Some things just have to be kept secret

We have written much, very much, about electricity production in post-war Iraq. (Here, here, there, here too and over there.) For those late to the party, the short version is that the CPA has struggled to equal, let alone surpass, electricity production levels from pre-war Iraq. Unable to meet their original target (6,000MW by June 1,) they updated their web site to state a target date of July 1 for 6,000MW.

It used to be that one could stop by the CPA’s web site and download regularly updated information. After not seeing updates for two weeks, we emailed the CPA to ask why the data was no longer being updated. Their response?

Sir due to operational security concerns the numbers were no longer posted on the internet site.

They apparently do send some information by email now. We asked [Friday] to be added to the distribution list. We’ll let you know when we receive something, but this doesn’t seem like a positive development.


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Quick question:

Is there any reason for the Iraqis not to pursue solar and wind power generation to help power their grid? It sounds like this would be a unique opportunity to install that technology in a setting that could use it on a fairly large scale, and is in a position to upgrade to the newer tech (instead of rebuilding the existing infrastructure).


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