Fire Chris Matthews

The Howler (again) points us to this astonishing exchange about Bill and Hillary Clinton, with Chris Matthews leading the charge:

ROMANO (5/21/07): I think they’re extremely close. They’re of one mind. And I, I—

MATTHEWS: I’m not asking about that. Are they living on the same planet? Do they ever see each other physically?

ROMANO: They’re completely—oh, yes, yes, yes.


ROMANO: Come on! They`re a partnership! Because—look, she’s a senator. She goes home on weekends. He’s traveling around. But they are—they are—make no mistake about it, they are a partnership, and they are a love story. I mean, regardless of anything else that’s happened—

MATTHEWS: Well, how many is it? Is it 20 days a year? How many days of the year are they actually together in the same roof overnight, if you will? […]

ROMANO: Because—what is your obsession with logistics here? Of course he’s going to live in the White House! And—

MATTHEWS: Because I’m talking to three reporters, and I’m trying to get three straight answers, so I don’t want attitude about this. It’s a point of view—I want facts. Tell me what the facts are, Lois, if you know them. If you don’t, I don`t know what you’re arguing about.

Dear MSNBC: please, please, please, please fire Chris Matthews. If you really must employ somebody who has creepy obsessions with other peoples’ sex lives, I’d recommend Ace of Spades.


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a different brad

Firing him is too good a fate for that POS.
Give Judy Tenuta a show and make him be her sidekick.



While you are at it, find out where Laura is living this week. I hear it is the Hay-Adams Hotel.


Hey, now, Dhalgren, saying that about a Republican is mean, and it shows how mean and awful and uncivil liberals are. ALL LIBERALS!

Saying it about a Democrat is … typical.

I mean, I mean, I mean, the absolute height of behavior for all Christian Patriots!

Ein Volk! Eine Partei! Eine Kirche! Ein Fuehrer!

Heil Bush!


Can somebody tell me what tweety’s value is? I mean, the doods a TERRIBLE interviewer, won’t shut up, won’t let people answer his idiotic questions, spews his own crazed beliefs, just generally unwatchable tv. I swear he makes that dork scarborough look like a rhodes scholar. Whatever capital he might have earned at some point in the past as a journalist, that’s all spent now, he’s an obnoxious drunk without skill or value. Just taking up space and bandwidth…


a different brad

Off topic-
Tavarez is perfect through 2.
*jinxes it*


Awful interviewer creepily smears awful Democrat. My outrageometer is clicking no harder than a gentle tut-tut.


Outrageometer not clicking?

What you need, Righteous Bubba, is a replay of Tweety gettin’ all hot and sweaty over Commander Codpiece and his “Mission Accomplished”.


Now I’m outraged. Someone is namestealing thunder. I can tell because there’s no superscript.

Begone foul ifthethunderdontgetyadoppelganger!


Thunder’s got fucked up cookies. He has to give up the high ascii ’til we can get his cookies in order…

That was kinda fun to type…



I don’t have to give up nothing, except taking the time to hit the ASCII sequences on teh ole key pad. (There’s other ways to do it, but I’m a geek, ya know.)

Superscript cubed: (³) alt 0179


I saw Romano laugh at him. He got soooo pissed. Tried to pretend that it’s a legitimate issue. She laughed again.


The fact is, Mr. Matthews’ many fans want to be well-informed about the Clintons’ sex life, and they deserve no less. That’s what the First Amendment is for.


Really now! If Senator Clinton would simply post a calendar on her website indicating all of the nights she planned to hook up with the Clenis, poor Chris Matthews wouldn’t have to sully himself with these albeit awkward but crucial questions.


I’d like to be getting more information about Laura staying at the Hays Adams. If that kind of thing is subject for national review (online), of course.


Screw all y’all, I agree with Mathews.

In fact, I demand the White House install webcams in the President’s bedroom, so that we, the people, can monitor, record, and track how often Bush “clears the brush” out of the “Southern White House”.


I don’t have to give up nothing, except taking the time to hit the ASCII sequences on teh ole key pad.

By the by, old bean, there’s a nifty windows freebie called AutoHotkey that can automate repetitive typing chores among a billion other things.

I use a Mac at home and don’t need it anyway, but at work it’s a real time-saver. Type one simple “ITTDGY” and have it fill in text including superscript, tab to the next field for e-mail, then on to URL, and then it can type “FUCK BUSH!!!!!!!” in comments.


The downside to those tools, Bubba, is you’ll be going blithely along and before you know it you’ve sent “Fuck Bush” to the board of directors. The concept scares me, but then, I’m in the twilight of my so-called career….



What I most hate about Chris Matthews, is that he gets so worked up when discussing the Clintons, it creates that unsexy mouth foam…


Yeah, assigning the abbreviation “and” to “and, you ass-slurping moron, ” is probably a mistake.


Not if said abbreviation is sent to GE, Righteous Bubba.


I never knew who Tweety was, but when I finally caught up with his “show,” all of those SNL skits with Darrell Hammond made perfect sense.

Fucking DC cocktail weenie circuit whores.

Smiling Mortician

Maddie said “sully”!

Bubba said “old bean”!

What a night!



I’ve been reading Flashman again. He’d despise anyone who said “old bean”.


I gotta give Somerby credit for singling out the epitomizing example of Tweety singing for his dinner:

MATTHEWS: —Republicans haven’t gotten the message yet? Everybody around me says that: “You just wait until the Republicans find out what is going on, on this planet.� Well, they do know what is going on.


The fact is, Mr. Matthews’ many fans want to be well-informed about the Clintons’ sex life, and they deserve no less

Indeed. And I am equally eager to know about Mitch McConnell and Bill Frists’s sex life. How often do they do it with their wives?


The fact is, Mr. Matthews’ many fans want to be well-informed about the Clintons’ sex life, and they deserve no less. That’s what the First Amendment is for.

Ever since Netvocates bumped Gary down to part-time status, the quality of his trolling has really declined. That was a rather tepid attempt.


WASHINGTON – Rallying support for the war, President Bush is pointing to U.S. intelligence asserting that Osama bin Laden ordered a top lieutenant in early 2005 to form a terrorist unit to hit targets outside Iraq, and that the United States should be first in his sights.

Yeah, keep reminding people that bin Laden is alive and well, fuckface. We’ve lost thousands of American soldiers’ lives and spent billions and billions of dollars for what, exactly? WHY IS THIS FUCKING GUY STILL ALIVE, YOU INCOMPETENT JAGOFF?

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Webcams throughout the White House and all through the House and Senate. Including broom closets, bathrooms, and stationery cupboards.

Surely Americans have the right to know what their elected representatives are doing on the job (so to speak)?

Except Karl Rove’s space. If that went online, it would break the intertubes.


Superscript cubed: (³) alt 0179

Cool! Thanks thunderdontgetya.

That’s fun³


Davis said,

May 23, 2007 at 3:09

I saw Romano laugh at him. He got soooo pissed. Tried to pretend that it’s a legitimate issue. She laughed again.

Anything that makes Chris Matthews look a little more like the fifth-rate rodeo clown bullshit artist that he is, is a small step in the right direction. And that also goes for Maureen Dowd, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and the whole lot of them.

It’s one of the most necessary fights in the country, in my book- removing public trust from the ‘pundits’.


Chris Matthews needs to be laughed at, and pointed at and whispered about, to boot.


Chris always reminds me of an old gossipy queen who is more interested in digging dirt then actually reporting on any real news.

He is a pathetic bottom-feeder who sifts the crap at the bottom of the barrel to stir things up and get some kind of quote or admission out of his guests that Drudge or other bottom feeders can then feed into the MSM.

He is given much more respect then he actually deserves…



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You have to understand something about alcoholics, they can’t help themselves. Chris allegedly needs detox, then firing. Like David Letterman and his sexual indiscretions, did anyone hear they were not all female?

Do your research.


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