Readers of Sadly, No!: Adam Yoshida needs your help!

Adam has an idea that’s so crazy, it might just work:

What I propose is this, in the near future, representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand should be invited to Washington […] to develop and sign a treaty which provides for a formal Alliance between these countries and creates a common market for all. All tariffs and virtually all labour mobility restrictions between citizens of these nations would cease to exist.

Adam’s venture needs a name however, as he himself recognizes:

I?m not sure what to call this alliance. The “League of Good Nations” was one that quickly came to mind before being discarded.

Indeed, some have been quick to criticize Adam’s suggestion. Liberal Media Conspiracy’s renato offered the following:

“Oh, sure Adam, and would it be governed by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?”

Instead I would like to humbly suggest the name “Oceania” for your latest product of eating too many Cheesy Poofs and Twinkies before beddy bye time.

It’s a tough crowd out there, which is why we think you can help. Please post your suggestions in the comments, and we promise we will send the best ones to Adam. ok, we will send all of them to Adam.


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I suggest “Cogitating Countries” to indicate that if you don’t think our way, you don’t think.


How about the “League of Cool Mostly White Nations”?


The “League of You’re With Us Or Against Us”?

And to add to Frederick’s idea, it could be the CCCC, “Coalition Containing Caucasian Countries”. I’m sure Bush would like to add another “C” for Christian, but Canadians might oppose… those damn commies!


The “Your Job Moved to India and Now You Can Move There, Too Consortium”


Enlightened Rational English-speaking Coalition, Together Invading Other Nations


Someone else – more or less – beat Yoshida to the punch on this one about sixty years ago. That was James Burnham, who was a professor of philosophy at NYU and a Trotskyist back around the 1930s. He and Trotsky fell out in a very nasty way; in the years following that, Burnham took a sharp turn to the right. By the 1950s, Burnham was penning a column in National Review about foreign affairs titled “The Third World War”, which was all about fighting communism.

Anyway, in his book The Struggle for the World, Burnham argues that since the Soviet Union wants world domination, the free nations must oppose that by creating a “World Empire”. He then advocates political union between the United States and the British Commonwealth.

Okay, so it’s actually more radical than what Yoshida proposes. But you get the point.


“Oceania has always been at war with…”


Jeeze I know it’s Adam but this is like poking a big fat can’t move kind of animal with a stick.

I really think we’re contributing to his continued detachment from reality.

Yes I know it’s fun but somewhere someone’s got to live with the poor son of a bitch.


The Ultimate Good Guys of Supremacy and Superiority, Of Which Your Swarthy Country Will Never Be.


I’ve got it! How about we just make the US a commonwealth of the UK again, and we can just be a warm happy family, once again! We could even have a queen. That would rock.


How about “Places Where Nicole Kidman is Famous”?

But maybe we need to be more clear, since this set might include France. How about this modification: “Places Where Nicole Kidman is Famous, but Angelina Jolie is Disliked”?

That would cover most of the mostly white, cogitating, wealthy nations.


You know what this is about don’t you? adam desperately wants to come live in the US, and we won’t let him, cause we have enough bug fuck crazy people of our own.

Anyway, why stop at 5 nations? why not add Tahiti to the list and call it 6 Flags of Oceania and get that dancing old guy to be the mascot.

Who’s the old guy? Go here click on IT’s PLAYTIME.


Call it WASP World.


Freedonia! Hail, hail Freedonia!


“League of Good-Ol’-Boys Nations”

And wouldn’t it be funny if the League’s first law were to force all fat-fuck Japanese-Canadian morons to attend DARE Camp (“Diet And Re-Education”) where they could be taught all about the benefits of second-class citizenship in the new Good-Ol’-Boys World?


The Axis of Anti-Evil Coalition For Free White Trade


“The Alliance of Usually Sane Democracies of Generally British Origin, and the United States”


Colonials for Empire? The Super White Friends?




The Super White Friends?



To the Anglosphere!

Or wouldn’t it just be easier for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Britain to establish free trade relations, and then just use NAFTA to gain access to Britain–and hence all of the EU? It’s easy enough–an American company sets up branches in Canada and Britain and ships through the Canadian branch, which then ships to the British branch. Voila–we get goods to all of Europe with no tariffs.


I dunno… I think being governed by the league of extra ordinary gentleman (and peta wilson) would be rather awesome.




British Empire II: Somewhat Electric, Lacking Boogaloo.


The Stormtroopers of Death (motto: “Speak English or Die”).


The Coalition Of Countries Who Have Accepted Jesus As Their Personal Savior. And New Zealand.



We could even have a queen. That would rock.

We already have Queen Latifah.


Wait… isn’t this already called the British Commonwealth?


Since it’s mostly former colonies of the UK and we would get top billing it should be U SUK



Adam needs a lot more help than all of us combined could ever give him.


The Giant Whitebread Bakery?

Inter-continental Milquetoast?

The Legion Of Fruuum?



F.U.C.K.Os (Force of Uncoloured Countries Killin’ Otherfolksforfivehundredyears)?

Coalition of Bad Dentyne and Fatty Fat Fucking Fatfats Bent On Exploiting The Global South?

Pigs On The Wing?

Great-Grand Britain?


Sorry these are so lame.. 🙁


Yoshidastan. Or Yoshidaisbumfuckcrazystan.


The English-Speaking Empire.
The Anglo Alliance.


I’m just excited by the idea of representatives of the United States one day being invited to Washington!!

Considering our dietary habits, perhaps this group of countries could be called the Super Size Buddies.


My day is not complete without a couple o’ inches of Atrios’s joint in my mouth.


Who originally coined “Anglosphere”? I’ve seen that before. Canada is already in place as the shifty not-quite Anglo component.


Alliance of White English Speakers (AWES)?


Imperial Alliance


Adam doesn’t need MY help, he needs the help of a professional trained to deal with psychotic behavior.

preznit giv me turkee

Mainly White Parts of the Former British Empire that the sun sets on occaisonally


Wasponia? Anglistan?


GB and the Sunshine Band.


Anglomaniacs Anonymous

Ireland Is Clearly Just Too Cool To Be In There

The White Man’s Burden Cryogenic Conservation Society

Freedom Traders International, Exporting Democracy, Whiskey, and Halliburton Since 1497

Barbecues United

Ready Steady Thomas Cook

Countries Divided By A Common Language

Still So Much Better Than Saddam, You Ungrateful Bastards

Did You Hear The One About An American, An Englishman, And An Australian Who Get Caught In Saudi Arabia Drinking…


The White English Speaking Adam Yoshida Says They’re OK league (WESAYSO)


The Commonwealth of Former British Colonies, Both Rebellious And Not.


My first thought was The United States of America* (it’s all about the asterisk) but now I’m gravitating towards America XP.


The Good Guys

Some right-wing blogger has suggested the creation of a “League of Good Nations” made up of the world’s nice, white, well-behaved countries (US, UK, Israel, Australia, etc) to replace the UN. Over at Sadly, No!


How about “The Greater North America Co-Prosperity Sphere”?


I’m still trying to get past his suggestion that the United States should be invited to … um … the United States.


The Galactic Empire (damn! Taken)

The Grand Republic of Freedomlibertonia

The Kingdom of Pasty Free Marketeers

White In

The United States Populated by Mostly White People

The Kaucasian Kapitalist Koalition

The Impetus for a Wet, Sticky Stain on Adam Yoshida’s Bedsheets and/or Parent’s curtains/good towels

British Empire 2.0 (With 150% More Oppression than BE 1.2 of 1946-1999!)

The Reagani Hegamon


How about the North American-English-AnGlophile-Reciprocation-Organization.

Or NEGRO for short.


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