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Glenn Greenwald is a one-man anti-wingnut wrecking ball.



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I gotta go clean up the old bacon strip…


I hope Blair stumbles across this well-written bitchslap one way or another.

For Tony’s sake, I hope he has some Bactine and gauze on hand because Glenn just burns that poodle’s ass.


My neighbor was always bitching about the mortgage payments on his house. So I burned it down. I guess he was still in it when the fire started, but he got most of his family out.

Why’s he so pissed off? He doesn’t have to pay that mortgage anymore.


Yes Glenn does indeed kick ass. What he’s saying should be pretty obvious to anyone with any knowledge of history. Unfortunately we still seem to be obsessed with the idea that we are on some higher moral plane than everyone else, and that when WE do something like this it’s most certainly for all the RIGHT reasons, not like all those other empires (which we aren’t of course, being the great light O’ freedom instead).

I think we can (and have at times been) a light of freedom to the world. But not how we’re doing things now.


The lack of empathy on the part of those who continue to support this occupation isn’t just astounding, it’s inhuman. I can’t believe it’s even necessary for somebody to point out the error in their thinking.


The only way that smackdown could be better is if it came with a whole raft of Steve Bell cartoons.


Does it seem, from that Blair quote in Greenwald’s article, that Tony doesn’t really get it? He claims that the U.N. is overseeing these fledgling democracies. Can he give some evidence, because from where I’m sitting it looks like a clusterfuck with only the US and the UK swishing shit around with a big stick.

Principal Blackman

I gotta go clean up the old bacon strip…

It looks like…two longshoremen fighting over a squirrel.

Seriously, Greenwald completely fucking pwns every right-wing blogger you can name.


No, see, that’s my one leg and that’s my other leg and that’s my —


Ah, but if you gave John Hinderaker an axe!!! Ah-ha! Then you see…


Well, Greenwald would still fuck him up.


his writing is really good. Though sometimes he can be too verbose, repeating his point several times in his articles. But if I were to recommend one blogger to anyone who doesn’t pay attention to blogs, it would be Greenwald. His consistent high level of content is the best out there.


Yes, Greenwald is a badass. That is all.


To quote my 82 year old father (experiencing the Intertubes for the first time w/his badass new Mac): “Where the hell did this Greenwald guy come from?”

Only Prof. Krugman is in the same league when it comes to “boiling it down.”


Oh to live on Colonialist Planet
With the massive military bases and the colored balloons …


A wrecking ball is pretty imprecise, albeit effective.

Greenwald, to me, is more like a high-tech demolition company.
Many carefully placed, precisely timed charges such that the debris falls into a heap, that if you look at it right, spells “habeas corpus”. Everyfuckingtime.

Tbogg, I think, is a better candidate for the wrecking ball metaphor. With teh awesomest soundtrack.


Greenwald is da bomb, no question. Somerby was there before him, though (who was there before Somerby?). I think digby was too.


Glenn is the reason i don’t even bother trying.


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Glenn Greenwald is a fucking idiot !!!!!


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