That’s My Bush!

Above: The President of the United States of America, at left

Bush Declares Cold War Over

“It ended,” Bush said in his stop at this former Soviet satellite. “The people of the Czech Republic don’t have to choose between being a friend of the United States or a friend with Russia. You can be both. We don’t believe in a zero-sum world.”


“My message will be Vladimir, I call him Vladimir, you shouldn’t fear a missile defense system,” Bush said. “As a matter of fact, why don’t you cooperate with us on a missile defense system.”

That’s what you get when you elect a cokehead president: a bunch of grandiose gibberish, name-dropping, and poorly conceived collaborative efforts (e.g., missile defense systems and/or sex with your wife).

Gavin adds: The best comment so far has been Putin’s. “It’s a defense against something which does not exist,” he said. “It would be funny if it was not so sad.”


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“That’s what you get when you elect a cokehead president…”

No, that’s what you get when you elect a spoiled man-child as president. When you have an adolescent as the leader of the free world, you get simplistic nonsense like this.

I also find it interesting that Bush would now say “We don’t believe in a zero-sum world” after spending the last five years bellowing about “You’re either with us, or with the terrorists.”

Tha man is a mental pygmy.


“We don’t believe in a zero-sum world.”

Irony’s corpse was dug up, descecrated by goth kids, illegally transported to Mexico, and sold on the black market for target practice.


Damn , he’s like the sociopath asshole in the office, you know the one, lies straight to your face when both of you know its a lie, then later, in you presence, tells his mates “These dumb fucks will believe anything”


George: “As a matter of fact, why don’t you cooperate with us on a missile defense system?”
Vladimir: “Because everything you touch turns into an enormous clusterfuck, you dickhead.”


I call him Vladimir…

I thought he called him Pootie-Poot.


And Vladimir calls him Estragon and I hope to hell Godot never arrives.


“As a matter of fact, why don’t you cooperate with us on a missile defense system.�

Cause Russia’s interests aren’t served with a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, yuck yuck. It may be hard to believe there is more than one nation in the world that has geopolitical goals, but it’s true. NATO extending full membership to former Soviet states is a slap in Pootey Poot’s face.

I feel for the Ukraine, Georgia, etc. They’re the ones who are going to suffer for our imperial overstretch.


Here’s a funny write-up on the two meeting in early July…


Putin prefers Bush where he is: Spreading fear, ignorance and hate throughout the world.

Just keep away from Pootie’s fiefdom.

Think Barney might die of radium poisoning as a warning?


Putin probably still isn’t 100% sure that Bush isn’t a deep-cover mole for the former KGB. Sure, Putin should have access to all their secrets, but when you’re the head of Mirrors-Beyond-Mirrors-World, can you ever really know who’s “us” and who’s “them”? And if Bush isn’t a professional enemy of the American people, why do he and his minions work so hard at destroying America?


call me crazy, but I am not sure that the people of Czechoslovakia actually were able to choose between being a friend of the US and a friend of the USSR. I think there was a whole Iron Curtain, and everything.


This thang here is an enormous labyrinth of dishonesty and half-truths. Where to even start. Any ballistic missile defense system today is nothing but the most obscene example of corporate welfare. It cannot work. If you can ever GET it to work, the countermeasures are simple and cheap. Your anti-missile radars merely become first strike targets. So you cannot effectively deter Russian missiles, not short range, not intermediate range, not ICBMs. Until you develop an effective directed energy or high-energy-particle missile defense system, and then figure out how to deploy it’s required 100 Megawatt nuclear reactor along with it, you are engaging in an elaborate game of imaginary weapons. And imaginary weapons is a silly game. You can bop around all you want with your hand in your pocket claiming it’s a gun, but when somebody decides to call your bluff with a real club, or real knife, let alone a real GUN, you will spend your hospital time feeling somewhat stupid.

There is, of course, no ICBM threat from NorKor or Iran. They both can deploy conventionally or chemically armed theater missiles, but neither can threaten either Europe or the US. And the deterence to their using their unconventional weapons against their neighbors, never mind the rest of the world, is the absolute certainty of their destruction as a viable political entity by the US and it’s allies. The wingnuts like to say that somehow this doesn’t matter to Kim and the Mullahs (band name?), but that’s completely stupid. You don’t start a war with the intention of not just losing, but being utterly annihilated. It doesn’t make any sense (the wookie missile defense?).

Once again, we are left playing the game of “What the HELL is he thinking?” Why would bush want to tweak the Russians so badly at this point in history, deploying an ineffective and provocative strategic defense platform on their borders and justifying it with patent falsehoods? Does he somehow think it would be helpful if US/Russian relations were more strained? Sure, let’s make sure Russia is firmly in the anti american camp when the US starts the war against Iran (that’s also on their border, kiddies). I’m sure by that time we’ll have finished pissing off the Turks and bush will have utterly lost an entire quarter of the planet in just a few years. The only poor idiot to have done so previously is Perdiccas…



I like that Bush can fake Iran once to the right, once to the left, and then nail it straight in the Poland. That’s leadership.


I think it’s just a bit of nostalgia for the cCold War days, mikey, when superpowers were superpowers and nuculer annilishun was just around the corner.

All them little kids, hiding unner them desks, just make a cowboy ‘Heh’


Years ago, Bush said he could tell Putin was a good person because he looked in his eyes and saw it was so. Remember that? Putin’s pretty much free to gut an orphan like a fish on live television now, because Bush will never be able to admit he was wrong about that.

Northern Observer

I had the mental image of Putin slowly strolling up to meet Bush on the Red carpet and as the camaras pop for the photo op old vladamir would procede to knee the idiot president in the groin, throw him judo style to the ground and administer a strangle hold until the President passes out.
As he walks away he can calmly say in broken english; ” I have just expresses Russia’s position on the deployment of anti missels in Eastern Europe. Thank you.”


What Mikey said.

And oh by the way, the Russian army still has its elite Spetznaz units, whose primary mission is to take out things like ICBM silos and ABM radar towers by the very low-tech expedient of breaking in and killing their operators with sharpened entrenching tools.

And they’re very good at it.

No shit.

WOWEE there’s a preview thingy!


Now that photo, that’s something to hold on to. I didn’t think it could be done, but by God, they did find an even bigger asshole than Dubya and they even got the two of them to pose together. Kudoz, whoever you are.
Your average US wingnut has nothing on the assembled hordes of Czech and Slovak wingnutfuck. The way those guys kiss every neoconservative ass and suck every republican dick is mindboggling…

Herr Doktor Bimler

Any ballistic missile defense system today is nothing but the most obscene example of corporate welfare.
I heard someone on the radio this morning speculating about why the missile-defense program keeps trundling along, even though everyone knows it doesn’t work and can’t work. Bureaucratic inertia, was her theory. Bush has no intellectual curiosity or particular enthusiasm about it — after all, it has no bearing on his Iraq war — so he is content to let the defense contractors decide whether it’s a good idea or not.

How long has the ABM potlatch been going for? 30 years, 40 years? It just won’t go away, no matter how many rocket-scientists come out in public to call it a waste of money. And then we have the nerve to sneer at those poor credulous Cargo Cult believers in Vanuatu, trying to bring back Jon Frum by constructing airstrips on the beach.

poorly conceived collaborative efforts (e.g., missile defense systems and/or sex with your wife).
— I just needed to read that again.


Right now I want to have Vladimir Putin’s babies. When the glow wears off and we’re back to presidents making “jokes” about evil empires and legislation outlawing Russia forever (“we begin bombing in five minutes”), I won’t, but right now I do.

Mo's Bike Shop

Vladimir, I call him Vladimir

Gah, I can just see the stupid smirk he made when he said that. Jesus, this ain’t a Frat Mixer.

When I think of Bush and Putin, I think of the pictures where Bush is wrestling with the umbrella in the wind. The look on Putin’s face reminds me of the “It would be sooo easy…” look that the cat used to give the dog.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Vladimir, I call him Vladimir
When someone feels obliged to prove his importance to his listeners and himself, by reminding them that he can still address other important people by their first names, it’s not a good look. You have to be already half-way down that long slide of the psyche.
Not so much “Waiting for Godot”, as “Death of a Salesman”.


Presumably the anti-missile missiles are intended to stop Russian missiles.

Now, admittedly Westerners don’t think that they will work. But the trouble is that military analysts cannot base their policy on the belief that the enemy’s weapons don’t work. Hence, putting ABMs in Poland will ratchet up nuclear tension impressively. (And the fact that international nuclear tension doesn’t make it to the front page of the papers doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.)

Oh, by the way, the principal way of dealing with ground-based anti-ballistic missile sites is not by sending in the Spetznaz. It is by firing nukes at them.

I wonder if the Polish and Czech governments have thought this matter through, or do they believe that they themselves are radiation-proof?


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