Time for a Michelle Malkin Moment

According to Michelle Malkin:

Skutnik jumped out of his car near the Fourteenth Street Bridge, where a crowd watched helplessly as a female passenger screamed for help in the icy waters. A helicopter rescue team had tossed her a line, but she was unable to hold on. Skutnik instinctively ripped off his overcoat, kicked off his shoes, dove into the river, and pulled 22-year-old flight attendant Priscilla Tirado to safety.

After Reagan’s speech, a cynical press referred sneeringly to the “Lenny Skutnik moment.” This elitist disdain for recognizing everyday heroes persists. [Emphasis added]

To the LexisNexis, hurry!

The entire audience joined in a standing ovation for Lenny Skutnik, who dived into the frigid Potomac River to rescue a victim of the Jan. 13 airplane crash here. Mr. Skutnik sat with Mrs. Reagan during the address and was hailed by the President as epitomizing the heroic spirit in the United States. –Howell Raines [!] in the New York Times, 01/27/1982.

Reagan ended his address by praising America’s heroes. He singled out two men listening to him in the House chamber–Sen. Jeremiah Denton (R-Ala.), a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, and Lenny Skutnik, the young federal worker who dove into the Potomac to rescue a woman after the Air Florida crash two weeks ago.

Skutnik and his wife were guests of the Reagans, seated next to Nancy Reagan, during the speech. When the president mentioned his name, the audience rose for a standing ovation and Reagan waved up to him in the gallery. –The Washington Post, 01/27/1982.

Two weeks before the State of the Union, the Washington Post published a front page story on Mr. Skutnik:

Lenny Skutnik, who dove into the ice-choked Potomac River Wednesday to save the life of a drowning woman following the jetliner crash in the Potomac, has had little experience in the hero business. 01/15/1982

We could find no newspaper article with coverage of the SOTU that included the expression “Lenny Skutnik moment.” Google produces 6 hits, including this Slate piece:

Ronald Reagan is credited with creating what is now known as the “Lenny Skutnik moment” in State of the Union addresses. In his 1982 address, Reagan pointed to Skutnik, a government worker who leapt into the icy Potomac to rescue a woman after a plane crash, and extolled his heroism. Since then, pointing to heroes in the gallery has become an obligatory SOTU flourish. And what in 1982 was a stirring moment has become a tedious gimmick. [Emphasis added]

Maybe Michelle doesn’t remember her bedtime stories extremely well.


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I guess it’s because she has gotten so good at sneering at liberal compassion that she just figured it had to work the other way around when it was a conservative doing something nice.


If i had the time & wasn’t spread so thin I would devote a Sullywatch thing to Malking & K Parker, these Stepford Gals, Mrs. Joseph McCarthy Cleaver in teh 21st century – remember when Malkin went on about how more Christianity was needed bczuse we are all going to hell in handbags and the proof of that was the poor kids starved by their foster parents?

I was gonna email her & point out that those bad parents were star memebers of their local parish & their minister refused to believe that such good church lady & her hubby could be so evil…

but I figured she had to know and not care about it, that “the truth was not in her,” so waste o’time.

But I did harrass Parker lately w/being in denail about torture. Send her some pictures of “hazing” even (yes I was not nice, but she’s evil, albeit Lawful, and I’m Chaotic Good.) KParker didn’t rx of course but she did change the subject…


Honestly, even within the generally unimpressive Rethug Youth Brigade, Malkin is a total zero. Her columns are not only built on lies and halftruths, they’re also boring and lack the Julius-Streicher-like zing that her more talented cohorts can provide.



LENNY SKUTNIK est pourtant un h?ros, et un SKUTNIK
c ‘est important


Uh, morons. The term “Lenny Skutniks” is what the press it self acknowledges calling people recognized by the President for heroism at the SOU address. She isn’t one of my favorite people, but you could at least be honest.


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