The logic certainly is flawless

One Republican explains why his party lost the special election held in South Dakota this week:

“If you take out the Indian reservation, we would have won,” said Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), former chairman of the NRCC.

If you exclude the people who didn’t vote for us, we would have won! This type of insightful election analysis, for those not familiar with it, was first brought to our attention by the good people of Monty Python:

Palin: Well pretty much as I predicted, except that the Silly party won. Er, I think this is largely due to the number of votes cast. Gerald.


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And didn’t Rush Limbaugh make this kind of logic his own by claiming that Bush would have won the 2000 election in a landslide if you took away all the votes from blacks. You know, because you probably should.


He stole the logic from Limbaugh, who is always lamenting how Republicans would win more often if blacks didn’t vote. Katherine Harris has noted this and is taking action.


I really wish this kind of logic was limited to the Limbaugh types, but you hear this on mainstream news programs too. Not quite as overt, but a lot of people will come on and suggest that the Democrats have some kind of serious problem because even though they’re getting more votes, their losing in the white male demographic.

Because, you know, those are the “real” voters.


It’s a Bob Schnieder talking point too. If only whites voted, Bush would win in a landslide!


Beyond a doubt, those SD Republicans wish the Native Americans would just disappear–they were the edge that gave the election to a Dem senator in 2000 or 2002.

Too bad for the Rethuglicans that a nuclear device aimed at reservations would also likely take out Wall Drug, reptile farms, and other high-class tourist spots that they really would not want to harm.


It’s really not fair that in South Dakota, unlike the nation as a whole, and Florida, the person who gets the most votes wins.


I think what you forget is that they may not be including those who vote on the Indian reservation as people.

Great Monty Python link.

And Amanda you hit the nail on the head.


Den Beste also had a post about crime rates in the US v. Europe last year, and to support his “argument” linked to someone arguing that once you take out murders committed by Blacks, the US has a lower rate than Europe’s.


Since they first got off the boat whites have tried to imagine what the country would be like if native peoples “disappeared.” This lates Republican pipe dream in the aftermath of the SD election is just part of this ongoing fantasy. Let’s hope this latest loopiness doesn’t suggest we finish the genocide our ancestors began.

Hamilton Lovecraft

And if you take out the votes of fools and evil people, the Republican party disintegrates.


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