Oh dear

Oh dear:

Thanks, mikey. I think.


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zebbidies spring

Why is Shatner wearing a tent? Is it because it he is really camping out?



I love this song, forget the tent, for a has been he sure keeps on being..

Qetesh the Abyssinian

I love this. It’s a great song, Joe Jackson’s a legend, and I truly do think William Shatner is a bit cool for making fun of himself. Plus he’s brave doing this thing live (and yes, it is, because it sounds very different to his recording of it).


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Notice Ben Folds on keyboards. The album actually got pretty good reviews.


Old Cracker (W)rap


Joe Jackson rocks. I saw him at Royal Oak Music Theater in the Blaze of Glory Tour, hands down best concert I’ve ever seen.


Wow, that’s fucked up. It’s actually good!


That’s kind of cool…but Joe Jackson’s unfortunate resemblance to that other Joe (the one from Connecticut) is very distracting.


Sheesh Brad, what’s with the sheepish acceptance — that was killer. For reals.


Shatner’s the best ham that ever lived. Love how he skewers the neo cons as one of their own in Boston Legal.


Shatner may be a lousy fiction writer and a giant ham of an actor, but let no one doubt that he is seriously teh awesom when it comes to music.


I don’t know what Cole got so animated about….this version is actually pretty bad-ass…sort of inspired really.

lovesick alien

Actually the whole “Has-Been” album rocks: check out Shatner’s duet with Henry Rollins! Ben Folds was the music director for the whole thing and there are lots of other guests on it as well – I had no idea any of it had been performed anywhere!

Thanks for the post & the link – this one’s a keeper!!

Nick in Florida


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