Ah shit

Steve Gilliard has passed away.


We’ll miss you, buddy. You made this country a better place.


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I never knew the guy but this news hit me in the stomach.

Hopefully he can Rest in Peace, knowing he made a real difference in many lives.





Raise a pipe to the cat. The guy forevermore stomped the terra.


Christ, the guy was my age. I knew things were bad when they stopped posting updates on his condition, but the news still hits hard. Steve was an intelligent and gifted writer who pulled no punches.

Gonna miss him.


Requiescat in pace, my friend…

Know that to the end, you carried your shit with power and dignity, and without complaint

And you goddam well made a difference.

Charley Mike, m’man…

So it goes



so sad, a good man gone before his time. I learned a lot from his writings.


For a long time, Steve’s blog was one I read daily, one of the first if not the first I would check each morning, one of the few where I would not just read the posts but also, especially the comments.

Steve was not just a heck of a writer, somebody who could cut through all the crap and tell you exactly what was wrong, but also somebody who had the talent of gathering a pool of likeminded, intelligent people around him which made his blog one of the best discussion places on the interwebs.

He will be missed.


Awful news.


Some one, please, comfort Jen. I am on the opposite side of the world and cannot usefully help.



My thoughts will be with those close to him who are grieving tonight.


Steve’s spirit did not immediately leave for wherever spirits go. On the way, he stopped off in Boston and popped himself into some of the Red Sox players to give the Yankees a final, massive, FUCK YOU! Nice touch, Steve, we knew it was you in there just leaving Steinbrenner a final message on your way out.

Rest in peace now, big guy.

solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

The world just got a little bit safer for ignorant assholes.

Y’know, I wouldn’t mind God not existing so much if He wouldn’t rub it in.


Sad when any man dies, but let’s not forget that he was . It may soften the blow.


Weird. I didn’t type in the code to get my comment published. Instead, I hit the ‘back’ button to clear the parenthesesed part, because that was from an old joke. Yet the comment appears to be published.

Sadly, no hippies, look into it. Or not. Peace, man!


Ok, it’s up there. Must have been my fault :(. Kudos for the leftist ‘Sadly, No!” site for not resorting to censorship! If only your newspapers were as honest…

Disgruntled Goat

My favorite post of his was nine or ten covers of military history books, with the blunt advice to wingnut armchair generals to learn something from them before writing anymore about war (his phrasing was a bit saltier, as you can imagine).

I just imagined Jonah Goldberg holding one of the books upside down and giving up after a few pages.

I’m going to miss him.


I had just started thinking that I ought to check out this guy that everyone was quoting when he got sick. I am sad for his family, and also that I will not be able to read anything new he has written. Perhaps a stroll through The News Blog’s archives might be in order.

Rest in peace.


My favorite post is the one where the disgruntled goat suggested he even slightly understood warfare, saying, “My favorite post of his was nine or ten covers of military history books, with the blunt advice to wingnut armchair generals to learn something from them before writing anymore about war (his phrasing was a bit saltier, as you can imagine).”

I just imagined Andy Warhol holding one of the books upside down and giving up after a few pages.


If you never read Steve’s post on the Katrina clusterfuck, go and read it.


If they gave Pulitzers for blog posts, that would have won one. Nothing I have ever read anywhere expressed the outrage that fiasco warranted like Steve’s column did. As I sat in front of the teevee, watching a city drown, getting progressively more and more drunk and depressed, that post kicked my fat ass offa the couch, lit a fire under it, and got me back in the game.

Thanks, Steve, and rest in peace.


I love his writing- he hit like a freight train.

Disgruntled Goat

No Kevin, I didn’t suggest I slightly understood warfare, which is why I’ve read six of the nine books and will continue to read more, across a wide range of views. I gain new information and I adjust my views accordingly. This is what wingnuts call surrender and what adults call education.


Yes, he made things just a little bit better. He will be missed.
And Damn.


Thanks for the link, Knave. That was a sweet taste of what the man served up regularly, and with relish.

The truth hurts. This truth hurts more.


The blogs have produced some truly outstanding writing talents. Mr. Gilliard was one of them — and now he can no longer write. I became a daily reader of his blog as soon as I bumped into it a year ago, in part because of the quality of his commenters. Steve was even nice to his site’s pet troll, Ether. I will miss Steve very much.


Back in 2003 I first realized that, yes, those shitheads in Washington were actually going to invade Iraq, land war in Asia, occupation of indeterminate duration, an inevitable insurgency, chaos and misery worse than anybody anticipated as always, the whole obviously hopeless fiasco. I was, like, “What? What? No! Iraq?! What has Iraq got to do with our enemies? What the fuck? This doesn’t make any sense at all!” But every time I picked up a newspaper or a magazine or watched the idiot box there was absolutely nothing but all these well-dressed, highly-paid, professionally-trained, politically-connected, universally-respected editorial gents, one after another, spouting off the most incredible and unbelievable non sequiturs absolutely non-stop.

Around about this time Mr. Steve Gilliard climbed up on his little low-rent soap-box The News Blog, cleared his throat, and began to talk.

Ah, those were some shitty days all right. Since then, of course, a majority of the American public have foggily arisen up out of their war-delirium. Back in the dark hour, when what we all wanted was someone with guts and brains and eloquence and focus and most of all sense, but there was hardly anyone in sight, up pops this dude out of nowhere, and by God the man delivered the goods.

Congratulations, Steve Gilliard. You were there at the right time with the true facts and the right ideas and the balls to speak out. You were a great success! To the top, Gilly!


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