For all the America haters who read Sadly, No!

Fellow America hater and reader Blair sends us this link to the trailer of Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11.


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Thank you! This link is worth its weight in gold palm leaves…


Cool. Thanks.


Loved the end of the trailer: “now watch this drive.”

Sorta sums up the fratboy asshole deftly.

Aleen Stankiewicz

I think it’s discraceful that just because I have a well justified, negative opinion of my government, that lots of republicans consider me anti-american. I’m just anti-hate, murder, bigotry, greed, and ignorance. Should’nt all good people be.Where do the religious right get-off saying that partial-birth abortion is murder, yet don’t seem to mind the innocent slaughter of an entire country. I guess they are just stupid enough to think George Bush sent us over there to liberate them and not for there oil. Wake up,America, and really learn how to be patriotic. Be humane, respect all life, not just Americans!


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