I got my dime set on you, revisited

Over at the Liberal Media Conspiracy, renato gives us an update on the attempts to stick Reagan on just about every paper bill and coin the U.S. government prints:

Oy. If they succeed in getting his image on paper money, I’m going to go out and purchase an ink stamp and stamp every one of those fuckers that passes through my hands. It’ll be a cartoon balloon that will say, “I gave arms to Iran!” or “I helped massacre thousands of Central Americans!” or “Your grandchildren will be paying off my deficits!!!”

So this seems like a good time to plug a Sadly, No! classic: our December post on the proposed Ronald Reagan Dime Act.


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The real bill they should stick Reagan on is a government bond, in memory of the massive deficit he created.


I almost hope they do put him on the dime. If they succeed, I’ll just stop using dimes altogether. Any dimes I get in change will be collected and sent to the Sierra Club or Planned Parenthood or some comparable organization.


I hope they do put Reagan on a dime. I will make it my life’s purpose to make sure there is a shiny new Reagan dime, face up, in every urinal across america.


Aw, that’s nothin’. Some idiot congressman wants to put him on Mt Rushmore:



Is that goofy Mt. Rushmore idea still in play? Christ they were babbling that one 12 years ago at least. Probably since 1989.
Why don’t they just propose a giant pyramid for the man to be followed by divine honors, a national taxpayer funded cult, and renaming the U.S. “Nation Saved by Divine Reagan?” That should be enough to satisfy them.


Renato has a fine idea, although I sure hope it doesn’t come to that. Reagan probably will only get on currency if we get stuck with Shrub for another four years. If so, the Injustice Department will surely decide that everyone who stamps a Reagan bill is an enemy combatant, and ship us off to Gitmo.


I say we start a petition to rename Grover Norquist, because he is unfairly co-opting the legacy of our favorite Sesame Street muppet!

I think they’re more likely to get the ten dollar bill redesigned than the dime. People are still living who were alive during the FDR presidency (and you know, March of Dimes and all that) but poor Alex has been dead a heck of a long time.

I say if they want to put him on a bill, make up a new one. I have suggested a three dollar bill, to which one of my friends said they like the strangely ironic catchphrase that would provoke: “Queer as a Reagan bill.”


My Congressclown Jeff Miller {Fla 1st, Rep, farmer, idiot} is suggesting the half dollar. Replacing Kennedy would thrill the base. I haven’t seen a half dollar in so long I don’t know if they even issue them any more.

Let’s go for issuing the “Ronnie” $1000, so we can pay cash for a tank of gas.


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