…is how you spell Afghanistan:

The international relief agency Medecins Sans Frontieres has suspended operations in Afghanistan after five of its workers were killed in an

The country’s former Taliban rulers say they carried out Wednesday’s attack in the north-west of the country.

Correspondents say it was one of the deadliest since the radical Islamic
militia was ousted in late 2001. [Emphasis added]

Which just goes to show: you can have your picnic and your Taliban remnants too:

Three government soldiers have been killed in attacks by Taliban remnants in the southern Afghan province of Zabul even as NATO-led forces in the country announced plans to expand their presence beyond the capital city.

And now, a word from our leader:

I’d like to also go to Afghanistan. And, by the way, the reports from Afghanistan, at least the ones I get, are very encouraging. […] And they report people have got a sparkle in their eye. And women now all of a sudden no longer fear the future but believe that we’re there to stay the course and we will help a free society emerge. [Emphasis added]

Sparkle… like a bullet.

(Thanks to Blair for the BBC link.)


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Bubble Boy is getting more and more detached from reality every week. However, it seems the US snooze media is still uncritically broadcasting his every utterance on the telescreen.

Miss Authoritiva

“And, by the way, the reports from Afghanistan, at least the ones I get, are very encouraging.”

Critical qualifier here: “at least the ones I get.”


Good point, Miss Authoritiva. By Dubya’s own account, he gets his news filtered through his advisers so it’s objective. Killing Doctors Without Borders relief workers — God, that’s pretty fucking low.


I was gonna say, Charlie don’t surf and Dubya don’t read. But what reports is he getting, and from where? I mean, who the hell thinks things are going well in Afghanistan? You’d have to be a complete IDIOT to think that … Oh. Wait. Never mind.


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