to drown out the whistling sound she hears in her head when the wind blows?


[…] This has to be read to be believed (my emphasis, and thanks to J. Smith for the tip): More educated people think more like economists; in fact, more educated people pretty […]


I totally agree with Ms. Ham. It’s wrong for government to throw the heirs of the incredibly wealthy out into the snow with not a penny to their names!

Oh wait. What’s that you say? The so-called Death Tax only takes a small portion of their estates? The heirs are incredibly wealthy even after the tax is paid? Oh well, never mind then.


That’s always been my response. I’ve got a self-proclaimed “small-l libertarian” buddy who gets red-faced, literally, over the estate tax. He’s a big “all taxation is robbery from the government” type of guy – he honestly things privately owned highways could work – and says the estate tax is the worst of the worst. Mind you, this guy’s a computer programmer and I’m more likely to have to deal with the estate tax than he is, but he gets het up over, believe you me.

Told me once that if a rich person leaves X amount of money to his heirs, the government takes Y in the estate tax. I forget the numbers he used, but it was something like if someone’s left $80 million, they only get to take something like $76 million home. He never could understand why that completely failed to move me to the terrible plight of the children of the stinking rich.



I forget the numbers he used, but it was something like if someone’s left $80 million, they only get to take something like $76 million home. He never could understand why that completely failed to move me to the terrible plight of the children of the stinking rich.

Werd. I’ve never been able to work out to my satisfaction: Do people like your libertarian buddy have such limited imaginations that they honestly can’t see where the “plight” of inheriting “barely” 85% of a multi-multi-million dollar estate will not move the cold, cold hearts of those of us with a viceral knowledge of the local prevailing hourly wage? Or are they possessed of imaginations so powerful that they actually imagine they might one day be hamstrung by the unbearable terror of their offspring sacrificing some minor portion of the inheritance to the rapacious government?


I wonder if she’s ever worked a real job a day in her life..

I think blow jobs count


I was feeling discouraged by the “smart people = rich people = only permitted voters” sentiment in the comments to the post J. Smith linked to, then I read this, from “tb” whom I assume is the same “tb” we have posting here:

Gee, there are so many great ideas here. It’s easy to see why you guys deserve the franchise more than everyone else. I just don’t understand why you limit your dreams to taking away people’s voting rights- I’m sure things would be better for you if you limited a lot of other rights, and not just based on intelligence. I also don’t understand what you think a right is.

Back on topic, I know that personally, if I ever had the opportunity to make $100 million, and I knew I could only pass $85 million on to my heirs, well hell, I’d just give up that opportunity and live in poverty and squalor instead. Definitely.


The estate tax only applies to large-ish masses of wealth. I think the cut off is like 2.5 or 3 million bucks.

Wingers act like if you’re for the estate tax, you’re trying to say that wealth shouldn’t be passed down. Period. This isn’t the left’s point at all. As usual, they are attacking a staw man.

I know someone who received a million dollar trust fund when she turned 21. She made a few good investments and a few bad investments. She’s doing all right now but she’s no wizard. Inherited wealth allows the mediocre to grow richer.


Shorter Ham: “Ahoy, Polloi!�

This deserved more attention.


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