Some lies will never become true, no matter how often you repeat them

We’ve covered this one before, but Rich Lowry obviously needs a reminder:

In the matter of Abu Ghraib, Sen. John Warner called three generals back from a war zone to testify before his committee…

As we said last time… sadly, no!

Mr. Warner made public a letter he sent to Mr. Rumsfeld last week offering to hear witnesses by video teleconferencing if necessary. The Pentagon told him, the senator said, that Gen. John P. Abizaid, the overall commander of operations in Iraq, was already in Washington and that the two other senior officers scheduled to testify Wednesday, Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez and Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, were on their way here for a series of meetings.

[NY Times link now abstract only, sorry.]


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Well, the NYT hasn’t been very concrete for some time now, so it’s really not unexpected.


Why should the soaring imaginations of visionaries like Rich be constrained by trivial little things like “facts”?

Why, with just a little more faith and less skepticism from liberal nay-sayers, Rich and his buddies will soon be perfecting perpetual motion, squaring the circle, colonizing Mars, and bringing peace and democracy to the Middle East.

You just wait!


To get a good perma-link to the NY Times story, you need to get (or re-print here) a copy of the link you already have (when I click on it, the re-direct-to-abstract takes over too quickly for me to copy the original).

Plop the link into this program, and you will get a permanent Radioland link.

Kevin Drum explained all this a while back, BTW. My summary here.


Dang, Tom Maguire beat me to it.


Beat me to it by 33 hours, actually.


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