“Bear With Us”

Andrew Sullivan has been starting to notice that Instapundit is. . .well, not precisely a fascist, but sort of like a nationalist Libertarian who doesn’t much care for civil liberties — one who keeps advancing a notion (for instance) that our Generational War against the International Jewish Muslim Conspiracy requires that the government be empowered to ‘disappear’ and torture citizens without judicial review, according to the fiat of a powerful and unaccountable leader.

In other words, he seems to be what you’d call a small-‘l’ libertarian, because he supports drug legalization and so forth.

Above: Sullivan reaching an insight



We all have a different blogging styles and, to be fair to Instapundit, his brief, often opaque one-liners can be misleading. But a long look at his archives will reveal the pattern [of right-wing advocacy that] my reader detects. Make your own mind up. My own view is that he holds consistently libertarian views, unless they offend the Republican base, in which case he stays quiet or targets Base enemies. Maybe if he weren’t so talented, smart and sharp, these things would not matter to many readers. But after a while, you feel like you’re being taken for a spin, not a journey. Thousands of others, it should be noted, strongly disagree – and vote with their mouse-clicks.

It’s unfortunate that the Neuer Vorwärts doesn’t have an archive online, because I’ll just bet you there was some columnist in there who was like, “Dude, those guys at Der Stürmer are a total bunch of Nazis,” and another more sensible columnist like Sullivan, who was all like, “Whoah, man, Godwin’s Law. They seem to hold consistently democratic views, unless it offends the National Socialist base, in which case they stay quiet or target Base enemies.”

Mr. Sullivan, the question is no longer whether Glenn Reynolds espouses views that could impolitely, but accurately, be called fascist, but rather how long it will take before a sensible commentator uses that word to describe them.

Perhaps one could start slowly.

Glenn Reynolds is f. . .uchsia-faced.

Glenn Reynolds is fa. . .tuous in excelsis.

Glenn Reynolds is fas. . .tidiously obdurate.

Glenn Reynolds is fasc. . .inatingly ambiguous.

We have one of those big, brown Websters upstairs if you need a couple more of these. We don’t even mind going up and getting it, even though it’s really heavy and has a fragile binding. One Love.

P.S. Michelle Malkin is a ra. . .y of sunshine.


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Atlas Pam is a sh. . .iny ha. . .ppy person?


Maybe if he weren’t so talented, smart and sharp, these things would not matter to many readers.

We can make this easy.

He’s not any of those things.


Best post ever. You have not been shatted!


I saw the blink tag once, now I want it back. Maybe in the title.


There once was a writerly Andy
Who begrudged fascist fellows their candy
Despite his own braying
For Middle East Slaying.
Who’s he think he is now? Fucking Gandhi?


So, yet again, Sullivan comes rather late and even-less-than-half-heartedly to the conclusion sane people arrived at aeons ago? What a schmuck.


Waitaminute. Sullivan says Insty is a straight-up consistent libertarian, unless his personally held beliefs might offend the Republican base. So at the very least he’s a lying hypocrite, abandoning his personal views on HIS blog in order to carry water for a political party. For a blogger, that’s a pretty serious indictment, but it doesn’t seem to offend Andy in the least…



UPDATE: More thoughts from Hugh Hewitt.


/Nelson Muntz


This is off-topic, but LeBron James is unbelievably overrated. He would rather pass than take an important shot EVERY TIME. Zero trips to the foul line tonight, and time after time down the stretch he passed rather than creating his own shot.

LeBron is soft.


And he bites his nails. Can you imagine Magic or Michael biting their nails during games? He does it the WHOLE TIME.


Shorter Malkin: I hate being called a racist, just because I don’t like brown people gathering in large groups. They scare me.

Sullivan isn’t realizing anything; he’s covering his ass in case Republicans slump even further out of favor with the public.


Keep your sports babble away from here, we’re busy saving the world, damnit, and you’re letting the forces of repression distract you with bread, Bron & circuses! (What’s the matter w/ biting yr. nails, anyway?)


“Bear” with us.

It only took, like, a day and a half, but I just got that.

Hee hee hee hee.


I love the picture of stoned Sully, but it kind of looks like he’s holding the bottom of the bong with his wang.


To me, Andrew Sullivan will always be a guy who, when the chips were down right after 9/11, and much of the public was calling for war, said:

“The middle part of the country – the great red zone that voted for Bush – is clearly ready for war. The decadent Left in its enclaves on the coasts is not dead – and may well mount what amounts to a fifth column.â€?
– Andrew Sullivan, September 16, 2001

His opinion means nothing to me, except as a possible barometer of the ‘Conservative Movement’.


Oh, that’s a bong? I thought he was sucking on a green ukulele with
a toilet float attachment, and I thought, Yeah, that’s about right…


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