Conservatives told us Marc Racicot is a liar

Don’t blame us, blame David Warren. (Linked to by Donald Sensing and InstaPundit, bien s?r.)

The Bush administration has handled the transfer of power in Iraq more cleverly than anyone expected, including me. The summoning of the U.N. envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, looked like very bad news (a poisonous old Arab League chauvinist who brokered the sell-out of Lebanon to Syria in 1982). In grim moments, I believed the Bush people were cynically using him to wash their hands of Iraq, and as it were, dump the quagmire back in the swamp of the U.N. Instead, they froze the ground beneath Brahimi’s feet, and skated rings around him, haggling behind his back with Iraq’s new political heavyweights to leave him endorsing a fait accompli. If it were not vulgar, I would say the Bushies suckered the U.N. into signing on to the New Iraq through Brahimi. [Emphasis added]

Bush-Cheney campaign chairman Marc Racicot, on May 28:

Now, wait a minute. We’re not picking the people. The United Nations is picking the people. They’re designing the structure and picking the people, so this is a international effort to provide a transitional government until elections can be held. [Emphasis added]



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