The Curious Incident of the Dog Chicken in the Night-Time

Life imitates Seinfeld a book we read:

Authorities in Palo Alto are searching for a person “with problemsâ€? after a school’s pet chicken was discovered stoned to death over the weekend, the San Jose Mercury News reported. […] “The person who did this has problems,” [Police Sgt. Sandra] Brown told The San Jose Mercury News.

Guess they ran out of Paris Hilton news.


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Can I put ‘Stoned to Death’ as the way I’d like to go?


at least it will be easy to find the culprit!


Damn, my shoulder really hurts today. My rotator cuff seems to be…

What? Oh….


I have an alibi!!

Dood, you ever SEEN me throw?



Maybe it said “Jehovah.” (gets pelted with rocks)


We may be looking at a future president. After all, George W. blew up frogs for sport when he was a [disturbed] youngster.


Why do they assume it wasn’t the chicken’s problem?


That’s what ya get for working on Sunday…


Hey, that’s real news. Not like that politics slop.


“The curious incident of the dog in the night time” is one awesome book


I just have five things to say:







Mr. Bawkbagawk?


The chicken probably had it coming.


Obviously the chicken violated some tenet of the “religion of peace.”

Thank god Fox is out their tracking the threat when others won’t.


Running out of Paris Hilton news never stopped them from reporting on her before.


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