Because sometimes KIS is better than KISS

Our arch enemy Pete of The Dark Window has the latest on WorldNetDaily’s plans to honor President Reagan:

I’ve been wondering how best to honor Ronald Reagan and so was very happy to come across this well-thought out plan proposed over at World Net Daily.

GRANTS PASS, Ore. ? Residents of Simi Valley, Calif., have the Reagan Library, and denizens of Washington, D.C., will be able to attend the various observances this week honoring Ronald Reagan. But what can the rest of America’s citizens do to personally honor him, other than watch the events unfold on their television sets?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

And even if they’re not the best, well, they’re still the simplest.

Aren’t you the least bit curious to find out what the plan is?


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I don’t know what your reference to “KIS” means, but the “plan” to honor Reagan by shining our headlights is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.


KISS = Keep it Simple Stupid
KIS = Keep it Stupid


The shining city on a hill. What else are on hills?


What did Reagan say was the major cause of air pollution?


So we can honor Reagan and fight air pollution by burning all of the trees! This way we can quickly achieve the goals in Bush’s “Healthy Forest Initiative” otherwise known as “No Tree Left Behind.”


I plan to honor Reagan by eating no vegetables except ketchup (and jelly beans) until Labor Day. I wonder if I can get WorldNetDaily to publish my piece outlining my proposal.


My dad, a full time militant environmentalist, lives very near Grants Pass. I am going to poke fun at him about this for the rest of his days. Thanks S,N!


Grants Pass OR = Talk Radio Network = Roy Masters
Cuckoo!! Cuckoo!! Cuckoo!!


And just think how fun it will be to not jump the dead batteries of our idiot friends who actually try this.


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