Shorter Debbie Schlussel

When Your Doctor is a Muslim: Medical Terrorism Comes to America


  • According to this fictitious account, a man who was Jewish died due to the malpractice of a doctor who is Muslim. We are all Holocaust survivors now.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

Bonus screaming lunacy below the fold:

From Schlussel’s comments:

This is so awful. It’s disgusting. These people are everywhere. It just confirms that, no matter how well educated they are, they’re still animals. I am somewhat thankful that I live nowhere near there, not because I am afraid, but because I feel the need to take matters into my own hands and deal with these criminals. Our government is doing nothing about this. How long before ever larger groups of vigilantes begin to mete out justice to these invaders? I hope the Applebaums get a great attorney and a judge who’s still an American. I believe if this “doctor” gets away with this, someone will take matters into their own hands. This is so out of control!!
Posted by: FreeAmerican at May 17, 2007 08:37 AM

Eine Kleine Kristallnachtmusik, anyone?

Above: The pretext for Kristallnacht was, as it happens, terrorism.


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You took too much bovine growth hormone, Debbie. Moooo!

a different brad

We need a new word for Debbie. Stupid, dumb, ignorant, none of them work.
Jebus fuckberg mchristsicle.
From the front page of the website, “The novel provides a narrative of the events surrounding JA’s death and a discussion of the possibilities that resulted in his demise. Nothing contained in the novel suggests, accuses, calls or intends to label anyone, anything or any entity as a criminal, a tortfeasor, a wrongdoer, etc.”

a different brad

From the second page of the website, “What Happened?

JA entered the hospital on December 01, 2003 for an elective procedure, not an emergency.

The next day, December 02, 2003, he was dead.

You can guess, correctly, that I am of the opinion that something went wrong since there is a civil lawsuit resulting from this hospital admission.

The suit was filed December 01, 2005.”


Check out those comments. Muslims are referred to as “animals”, “humanoids” and “vessels of hate.” Real brain trust she’s got there.

There’s actually a pretty good explanation as to why the 28%-ers get crazier as their numbers shrink, but let’s keep things simple and just agree that Debbie is stupid.


15 doctors are named as defendents in this lawsuit, most of them with surnames appearing to be Jewish!

Debbie Schlussel is a nutcase who has little regard for facts. Pass her nonsense by.



Wait a minute, did my browser miss something? Where did Schussel prove, or present even one scintilla of evidence that the man was killed because he was a Jew? Oh, that’s right, Schussel is racist and xenophobic.

Loved the logic at the end- Dr. x is from Syria. Syria is the home of terror groups. Therefore, Dr. x murders Jews in their beds.


I think this post about Debby is extremely important because it gives me yet another chance to use the phrase, sexy mouth-foam…

a different brad

Debbie fan Sioux sez,
“I hate to tell you, but once Abortions became legal, doctors stopped taking the Hippocratic oath. Most people don’t know that and think that oath is still some kind of protection. We see the other side of that coin with euthanasia against old and disabled people (e.g., Terri Schiavo) who are just helped along in their ‘dying process.'”



Debbie’s supporters might just be stupider and more violent than the LGFers. Tough call, given that this story is expressly disclaimed as fictional.


Closed the italics tag, I hope…


You know, I had an Islamofascist as a psychiatrist for a while. His first name was even Mohamed. Strangely he never once tried to kill me or try and recruit me into a terror cell. But then I’m sure that was all part of some sort of dastardly plot to undermine Debbie Schlussel the troops.


Trying a different thingie…


I think this post about Debby is extremely important because it gives me yet another chance to use the phrase, sexy mouth-foam…

It’s nice to see I’ll leave behind a legacy when I die.

You know, one time? I had this Arab cab driver? And I told him that I was an Arab-American, and we went around running over Jews together he gave me a free ride! Further proof of the IslamoNazi conspiracy, except I’m not a Muslim. But still! That money I would have otherwise paid him would have been taxed, and part of the tax revenue would have gone to support our troops, PROVING THAT I AM IN FACT PART OF THE MUSLAMOHITLER CONSPIRACY TO KILL AMERICA!


Wow. The “who killed JA” website is written in classic nutjob-ese. I know the language of this particular type of nutjob well– as an attorney at a plaintiffs’ personal injury firm I see letters and calls from these kinds of nutjobs all the time. All I have to say is that there are a lot of good plaintiffs’ medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago, and if there was any merit to the lawsuit one of them would have signed it up already.


I think it is interesting that the son who is pursuing this matter is a doctor who has (apparently) gone to law school and is representing himself in court. He also admits to having no legal experience whatsoever. Clearly this is an iron clad case of Islamofascist terror in the states. If only the activist liberal judges didn’t hate America.


Is something wrong with the tags? It seems fine here.


Shit. Shit shit shit FUCK. I’m sitting here, messing around, it’s Friday afternoon, Giants – A’s tonight, weekend dead ahead, got a date tomorrow, so I’m feeling good, smiling, kidding with co-workers.

So I though, “hell, let’s see what’s up on Sadly, No. Oh, a Schlussel post. They can be pretty funny.” But then, I don’t know why, but I clicked through. I’m ALWAYS willing to take Gavin’s descriptions as gospel, because while he couches his prose in an ironic tone, he’s usually accurate in describing what the wingnut du jour actually said. I dunno why I did it. But I did.

I read her frothing hatred and bitter, foul racism, and while it was indeed awful, it wasn’t any more awful than anything else she has written. She hates muslims, and uses terms and appelations that, if applied to any other minority would get Imus fired, but as I frequently point out, the two legitimate targets of racism in America today are muslims and gays. Another day, another bitter, ugly divisive Schlussel post, right?

But then I read the comments. My gawd, I need a shower. These people actually exist! As you go through your day, you likely have contact with them. They smile, sell you a newspaper, ask you if you want fries with that. All the while, inside, they are seething with hatred, dreams of fire and death, gruesome eliminationist fantasies. If I was a muslim in this country, I would carry like three guns, a machete and mace.

I’m a fat white guy. I have NO idea what it’s like to be hated for nothing more than the culture of my birth. It’s sad, it’s sick, and reading those comments makes me embarrassed to be an American. These people have no right to hate an entire culture. They have not suffered, they’ve paid no cost. It’s just cheap, viscious tribal hatred and when confronted with it I get angry. I’ll confess that part of me wants their dreams of “vigilante justice” to come true. Any excuse to line up front sight on their pasty white dimpled faces and….

See? Nothing good can come of it. Now I’m just depressed. I’m looking out the window, and all the joy and anticipation has been sucked out of my afternoon. It’s just that same world out there, full of people that make me ashamed of my own humanity…



[QUOTE] Muslim doctors–especially those from foreign medical schools deep in the world of anti-Semitic, anti-American hate; but many from here, too–have backgrounds that are incompatible with the basic level of care that is required and expected in America. Sadly, no-one is vetting them out of our healthcare system. And no-one will.[/QUOTE]

If only Debbie had some nice Jewish doctors for friends, she’d realize that all graduates of foreign medical schools who wish to practice medicine in the US must first pass the national licensing exams, and then enter a residency program-regardless of their status, experience, or medical education. The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates ( oversees this process.

Typical nutjob, thinking with her enteric nervous system, rather than her frontal cortex. Though maybe she has a lamprey brain, and can’t do much better.


See? Nothing good can come of it. Now I’m just depressed. I’m looking out the window, and all the joy and anticipation has been sucked out of my afternoon. It’s just that same world out there, full of people that make me ashamed of my own humanity…

My work today is complete. ;>


There is a way to determine which Muslims are not hostile. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER!!! Kill the rest. They obviously are engaged in jihad.

Posted by: Loser at May 18, 2007 04:41 PM

Don’t you just hope that’s a ‘troll’ comment ?



Still more photoshop brilliance!

I owe kingubu a… a… well I’m kind of a welcher anyway.


God, but she’s an awful writer.. and what passes for “logic” at her place is truly awe inspiring. I’m sure she put plenty of research into that post, though… right?


Schlussel demonstrates her agility in drawing conclusions from nonexistent evidence:
“This isn’t the only case where a Muslim doctor deliberately let his Jewish patient die, it is just the first that we know of.”


Is something wrong with the tags? It seems fine here.

Things were italicized like crazy. I blame Arabs. Now it’s fixed. I support our president.


What ? What’s “wrong with the fags ? ”

Oh, sorry; didn’t have my glasses on. Let me just cancel the Action Alert to Feministing, Pandagon, & Shakespeare’s Sister.


Y’know, I bet Debbie’s right! There’s bound to be countless cases of doctors delibrately letting patients die! Not just Muslim doctors and Jewish patients, but all colors and creeds of doctors and patients killing each other!

Hindu doctors killing Muslim patients! Protestant doctors killing Catholic patients! Atheist doctors killing Discordian patients!

Why, even now, there could be a doctor waiting to kill us, lurking just beh-


I think this post about Debby is extremely important because it gives me yet another chance to use the phrase, sexy mouth-foam…

AkaDad, you’re makin’ me nervous here. There’s teeth behind that foam…


One halfway coherent comment from a former ER nurse:

Everyone should be aware that there is even more disgracefulness to this story than that a Muslim doctor decided to kill a Jewish patient; WHERE were the nurses? They would have been the first to notice the patient’s deteriorating condition.

Which immediately makes me question the veracity of this whole thing. And to just label the doctor a Jew-murdering blah blah blah kinda smacks of slander and libel, don’t it?


There is a way to determine which Muslims are not hostile. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER!!! Kill the rest. They obviously are engaged in jihad.

Posted by: Loser at May 18, 2007 04:41 PM

Why do I suspect this Schlussel commenter would quickly decide that even those Muslims who agreed to UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER!!! would also need to be killed?

These people are true Nazis, minus even the pathetic excuse of “just following orders”.


I wanted to post over there to that effect, but sadly, typepad thingy no worky. I think she banned me.


We can mock the stuff she and those like her spew, but hey, it works. Speedboat veterans for truth, anyone? That’s why there’s a steady stream of anti-muslim venom fed into the American bloodstream.

At least these zionist crazies come by it honestly, though. Just consider what they did to the Arab villagers whose land they stole and whose lives they sealed up into a ghastly occupation. Rationalizing that through the old “Europeans persecuted us” card doesn’t get one too far, because it’s a lame excuse for victimizing Arabs. So the next step is to dehumanize your victim — he’s a vicious terrorist monster! The more cruel your abuse of your victim, the more he must be debased to “deserve” your cruelty.

Ergo Debbie Schlussel. By its very awfulness, zionism creates its own propaganda-bots.


Whoa, and speaking of “A CUTE ABDOMEN,” have you seen the cover to Jessica Valenti’s new book? Hubba hubba, dudes!!!1!


Smiling Mortician

And to just label the doctor a Jew-murdering blah blah blah kinda smacks of slander and libel, don’t it?

But that’s covered, Duros62! Just click through to the site Deb links to and you’ll see — the guy says he’s not slandering or libeling anyone, so he’s not. It’s just that easy!

But then I read the comments. My gawd, I need a shower. These people actually exist!

Me, too. I read every damn comment (hey, I’m trying to avoid work here). Not a single one of them seems to have clicked over to the the “source” site. Not a single one of them called Deb on treating a clearly labeled (albeit paranoid and ugly) work of fiction as if it were an account striving for factual accuracy. Which prompts me to wonder: are they too lazy to click through? too stupid to recognize a link when they see it? or do their eyes function like those red-n-green glasses that eradicate certain words in a text so they only see teh EVIL MOOSLIM DOCTOR?


All I have to say is that there are a lot of good plaintiffs’ medical malpractice attorneys in Chicago, and if there was any merit to the lawsuit one of them would have signed it up already.

100% correct. Much like Schlussel herself, this story does not pass the smell test.

a different brad

Two hours later, and Debbie hasn’t cleared my comments mentioning her rage is based on a clearly labeled fictional account of a debatable event. It’s almost as if she doesn’t wanna know.
If I were Keith Olbermann, I’d invite her on my show to fuck with her, hard. She’d never turn down being in front of a camera.


This… this just enrages me. All I can think of is the sweet, beautiful, Muslim woman who is my doctor. I swear she can practically cure you by laying a hand on your shoulder and saying, “It will all be all right. You just need to take better care of yourself. Here’s what we’re going to do…” I have total faith and trust that she will do the best for me that she can, in any situation.

Debbie, you are the awful, horrible person.


My doc is smart, funny and compassionate. She speaks urdu natively (I know this from reading her website). I have NO idea about her faith. She could be muslim, hindu or something else. She could be pakistani, indian or afghani.

NONE of these things is a rational selection criteria for choosing a physician. Jeezus christ’s tits in a mason jar, why would you let racism “color” (sorry) your choice of a doctor when the important part is their competency and your comfort? Whaddaya want, a hack quack nutjob cracker for a doc just ’cause he’s a white christian? That would be the epitome of stupid…



I never could figure out the unresolved question, why am I so attracted to Conservative hate-mongers? Then it dawned on me, it’s gotta be teh sneer…


My Pakistani doctor was actually harrassed at the airport. She had brought in a group of musicians from Pakistan for some sort of event, and when she took them to catch the flight home, people saw these brown people carrying long (instrument) cases and freaked out and reported it. It caused quite a stir, and was a serious embarrassment for airport security.


Best Schlussel comment so far. Could be a troll, but the other comments don’t support that conclusion.


Posted by: steve ventry [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 17, 2007 06:20 PM

Well played, Steve Ventry.


If only there were a punctuation checker. I blame Muslims…


I was Googling to see if I could find the airport story, and stumbled upon this blog chock full of wingnutty goodness:

He’s an unapologetic racist. He should meet Debbie.

Hysterical Woman

So when does she start accusing Muslims of poisoning wells?


I just ran across a passage that explains Schlussel’s mentality regarding Muslims. From Israel Shahak and Morton Mezvinsky’s Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel:

The same people who predict that a second Holocaust will almost immediately occur if Israel makes any concession to the Arabs also often state categorically that the Israeli army, if not restrained by politicians, by Americans, or by leftist Jews, could conquer Baghdad within one week. (Ariel Sharon actually made this claim a few months before the outbreak of the October 1973 war.) The fear and the self-confidence co-exist harmoniously. The belief in Jewish uniqueness enhances this co-existence. Most foriegn observers do not realize that a sizable segment of the Israeli Jewish public holds these chauvinist views. The schizophrenic blend of inordinate fears and exaggerated self-confidence, common to the Israeli secular right and religious Jews, resembles ideas held by anti-Semites who usually view Jews as being at the same time both powerful and easy to defeat. This is one of the reasons why attitudes of Israeli right-wing individuals toward the Gentiles, especially toward the Arabs, resemble so closely the attitudes of anti-Semites to the Jews. (My emphasis)

Hitchens, even when he was a socialist, used to argue that anti-Semitism was unique because of the mechanics described above (anti-Semites both exaggerate or invent Jewish powers, and at the same time exaggerate or invent Jewish weaknesses). I always thought that, on the contrary, that sort of thing isn’t so special among bigots, that it’s more like a common thread — for instance, the white supremacist existential fear that there is a gigantic black conspiracy aimed at the vaginas of all white women but at the same time, confidence that blacks are leeches on society, and easily burnt off were it not for those do-gooders and race-traitors. And as Dr. Shahak argued, many wingnut fundamentalist Israelis think the same way of goyim — especially Arabs.

Paranoia and self-aggrandizement aren’t bugs of anti-Semitism; they are features of whatever kind of vicious bigotry, anti-Semitism included. The kind of Islamophobia circulated by Schlussel, Charles Johnson, et al., in its way, fits a classic pattern..


Debbie’s a lawyer, right? She’d better hope her outrageous story is true, because that sure looks like libel to me.

As for this Applebaum guy who created the site:

Since I am putting the medical and legal records online in a request for expert help, it is possible that some visitors will not be able to offer assistance directly, but may be interested in relating the case to an attorney friend/acquaintance or another knowledgeable person. So I created a story, the novel Who Killed JA? around the records to provide context.

I have to admit that’s what I’d probably do, too. Instead of looking around for a lawyer to take my case, I’d write a fictionalized account of my father’s death in the hopes that someone on the Internet might read it and refer me to an attorney. Is this guy related to that Mario111 guy?


The Debbie Schlussel case


To see Dr. Shahak’s theory deomonstrated in some of the most accomplished metrics in English poetry, see Dr. Pound’s “Cantos.” (Excellent explication of the phenomenon in “The Genealogy of Demons” by Robert Casillo.)


just ‘demonstrated’ … no god (deo) involved


One more thing: the same seemingly contradictory fear/contempt dynamic can easily be seen in misogynists.


I don’t know, I think I’m in the mood for a good tortfeasing.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Some of the more bizarre comments for your edification:

MUSLIMS, of course, nurse a special hatred for all Jews…and can’t be trusted in so grave a matter.

Whereas Christians are known worldwide for their extra-special love for Jews.

Unfortunately, having a billion+ slaves worldwide, and keeping them from apostatizing under the pain of death, keeps those numbers, and the illusion of Islam being a religion (and I use the term here in a narrower sense i.e. a mainstream equivalent to real religions like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism,…).

Islam isn’t a religion? I want what he’s on. Plus he didn’t finish his sentence properly, so bad him.

It is impossible to determine which Muslims aren’t our enemy, and which ones are. After all, taquiyya is one of their special talents, and so it’s absolutely useless to try and place our trust in ‘moderate’ Muslims, or other such mitigating adjectives that might be appended to them.

So Muslims are great liars and Christians/Jews/Hindus/SciFiFans aren’t? Handy tip.

The onus of proving that they aren’t our enemy should be on them: we have taken enough hists worldwide – 9/11, 3/11, 7/11, 7/7, Bali, Casablanca, Israel, Beslan, et al, and therefore, Muslims don’t deserve that presumption of innocence. Besides, I have a simple way for a Muslim to show (s)he isn’t our enemy: Jettison Islam! Switch to anything else – Christian, Atheist, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Hindu, etc. Once one makes that leap, it’s worth trusting such a person.
But no earlier.
Posted by: Infidel Pride at May 17, 2007 04:48 PM

Oh, okay, that’s fair enough. Just disavow the faith of your fathers and switch to some other religion. Doesn’t really matter which, because we still won’t trust you anyway, and the followers of that other religion probably won’t let you in, but hey, abase yourself anyway, just in case.

No one is saying all Muslim doctors would let Jewish patients die. However, Debbie points out some disturbing facts about this one, namely his hometown of Birmingham, where genocidal anti-Semitism is pretty much universal, and the place of his education (ditto).
If he were a US-born and US-educated Muslim doctor, we might be a bit less suspicious. Might be.

Hahahahahaha! Birmingham! If they had any idea of the accent, they’d know straight away what knobheads they look. Birmingham!

Wow. Just wow. And these people have absolutely no idea of how extremely bigoted they look? Have they read any pre-Second World War German propaganda? Have they read anything? Don’t they realise that, if things had turned out different, they’d be getting just as worked up over Jews/Hindus/Animists/Trekkies?

Have they no brain?

Irony has not only jumped out of the window and run naked down the street, he’s now waving his jiggly bits at passersby, smearing himself in cottage cheese, and shouting “I’m Big Jack Jay! Take me to your teapot!”

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Yikes, close, damn tag, close!


To take a line from “Do the Right Thing,” what Debbie needs to do is find out whether it was a Muslim stylist who f&^%ed up her hair.


Irony has not only jumped out of the window and run naked down the street, he’s now waving his jiggly bits at passersby, smearing himself in cottage cheese, and shouting “I’m Big Jack Jay! Take me to your teapot!�

Alright, now I’m pissed. That is so totally MY fucking gig. They wanna run, jiggle and shout it’s gonna SO be on. And if you wanna see a big, hairy, scarred up old naked dood kicking some jack jay irony-haulin ASS on the street, you better get there early, ’cause it’s gonna be a short go..



Umm, or maybe I’ve just started the whole friday night thang a bit early. I blame Gavin. And the patriarchy…

Err, and muslims….

And jews…

And Republicans…

And my parents…

Fuckers, the lot of them…


Herr Doktor Bimler

You can’t trust anyone, Mikey. Except perhaps 12-y-o Bowmore [I’m not dissing other malts, you understand, but there happens to be a bottle of Bowmore close at hand right now, so that’s where my allegiance lies].


I’m fairly sure Debbie will read this, so here is my serenade to her…


Oh, Mikey can trust me. I’m sweet and innocent, and would never cause any problems.

Herr Doktor Bimler

taquiyya is one of their special talents

This seems seems to be a recurring theme in anti-islam rhetoric — the idea that devout muslims are allowed, even encouraged to lie to non-believers.
You kids today, everything is handed to you on a plate with this anti-islam furore. Back in the good old days, we only had Catholics to hate, but we knew how to make our own entertainment, so we managed.

Anyway, a central component of anti-catholic bigotry was the idea that devout catholics are allowed, even encouraged to lie to non-believers. “After all,” we would say, ‘they have the doctrine of ‘mental reservation’! They can be mentally crossing their fingers behind their backs! The pope really is the Whore of Babylon!”

You could make a lot of money by printing a ‘How to Hate’ manual — just leaving blanks to be filled in later for the currently-topical target of prejudice. No need to print separate customised manuals for anti-semitism, anti-catholicism, anti-whatever.


Herr Doktor. THERE you are. I left a bit of a challenge for you at the tail end of the “And…Voila” thread a few back. Whatcha got?


25-y-o Port Ellen

Pay no attention to that Marita wench, Mikey. You know I’m the only one who’ll always be there for you! Trust me!

a different brad

From Debbie’s contact page;
“To All Federal Agents and Other Sources Who Wish to Remain Confidential: No-one reads or has access to Debbie’s mail, except Debbie. If you would like anonymity/confidentiality, please say so (though in the case of federal agents, Debbie considers the identity of the e-mailer confidential, unless the e-mailer permits otherwise). The exceptions here are hate-mailers and Abu Moskowitz–everything they say, write, etc. is fair game).

To All Hate-mailers: Thank you for spending valuable seconds, minutes, etc. of your life on Debbie. She appreciates your obsession, but rest assured it is, very likely, not mutual.”

Debbie, they’re asking for your ip logs to find out about your supporters, not the hatemailers, dear.


I’d be willing to vote for mitt for a bottle of 25 yo Port ellen…



Of course, I’m a convicted felon, so the value of my vote is in dispute.

The value of the Port Ellen, on the other hand, cannot be measured with earthly metrics…


Herr Doktor Bimler

I left a bit of a challenge for you
I had a sneaking suspicion that you’d call my bluff. Must confess, I’ve never had the chance to try Port Ellen. Lagavulin is a favourite. A friend has retired and gone to live on Islay, so maybe next year I can find an excuse to visit him and carry out the field-work.
As for QM, I’m trying to get my head around Penrose’s book, “The Road to Reality”.


I cheated too. Higgs is HE Physics, not really Quantum Mechanics. I’m just hopelessly fascinated by the Standard Model and all of it’s implications and Predictions. And CERN is about to crank up the LHC and see what’s happening above 120 Gev. I’m stoked. But then, I’m a geek….



To All Hate-mailers: Thank you for spending valuable seconds, minutes, etc. of your life on Debbie. She appreciates your obsession, but rest assured it is, very likely, not mutual.�

Waitaminute. She thinks that the people who disagree with her are “hate mailers”?? While the people who actively hate people and call for their incarceration or murder are somehow something OTHER than “hate mailers”?? Oh jeez, wanna talk about hate? Fine. I HATE this woman with every fiber of my being…



Speaking of the imbibing of spirits, my mother is doing battle with slugs and all kinds of nasty things in her organic garden, and one of the ways she’s taking on the enemy on its own turf is by putting out little containers of beer. The nasty things are attracted by it and fall in and croak. So she’s telling me all about this and says that she asked the guy in the supermarket which beer was the nastiest and, therefore, the most likely (she thinks) to attract the beasties. The store guy showed her a brand that he said was just awful, the worst thing he’d ever drunk in his life. I asked my mother what the brand was and she couldn’t remember, so we went in the kitchen and she got out the bottle. Guess what it was?

Steel Reserve.


we have taken enough hits worldwide – 9/11, 3/11, 7/11, 7/7, Bali, Casablanca, Israel, Beslan, et al,

WE???? This has to be the only time EVAH that a cheeto-chomping pudgy white Keyboard Kommando has ever identified with Ithe brown folks of Indonesia and Morocco; the Russians, the Sabras, etc.

Who the fuck is he kidding?


Birmingham, where genocidal anti-Semitism is pretty much universal,

genocidal anti-Semitism is universal in Brum? Who knew?


I work in a trauma ER in the inner city.. There are attending phyicians, residents, surgeons and specialists of all colors, creeds and national origin. The efforts to save lives are amazing to watch even when there is more than one trauma going on at a time (most of the time). Every patient is treated as a human being with respect and dignity shown not only to themselves but to their families.
This Debbie is a really despicable person and for someone who sticks her face on TV every chance she gets one would think she would wash her hair and please, do something abouth the split ends.
Maybe, as a public service, everyone could save those little bottles of shampoo from hotels/motels and send them en masse to this harridan.


Seriously, any network that puts her on the screen should be boycotted. Unfortunately, I don;t watch TV so I’d never know.

I cannot imagine how sick, twisted, and corroded a person must be to carry that much hatred inside herself.


Aha! My mechanic is the son of immigrants from England, and I have some Irish blood in me. Suddenly I feel compelled to re-open “The Case of Why My Previously-Owned Ford Contour Stopped Working After Only Four Years”.

I’ll keep youse all updated in case any lawsuits arise.


He’s an unapologetic racist. He should meet Debbie.

Knowing my deeply held feelings for Debbie, and how sensitive I am, that’s just cold…

The Devil's Advocate

An Arab saved my life. She was not Muslim, but her family was – and they made her the kind of person with a predilection for saving people’s lives.

That’s more than Debbie has ever done.


I just read her post. Christ on a stick. She states that Mr. A entered the hospital with an extended abdomen and abdominal pain, which, according to Ms. S is “easily treated”. Actually, it could have been an acute abdominal aneurysm (triple A in the trade). If anyone is to be sued for this alleged death. the hospital would be negligent for not taking xrays and a CT to determine the cause of the complaint. Then you have the radiologist who reads said xrays yada yada yada.
Now here is a surprising fact-the County Hospital where I work fax the CatScans to Australia where they read them and call up and tell the ER docs what the findings are. Ain’t outsourcing great?


I am blessed that I don’t spend much time in hospitals, or in ERs. But the few times I HAVE spent time in an ER, I have never been asked my religion, nor have I ever seen anyone else’s chart have religious preference prominently displayed.

Maybe I am not noticing this because I’m not religious, and therefore have never thought about it. But I don’t recall even having a box to check on a form about religion.

Am I wrong about this? Do people who ARE very religious have some kind of thing they fill out when they come to the ER?

Or is UCLA Medical Center just a godless secular institution, and that’s why we don’t put our religion on the “front page of our medical chart?”


Jeebus. I finally overcame my distaste for the craziness, and read a little bit on Applebaum’s website.

So he’s suing a half a dozen or more doctors, and she’s cherry-picking the one Muslim name out of the bunch, who happen to sound Jewish, to base her theory on?

What the fuck?


We have a Catholic Priest and two ministers one Lutheran and one AME (both are black some female). There is a place on our charts to indicate religion. If a patient is dying and unable to ask for a priest, minister, rabbi etc. we generally call the clergyperson on call. If family is present, they can call their own pastor or whoever if they so choose. Case one time of an elderly lady was dying and her son and daughter-in-law were with her. They were Catholic and from out of town and our priest was out of town also so we called the Fire Dept Chaplain who came immediately. Now if a patient comes in conscious or with family and they are Jehovah’s Witness they place a band on the patients wrist so the docs know not to give them blood. If the person is Muslim there are certain procedures for handling the body, family only. This can pose a problem if the patient is a medical examiner’s case ( an unatttended death at home).
In cases of death by trauma or DOA, if no family is around, the head is taped so the mouth stays shut, the hands are folded over the chest and tied before rigor sets in and all bodily orifices are packed to avoid leakage. Then it’s sent to the cooler.
Aren’t you glad you asked? LOL


Got to get another drink/ Have a good night all. Hope I cheered everybody up.


Hmm..What County Hospital do you work at?

I still say I have absolutely no recollection of ever being asked my religious preference when checking into a hospital.


I don’t understand how Debbie missed it, but the list of doctors on Applebaum’s site (the “cast of characters”) includes a doctor born, raised, and trained in Spain. People! Spain! The country that expelled all the Jews 515 years ago! Why didn’t Debbie put two and two together?

Oh, because she’s a batshit blinded bigot who only wants to expose die ewigen Moslems.


Why doesn’t the Patriot Act make it illegal for muslims to be near babies in incubators. ?

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Muslims have earwigs? Why wasn’t I told?

Qetesh the Abyssinian

I think Brummies just hate everyone who doesn’t speak with that silly accent. We’re all done for.


I live in Western NY-I don’t know if they ask private patients or outpatients their religious affiliation. No one ever questions it. It may be due to the nature of the ER where people dying is a daily occurence. I know that the one Chaplain is also the Police Chaplain and monitors the police radio so if he hears of a shooting/stabbing he’s there right away. Here in Buffalo, we’ve got a lot of churches and several large synogogues with a few mosques scattered about. It isn’t considered a big deal. There is also a part of the record that asks for race. None of the questions impact on any medical care. Everyone is seen, insurance or not. Once in a while, a person who is transgendered comes in (or is halfway through the process) but you get 1 choice- male or female. They may have to rethink that one. You end up with a John Doe listed as a female and it screws up the medical records. Then the same person may come in again in two months and use the name Vanessa Doe but same birthdate and SSN. The upshot is that you get too many medical record numbers and it makes it more difficult for the docs to figure out your history. There are many frequent flyers. LOL


g-the religion is not on the medical chart itself-it’s on a separate form that also has next of kin, marital status, insurance information, etc.


STH: beer works like a charm for snot-based life forms! i use miller high life, the champagne of beers, because it’s the cheapest at my favorite of the liquor stores in my neighborhood. maybe your mom already does it, but i’ve also had some success with crushing walnut shells and sprinkling them around plants—apparently the little snotters don’t like crawling through them.

oh and on topic: what you guys said. i’m too tired for this.


Huh. She’s not inciting violence, or anything….


Thanks for the tip, sarah; I’ll pass it on to the maternal unit. Her biggest problem right now is cutworms (enemy body count so far: 76), so she’s spreading cornmeal around, which is supposed to make them explode.

This whole “living in tune with nature” thing is really pretty gruesome, at least when my mother does it.

And Yossarian, thanks for the insight into the inner workings of medicine; always a fascinating topic.


Holy fucking shit.


She’s about five minutes from passing out brown shirts here. I am just totally agog here…



Practiced Ignorance.

How else are they going to remain perpetual victims if they expend any effort educating themselves?

Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

I think Brummies just hate everyone who doesn’t speak with that silly accent.

Actually, it’s more the other way around. Even northerners–Scallies, Mancs, Yorks, Geordies and Mackems–look down on Brummies.


If they’re going to base a world view on fiction, at leaste they should use good fiction. I suggest they rent [i]Hospital[/i] with a screenplay by Chayefsky. Incompetence, obliviousness, and disinterest are responsible for far more deaths than malicious intent (speaking from a close encounter with all three).

As an aside, does Li’l Debbie have Bell’s palsy?



Funniest moment: One of her commenters asked why they only find stories like this on Debbie’s site.


The value of the Port Ellen, on the other hand, cannot be measured with earthly metrics…

Hot damn, yes. (RIP)

As for Sluice-hell, just remember that she’s making under $10k per annum on her batshittery.


Did anyone else notice that the Times subhead mentions Rove?

It makes sense that he’d be behind something like this, though I don’t think Karl-with-a-K is old enough to have been around in the late 1930’s.

Grandfather, maybe?


Yossarian said, She states that Mr. A entered the hospital with an extended abdomen and abdominal pain, which, according to Ms. S is “easily treated�.

Debbie states JA entered the hospital with an extended abdomen because JA’s son, Michael, a doctor and a lawyer, told the nurse and the nefarious Dr. Ibrahim that JA had an extended abdomen and abdominal pain; a fact which he proves (proves!) by publishing the contexts of a fax he sent Dr. Layfer, the Chief of Medicine, in which he states that he, Michael Applebaum, told a nurse and Dr. Ibrahim that JA had an extended and painful abdomen.

Michael Applebaum is calling his account a “novel” or a “book” because he’s making all kinds of claims that are not in the medical records he himself provides, but which he’s heavily annotated with his own assertions of unsupported fact.

I don’t understand all the medical jargon in the records, but here’s what I, a layperson, was able to glean: JA, an 85-year-old man on various meds (including an anti-coagulant) for a heart problem who was being treated for lung cancer with chemotherapy, discussed his throat hoarseness with his oncologist; he was taken to Nose, Ear & Throat where he was diagnosed with paralysis of the vocal cords and so scheduled for a feeding tube placement; that he was admitted for the feeding tube placement at 5:38pm December 1; that Dr. Ibrahim ordered Ambien at 12:45 am for sleep; that at 1:25 am an x-ray was ordered after JA complained of abdominal pain, and all sorts of tests and exams were ordered in the hours between 1:25 am and 11:08pm December 2, at which time JA was discharged (after having become deceased sometime earlier).

It seems Michael’s impression is that, after Dr. Ibrahim’s initial screw-up in ignoring JA’s extended and painful abdomen for approximately 8 hours, the surgeon who was much later called in to determine the patient’s viability for surgery decided he’d rather not operate on such a high-risk patient as an 85-year-old man with heart problems, lung cancer, and a necrotic bowel who would likely mess up his surgery stats.

The allegations of any criminal liability (and Michael’s own completely understandable ::rolleyes inferences of anti-Semitism) seem to stem from a question posed by the defendants in discovery, to whit:

Request to Admit #14: Plaintiff Michael Applebaum contacted the Skokie Police Department and requested criminal charges be brought against Lawrence Layfer, M.D. [ed: Chief of Medicine], for the care he provided to Joseph Applebaum during the December 1, 2003 admission to Rush North Shore Medical Center.

Michael denies that he did that.

This guy passed the bar in 1988 and so determined that he was entitled to practice law without an active license by filing a civil lawsuit as an attorney and yet claimed an exemption based on his ignorance of the law as an excuse for his improper filing of a lawsuit. And, after being “requested” by the judge to seek outside legal help, rather than looking in the Yellow pages under “lawyer” he created a blog (which no one commented on) and a “novel” (totally absent character development, dialogue or narrative) about how 14 doctors and untold nurses and lab techs all conspired to cover up the negligent killing of his dad.

Of course that becomes “This isn’t the only case where a Muslim doctor deliberately let his Jewish patient die, it is just the first that we know of” out of the febrile brain of Debbie Schussel.

Holy fucking shit!

Deb's Little Devil

Hmph! Pays the bills…


It is impossible to determine which Muslims aren’t our enemy, and which ones are. After all, taquiyya is one of their special talents….

It is impossible to determine which Mexicans aren’t our enemy, and which ones are. After all, tequila is one of their special talents….

Herr Doktor Bimler

This isn’t the only case where a midwife deliberately let a newborn baby die, so she could take the body to the next Witches’ Sabbat to be used in satanic rituals, it is just the first that we know of.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

This isn’t the only case of slaughtering innocent mucus-based lifeforms using beer, it is just the first that we know of.

Anyway, what the buggery bollocks is a cutworm?


Anyway, what the buggery bollocks is a cutworm?

A CUTWORM is a moth larvae that is a garden pest. Nocturnal, it feeds voraciously on many common vegetable plants, and in doing so tends to snip them off at near-soil level, killing them, and thus the name. They can be very destructive.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Thanks, Marq. Lucky your mum’s so lethal then, eh?


Given the Talmud prohibition against healing gentiles, it’s Jewish doctors we should worry about.


Btw, I though that was Rachel Dratch in a bad wig, aka debbie downer.

Marcus Costigan

Debbie Schlussel is a monster!

Vindictive Acrimonius Intolerant.

And that is the way she is now treating her fellow conservatives..


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