“More dead Muslims? Faster, please!”

Michael Ledeen unleashes another jewel:

Lieberman for Secretary of State

On Face the Nation, he just called for military strikes against terrorist training camps inside Iran, echoing, ahem, myself lo these several years. […]

Meanwhile, the appeasers over at the State Department, from the spokesman to the secretary herself, are reassuring the world that we’re going to continue our conversations, regardless of the current hostage crisis. Ambassador Crocker tries to cover up our nakedness, saying we’d only consider another round of talks when the Iraqi Government issues a formal invitation. But they will. How could they not? They watch our tv, they know about the September deadline, they’ve seen this administration has no stomach for fighting, above all against journalists and Democrats. They expect us to leave. They expect the Iranians to stay. And who can say they are wrong?

It is safe to assume two things:

a.) Joe Lieberman is one of the most insane figures in American politics. He’s vastly more insane than many Republicans, even.

b.) Michael Ledeen will never stop being a reliable geyser of comedy.

And say, did you guys know that the only thing needed to win wars is willpower? Me neither. But hey, that’s why we’re not neocons. You know, because we’re sane. And stuff.


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Joe Lieberman is not insane. Joe Lieberman is a traitor. Simple. He swore an oath as an american Senator. But his loyalty is not to America. America’s interests and well-being are not part of his calculation. Joe is only interested in his perceived well-being of Israel. As such, an Elected American Lawmaker who’s loyalty and efforts go to another nation is a criminal, a traitor, and a man who does not deserve to continue to serve. He should be arrested, and deported.

And the so-called “hostage crisis”? Shit. Yeah, the Iranians are acting illegally in taking the dual citizenship democracy activists into custody for no good reason. Except waitaminute. Who started this? Who has been holding legitimate Iranian diplomats to Iraq without charge, trial or communication since last winter? I think you’ll find that would be the US…



Look these people are the dumbest fucking idiots on the planet.

Either they figure that attacking Iran will have no consequences which is dumb pre-adolescent fantasy writ large.


They figure, despite the gigantic clusterfuck in Iraq, that the lack of an end game plan (or their lack of need to present one) will surely work this time round.

Look, Lieberman (and his enablers) need to be pressed. You bomb Iran, how will they retaliate? What will you do then? The last war was ushered in because nobody in the media asked “and then what?”


By this time next month, “journalists and Democrats” will, like Saddam, be directly responsible for 9/11.

“You bomb Iran, how will they retaliate?”

What a dumb question. They’ll send chocolates and flowers!


Serious question, how much mojo does the Israel lobby have? Are they really trying to have us fight a war with Iran for them?


Does anyone believe they watch our news to get a true perspective? I’d say for reasons of national security we get rid of our 24/7 news channels. Hell, Dinesh is right! They give more coverage to Paris Hilton, and gossip than real politics. No wonder they hate us!


Lieberman does seem to be around the bend. Perhaps he is in the early stages of Alzheimers? I don’t see how Israel can benefit from our invasion of Iran. Has the Iraq situation done them any good?

Herr Doktor Bimler

Ledeen’s on a roll with the historical allusions. Next he’ll be conjuring up the image of Chamberlain, stepping off the plane from Munich, waving a piece of paper that held the names of 57 known Communists currently employed by the U.S. State Department. Or something like that.


Great post.

It befuddles my fucking mind how Mr. Ledeen can make such a post.

Good for you, Sadly No. Shame on you, National Review.


If we claim that there are terrorist training camps in Iran, does that make them real?


“Meanwhile, the appeasers over at the State Department, from the spokesman to the secretary herself,”

Yeah. What the fuck does the STATE department know about foreign affairs, anyways?

Like when those pussy-ass Generals and chiefs of staff tried to tell our President that we’d need half a million troops for Iraq, when EVERYONE knew we’d only need a third that.


Even if he wasn’t the sole member of his new Lieberman/Connecticut party, Joe would probably still be the only person in the world capable of being forced out of it.

Trilateral Chairman

Ledeen always puzzles me because he seems to vacillate between utter sanity and absolute lunacy (unlike Krauthammer, who is nearly always psychopathic). This post is a good example. He starts out with the incredible claim that State has just been too darn soft on Iran:

“Meanwhile, the appeasers over at the State Department…are reassuring the world that we’re going to continue our conversations, regardless of the current hostage crisis.”

Screw negotiations–let’s start a third war! That’ll fix EVERYTHING!

But then there’s this:

“[The Iraqis] expect us to leave. They expect the Iranians to stay.”

Well…yeah. The Iranians aren’t going anywhere, of course, for the very obvious reason that THEIR COUNTRY IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR. But you have to figure that someday Bush (or Hillary, or Fred Thompson, or whoever) is going to stand up and give a speech and say that the finest fighting men and women in the world have brought about yet another great victory for freedom and democracy in spite of all enemies both foreign and domestic; and we have brought about the birth of a new nation but the day comes when you have to let your child stand on its own two feet and that day has come in Iraq so we’re leaving now and anything that happens in Iraq after this is its own fault kthxbye.

Yeah, I can see that happening. After all, the “Mission Accomplished” speech was a step in that direction. So this part of the post isn’t insane at all. It’s classic Ledeen, coupling a howling thirst for blood with clear-eyed realpolitik.

Had he presented these ideas in the reverse order, he’d be a lot like that friendly man in the park who seems quite rational until he reveals that he talks to insects or is a spirit reader for Checkers Nixon. As it stands, we know he’s a wacko going into it, and the small drop of sanity at the end is almost completely drowned out.

Smiling Mortician

this administration has no stomach for fighting, above all against journalists and Democrats.

And irony does a triple-reverse gainer off the 30-meter board into an empty swimming pool.


Smiling Mort wins.

So guess what! Firefox and my computer just ate ALL MY BOOKMARKS! That’s right, the 30+ odd webcomics and sites that I read EVERY DAMN DAY! Gone! Isn’t that great!


Fu*ker did that to me yesterday too, just after refusing to load any blogger stuff for a week and a half. Its loading it now, but the bookmark page has gone……. Arrrgghhhhhh…


Incontinentia Buttocks said,
June 11, 2007 at 22:52

Many apologies, a different brad.

I didn’t intend to troll-feed. I had run into the story in question on Crooked Timber, felt bad for Scott Kaufman, and was then annoyed that his experience had become troll fodder over here.

Bottom line: one should simply never feed the trolls. No good comes of it!

Sorry again….

a different brad said,
June 11, 2007 at 22:59

I didn’t mean to fault you, IB. I’ve been guilty of waaaaay worse. And that little offshoot of this mess you linked to is genuinely disturbing. Either someone’s having a breakdown, or it’s a wingnut in a mask with a personal bone to pick. Either way, yoiks.

Always best to bury your heads in the sand and pretend it never happened, eh?
If one of those goofs over there on the right was fucking with people in real life you’d be all like, “Oh that’s awful, we should do something”. But when the “Yessuh gemeral suh” tribe goes off the reservation you got nothing to say. “Pretend it didn’t happen, maybe it will go away. Maybe SadlyNo will start banning people who disagree with them, that would be sweet.”

This is tribal politics
at its worst and if you dont stand up to it, face it down, then you deserve to be written off as “nutroots”.

Matt of the Open Range

“More dead Muslims? Faster, please!�

I was sure this was going to be something from Swank…


If you haven’t already, read the thread-
Watch a sensible person make sensible arguments. Watch the ‘Yes suh general suh’ syncophants make fools of themselves. Watch the beauty of SEKs original troll (step into a forum and argue an unpopular argument, never losing your cool, always… well… kinda winning). Watch as JG’s syncophants slowly flip out, eventually going real life.

In the old days, the usenet days, that group, the JG group would be the laughing stock.
Kids today just don’t get it.


they’ve seen this administration has no stomach for fighting

Neither, apparently, does Mr. Ledeen, whose closest approach to “fighting” appears to have been a paid consultant to Italian military “intelligence” and associating with fascist terrorists such as the P2 lodge in Italy.

Maybe he’s just trying to get more arms flowing to Manuchar Ghorbanifar.

Another terrorist-loving, war-mongering chickenhawk who failed to get tenure. What a surprise.


I see Mikey has taken a break from forging Yellow Cake documents long enough to challenge Bush’s other wife, Ms.Rice, to a duel over who is more manly??

What a guy.

Watch out, Mikey, her overbite will nip that little thing right to a nub.


I remember Holy Joe once saying that Lamont didn’t show enough concern for Israel.
I remember thinking “so what”? Isn’t he running to represent Connecticut? Yes, Lieberman is a traitor.


Lieberman is not insane. If he were working to further the interests of the people of the United States, well yes, he’d be insane. But he’s not. He’s working to further the regional hegemony of his “other” country, and using the USA as a baseball bat to accomplish that is perfectly rational. If you hit a home run, who cares if the bat breaks?


“Serious question, how much mojo does the Israel lobby have? Are they really trying to have us fight a war with Iran for them?”

Why not? They already have us fighting a war in Iraq for them.

To get some indication of how pervasive the Israel lobby is, google AIPAC’s own statements in Israel about their influence over US policy. They are quiet about it here, but crow about it in Israel.

This also explains the anti-semitism accusations that fly so freely when criticism of Israel is raised in the US — it’s used as a stick to beat those who condemn the undue influence of the Israel lobby on US foreign policy.

Kevin Bacon Holding Playdoh

Randall Byrd said…

… well, what we all expected him to say in the end; “nutroots blah blah blah”. Wondered why you were pushing that story so hard. Concern trolling, it’s what’s for dinner!


This blog ain’t JG. I don’t read JG. Noone is responsible for anything JG and his commenters do but JG and his commenters. Personal responsibility and all that.

I have no idea what the heck the whole apparent dust-up was about because I didn’t read it, was not involved, and don’t give rat’s ass, either. Besides, blogstorms carry far, far less real-world significance than some would think, don’t’cha know.

So, Byrd, what was your point again? Oh, you have a pie, not a point, my bad.


It only gets clearer that the “peace process in the Middle East” is absolutely NOT in the interests of the Likudniks & settlers & the like, in Israel – They NEED war, they need to use their conventional weapons (which to them includes even the cluster bombs of the sort they dropped indiscriminately on Lebanon), and maybe even to brandish the nukes…Mutilation of the region works for Israel, because they’re way tired of beating & gunning-down Muslims individually or in small crowds…The impatience of our wingnuts & the urging of both the weapons & the Israel lobbies just serve this purpose really well…

I agree that there’s no other word for Lieberman but “traitor.”


Some Guy–

Condolences on the eating of your bookmarks. Are you on Windows? Try a System Restore. (Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools). It will magically send your computer back to an earlier time, a simpler time, a time when your bookmarks were still alive and happy, damn it.

Then, if you’re not too exhausted, go to Firefox Central and the user bulletin boards and ask WTF. There’s usually someone who will answer.


And how was it that Lieberman beat Lamont?

Oh, yeah, the national Democrats campaigned for him!

Wow. And here I was, being told that everything was Ralph’s fault…


The National Democrats, you mean people like Hillary? I wonder if they will still be BFF as her run progresses (please excuse the linking Her and progressive in the same sentence)?


The “Ralph’s fault” crowd really piss me off, glossing over as they do the fraud, chicanery, the Florida thug mob, Jews for Buchanan, and the amazingly relentless smearing of Gore in the media, and the fact that his campaign was merely tepid at it’s very best.

I hear Nader-blaming mostly from contemptible, triangulating DLC types (sorry, that was redundant) who toil tirelessly to remove every last vestige of leftishness from an allegedly liberal party.

The only thing one could blame Nader ’00 voters for is greatly overestimating the national IQ. After the media and Joe Sixpack said Bush “won” the first debate—you know, the one where Gore’s actual and detailed answers were allegedly trumped by childish phrase repetition, i.e., the classic bully-vs.-nerd schoolyard “debate”—perhaps it should have been clear that, yes, the vaunted American people really are “that stupid.”


If we bomb Iran they will start sinking tankers in the Persian Gulf. They will close it.
How much do you think oil will go for? $100 per barrel, $200?
From what I have been reading Iran has a sophisticated integrated air defense and has been upgrading its anti-shipping capacity.
Didn’t the pentagon game this out and Iran ended up sinking a carrier and the majority of the fleet? They restarted the game with the carriers off limits – o’ course that was only a theoretical exercise.

97,421 Florida 2000 Nader Voters

Right on MCH!!!! Everyone who was smart knew there would be no difference between a Bush or Gore presidency so why not vote for Ralph?


Don’t assume everyone who voted for Nader would have automatically cast a vote for Gore otherwise. If I could only choose between Gore and Bush back then, I wouldn’t have voted at all. If it had been Gore vs. McCain, I would have backed John. Even back then, Lieberman was WAY too right-wing for my tastes, not to mention Tipper. The only way you could have gotten me to cast a vote for Al and Joe in 2000 would be to explain to me, in detail, what was going to happen ten months later. But I wouldn’t have believed you.


As well as locating the one nugget of common sense in Forgery-Boy Ledeen’s idiocy, Trilateral Chairman sums up the immigration debate in This Great Nation of Oursâ„¢ pretty well too: “The Iranians aren’t going anywhere, of course, for the very obvious reason that THEIR COUNTRY IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR.
Substitute “Mexicans” (or “Canadians”) for “Iranians” and there you have it!


If I could only choose between Gore and Bush back then, I wouldn’t have voted at all



I still can’t believe that Lieberman was damn close to being our fucking VICE PRESIDENT.


Wow, I just don’t get all of you… Damn… The level of ignorance; it’s just astounding. Keep each other happy, I think it’s all you got.

(God, if you’re there, please, bring it all down. End us all.)


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