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She really is crazy, you know:

Above: There’s never a silence of the Pams*

Carpet Bomb Gaza Already


Condi refuses to be wrong. Refuses to acknowledge the cold brutal truth that Islamic Jihad intends to destroy Israel, Europe, the US ……….. all of it and it must be destroyed. Who are we to tell a nation she cannot defend herself against a mortal enemy? What has happened to America? Common sense dictates that in any war between the civilized man and the savage, you always side with the civilized man.


And while Israel may congratulate herself on her “polite” warfare – only targeting this murderer or that beheader — it is essentially ineffective. You cannot tit for tat. You must destroy the enemy, an enemy that teaches their children to die killing Jews, Christians, non believers using Mickey Mouse, school texts, and music videos. The enemy that elected Hamas, brutal coldblooded murderers, as their elected government.

Carpet bombing. All is fair in love and war and these barbarians mean to kill us all. WTF are we waiting for? A nuclear Iran? Sure the world will go nuts on Israel, but so what?


In the words of the magnificent Ronald Reagan, carpet bombing begins in 5 minutes. This declaration of war must be met with overwhelming force if Israel hopes to survive.

* Now may not be the best time to inform you that there’s a Pammy clone, all the way down to the JDL rhetoric and Ayn Rand worship.

[Shrieking Harpy link thanx to RZ in comments; image by Ricardo.]


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Culture of life, indeed.

Where does all this hypocrisy lead?

When your personal philosophy is so tribal, so filled with hatred that at some point you look around and your tribe is comprised of six people, one of whom is busily lining his Red Sox cap with tinfoil and muttering to himself, while two others are finishing up a macrame trivet while waiting to see if their release has been approved, you should realize that perhaps you’ve gone off the rails.

But then again, yossarian, that is the nature of the catch…


Charles Giacometti

The pammyclone’s tag line is, “The only constant is change and still right of the middle.” That is ungrammatical and nonsensical. I can sort of divine what it means, but really am not sure. Not only are Pammy and the the Pammyclone hysterical and crazy, they are also just plain dumb.

a different brad

I love how Pam thinks posting the whois results of people who don’t like her is a devastating move.
I really hope I can encounter Pam in person before she’s institutionalized. I have to experience her.

a different brad

Btw, what’s with wingnut bloggers quoting themselves like they’re fucking… talented? Is it safe to blame Ann Althouse for this?
Cloney quotes herself 16 times on her info page.
Random sample-
“Age transcends generational labels if one does not get caught up in the times.”

The fuck does that even mean?


I wonder if that’s a Randroid thing. The first worst specimen of that tendency I can think of is Arthur Silber, who’s a decent guy but for me unreadable.


Teh Stoopid…it burnzzz. Since we share the same urban area, I hope I don’t cross paths with her, I’d like to keep my lumpy grey matter within my skull.


All is fair in love and war and these barbarians mean to kill us all.

Yeah, cause I mean, I knew this one girl, and I thought I was in love for sure! So to make her know how I felt, I threw a lit molotov cocktail at her. And then I clapped my hands and laughed like a schoolboy.

When I am Supreme Dictator of the world, I intend to eliminate that phrase from language. On force of execution. There are many things unfair in love and war, and we shouldn’t pretend there aren’t.

Also, can I just say that Pam is *why* despite being a Jew, I’m an anti-Zionist? This vicious, bloodthirsty tribalist zealotry is something we should’ve left behind with the Diaspora.

Galactic Dustbin

I heard something about Pammyclone, let me quote: “That ‘woman” blogger is fraking nuts!” -Galactic Dustbin, 2007

I think he summed it up very well.

a different brad

My theory is Pam and Ann Althouse had a love affair back in their crazy youths, back before Ann had a sex change. (Her kids are adopted.)
Pam flew to Israel to hide her shame, gave birth to Cloney, then sold her to Bedouin nomads. Driven crazy by remorse, and poorly educated, Pam convinced herself the brown people in the desert were from Palestine, and that said brown people ate her baby.
In reality, the infant was sold, at a handsome profit, to a childless couple from Chicago who raised it as their own. But this poor kid’s genetics determined her fate, as her mother’s genes, Pam’s, drove her to zionism and the incredibly shitty writing of Ayn Rand, and her father’s genes, Ann Althouse’s, lead her to believe everything she says or does is undiluted genius, and thus to quote herself repeatedly.
That’s my theory, which is mine.


“The only constant is change and still right of the middle.�

Pamela definitely writes like someone with constant access to a still. Bathtub gin, right of the middle!


I really hope I can encounter Pam in person before she’s institutionalized. I have to experience her.

I’d wear a HAZMAT suit if I were you. God only knows how communicable her batshit insanity might be.


Pamzilla’s clone is “Layla Gonzalez”.

interesting etymology on that name, ‘Layla’. interesting for a frothing Arab-hating maniac, anyway.


Thank you, HTML, for bringing Layla Gonzalez to our attention. From her recent post “Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah“:

Shortly before Yitzhak Kaduri died at the age of 108, one of Israel’s most prominent rabbis wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note, which he requested would remain sealed until now. When the note was opened, it revealed what many have known for centuries: Yehoshua, or Yeshua (Jesus), is the Messiah.


The article goes on to say that after the rabbi had said that after Ariel Sharon dies – then the Messiah, Jesus, will return.

In the comments someone points out the note may be fake. Layla responds:

Personally I want it to be true, not a fake. This world went to hell a long time ago and it is not coming back from there obviously.

She also blogs at Jihadi Du Jour.


Here’s the clone’s self-description:

I am an American “woman” blogger out to change the world – with one word – one day at a time.

I gotta tell ya that the woman in quotes thing is creeping me out. What is she? A tranny? A mutant? An alien? An invertebrate? What?!?!

And then the one word – one day at a time line is hilarious! She must be taking a long long time to write one whole paragraph.


Oh, please, Sporty. If you had nine (9) children you’d put woman in quotes, too.

I don’t know what that means, but I stand by it.


“Common sense dictates that in any war between the civilized man and the savage, you always side with the civilized man.” You know, like Vietnam. Or Endor. Yub yub!


Do we not deliver the wingnutty? Don’t we have the biggest wingnuts of all?

Blogs4Brownback, and now this.


Speaking of the anti-Heliocentrism crowd, this recent comment is precious:

Some of you, of course, have opened your eyes and recognized reality; we are brothers and sisters in Him, and I love you. Our common duty is to the blind; let us open their eyes to the facts. Everything they believe in is a worthless pile of stinking excrement brought forth by Godless, wicked, ambitious men like Copernicus, Kepler, Darwin, Marx, Einstein, and that Frenchman Voltaire. They’ve abandoned the faith of the Heavens, and chosen to worship excrement. This is a mortal spiritual illness that we must cleanse them of.

Don’t be fooled when some of them say they are Christian. No one can serve two masters; one cannot serve God and Copernicus.

As for those offering evidence the Earth is flat, I have to say that you may be on to something. Not having been in space myself before, I cannot state conclusively either way; it’s hard for me to believe that NASA is people by liars and charlatans, but after the deluge of lies I’ve been exposed to on this thread, it’s become somewhat easier for me to accept that. You’ll have to give me some time to meditate on this one. For now, I think the sensible among us can all agree that the Earth, be it flat or round, does not move. If you keep reminding me, and keep sending me evidence from Scripture and scientific websites, I may come to see things your way. Time will tell.

Comment by Sisyphus — May 21, 2007 @ 4:35 am

It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Like all great comedy acts, this one improves with each new performance.


I saw The Civilized Man vs. The Savage at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Man, what a bout. Especially when The Savage hit The Civilized Man over the head with a chair, and The Civilized Man responded by imprisoning and torturing The Savage and killing his entire extended family.

The rest of the card was pretty lame.


in any war between the civilized man and the savage, you always side with the civilized man.

You know, like we did with Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran, or even like we did with Stalin in the forties. Or how about with Pinochet? Yep, siding with the civilized man is a specialty of the house.

On another note, that caused me to look up my old nemesis, Warchick. I find it oddly comforting that she hasn’t posted since March 11th, and her last blog post was February 19th. Perhaps she’s suffering from advanced syphilis, or shingles or something painful and debilitating…


a different brad

Wow, and to think that comment must’ve got blocked as spam at first.
Proves SN! is biased against the Lord’s word.


Also, why can’t you ‘do tit for tat’? Depending on your situation, it could work for a combatant.


Hmmmm….Layla is a prolific writer who “says things like this”:

“For now it appears that Hillary is laying low – perhaps that is her best strategy to allow others to have the lime light while she sits back in waiting, like a cat waiting out their prey.â€?

I detect a distinct whiff of Swankiness here…..


I am an American “womanâ€? blogger out to change the world – with one word – one day at a time.

And that word is? Creosote? Grandma? Wobbly? Plank? Blancmange? Fluffer? Isotope?

Inquiring young minds need to know.

5 Towns Resident

I never noticed before how much Pam resembles fellow Lawn Guylander Lindsey Lohan.


Woooop Woooooop Wooooop Woooooop Woooooop!

(I think the words batshit crazy are an understatement)

It’s a wonder of modern chemistry that all the bile hasn’t ruined her teeth.

Pam, pleased be advised, you are part of the same problem. The exact other side of the same coin that you decry.

Principal Blackman

chosen to worship excrement

Yeah! It’s like that episode of What’s Happening? where Rerun joins the cult and worships a head of lettuce named Ralph, only this time, instead of a head of lettuce, Ralph is a steaming pile of shit.

Smiling Mortician

No one can serve two masters; one cannot serve God and Copernicus.

Mammon, on the other hand, is A-OK.

You cannot tit for tat.

I lurve Pammy. She always teaches me something new. I did not know, for example, that “tit” is a verb. Now that I’m better informed, I think I’ll do a bit of titting this very evening.

Hysterical Woman

Could some mod get rid of that spam up there? How the hell did they do that anyway?


It never gets old!!


Oh my. I think there might be lead in the pipes her drinking water comes from. That goes for Pammette too.

WTF has to happen to someone that they are so full of hate?

I mean,I’ve had the stuffing kicked out of me by life a few dozen times at least and yet,most of the time I find myself thinking this big blue marble is a pretty cool place(well,except for the assholes who want to destroy it). I had lousy parents,lived in poverty for awhile,lived in a violent relationship with a horrid man,and still,I seem to have come out of that able to love and be a decent mom and human being.

I don’t get it. Neither one of these women look like they want for much,so WTF are they so pissed off about all the time? It ain’t the jihadis,something else is wrong here.


I dunno, HTMLM.

From one of the comments from HT’s link:

These Arabs only understand force. We should give it to them. I really think we should light up Palestine, Iraq, and Iran. That’s the only way people will know we mean business.

So I guess the only reason things aren’t going so well in Iraq is that they don’t know we mean business. It’s nothing but a communication problem!!


Herr Doktor Bimler

out to change the world – with one word – one day at a time.
All is clear now. Secular humanists worship excrement; Layla Gonzalez worships increment.

The next time the Frau Doktorin Penny finds me crouched over the toilet moaning ohhh gooddd, I will have a perfectly good religious explanation.


Oh wowie zowie, that B4B anti-heliocentrism thread is just packed with comedy. Here’s some more of Sisyphus’s best lines.

The more you ridicule me, the more you prove me right. No one in this thread has yet offered a compelling retort to the Bible.

The Bible was written by ignorant goat-herders thousands of years ago. Also the Bible says pi is 3. There ya go.

Geologists are Darwinists and liars. You expect me to trust those people? Might as well hire a Zeus-worshipper to read sheep entrails.

Guy has a point there. Somebody take it away before he hurts himself!

Here’s Sisyphus responding to another commenter about the Bible.

“Let’s see, we’re talking about a book that contradicts itself,�

You reveal your bias right here. I see no need to further respond to you.

More on the Bible:

The Bible is perfect. Nature is marred by Satan and his tricks. “Scientific measurement� being one of them.

And the money shot:

BTW, I have no time to refute the people who accuse me of spoofing. That accusation isn’t worth dignifying with a response, anyway. Why would someone spend months working on a blog they didn’t believe in? Ask yourselves that question.


Jeez Pammy’s shrieky and hysterical, ain’t she? It’s like the woman in the movie AIRPLANE that’s cracking up, only instead of panic she’s sporting a giant throbbing hate-boner.

You know, just because something is another person’s culture – just because people in other places think a different way – doesn’t mean exemption from criticism. These qualities in other cultures (and ours) SHOULD be opposed: the institutionalized and unjustified antisemitism of the Arab world, female genital mutilation, mistreatment of women, and so forth.

But I get the feeling that’s not what Pammy and the rest are interested in. They’re not interested in moral evolution. They’re not interested in being legitimate critics of practices for which “cultural relativism” is no defense at all. What Pam wants is to pit Us vs. Them, good guys vs. dirty brownies.

Wanting to eliminate FGM is a humanitarian desire. Wanting to blow the shit out of dozens of innocent cities, now that’s a whole kind of viciousness.


BTW, I have no time to refute the people who accuse me of spoofing. That accusation isn’t worth dignifying with a response, anyway. Why would someone spend months working on a blog they didn’t believe in? Ask yourselves that question.

I think spoofing is on the table.


Hmmm. The avatar for Pammyclone/Layla Gonzalez’s site looks suspiciously like the all-seeing eye of Sauron. Coincidence? I think not.

Perhaps ironically, she says her blog is “definitely not for… the politically mentally ill.”


Oy. I just checked the great gazoogle, and teh Shrieking Harpy is not where she belongs.

Shrieking Harpy, I tell you!


Thanks for picking up my tip guys!

If you go over to Pammy’s place right now there’s some silliness going on that puts another dozen u’s in “Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucy!”

One of Pamela’s sane readers points out that calling for the extermination of “savages” and “cockroaches” sounds somewhat retrograde. She responds by publishing his WHOIS information, which she insists proves that he is a sock puppet of another poster. Why? because WHOIS gives the same address: 1880 Campus Commons Drive, Reston, VA.

As far as I can tell, this is the corporate address of Verizon Internet Services. Google earth puts the address in a freewayside office park.

The poster insists that he does not live in Virginia, but Pammy won’t have none of those liberal lies, so she keeps publishing his WHOIS after every comment. I once thought (or hoped) at least that most of Pammy’s readers took it in with an appreciation of irony and insanity. If it’s satire, it’s deep satire. That or her readers are too stupid to tell her that 1880 Campus Commons Drive in NoVA is, at the very least, an unlikely home address.

No preview button? Here goes….


Pammy’s clone’s bio says she has 9 children and 3 grandchildren. In her picture she looks to be in her 40s. Someone’s been busy!


Hoooooo doggies is that chick fucking insane! Wow. She’s no longer sipping from the Kool-Aid, she’s skin-popping it with a turkey baster!


Fellas, can I go to the bridge ?

You mind if I go to the bridge ?


The plot is also being lost over at LGF, is there a wingnut meltdown starting?:

#71 Pro Bush Canuck

Without the massive fifth column in the West we would have blasted all traces of Islamism to Hell and back after 9/11, if not before. We have more than enough strength to flatten this enemy many times over. Only the internal enemy–which was warned about by the Founders–stands in the way of our survival.

I also notice that there is a HL Mencken posting over there too (#219), agent provocateur?

To heel wth the preview button!



Who were the founders of Canada again? Cause I’m pretty sure they weren’t the same ones we had in the U.S.


Either the commenters at LGF are beginning to show signs of self-awareness or I’m getting fake-wingnutted again:

When you piss off the Right, NOTHING HAPPENS…some new politician “finds G-d” starts preaching the Bible…and we all think he/she is swell! We are morons!


“Layla is married and is the mother of nine children, three grandchildren”. 1) I have no idea how you can be a mother to your grandchildren. Is that like a riddle? 2) Isn’t she a little young in her photo to be the mother of three grandchildren?

Republican family values…I can’t figure them out.


shystee: I dunno, sounds similar to LW ranting: “Oh, we’ve had democrats in control of congress for four months & Bush hasn’t been impeached, and the war is still going on, etc., etc.” Neither side is very well served by its elected pols, for an infinity of reasons.
As to Layla (at least her site loads faster than Pammycakes’) that may be an ancient photo (note that photos are all dark, not very focused & she uses the old hair over the face move) she probably got knocked up the first time in high school and just kept filling that “quiver” until it gave out.
As to her grandchildren, I’d guess some of those nine children are probably lost to the world (mental illness, drug abuse, etc.) due to having been raised by a mother like that. She may well be mothering her grandchildren. Poor kids. Poor Republicans.


Why do I torture myself every time I surf LGF by looking at Crazy Chuckie J’s pic?

ACK! Isn’t Chuckie the most rat-faced ugly human being in the known universe? I think if I ever swallowed poison I know how I could induce vomitting.


“Condi refuses to be wrong.”

The fuck?


That’s a great job of photoshopping. It is a photoshop, isn’t it? Looks so real…


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