Fun with a virgin

Last week, reader J Edgar mentioned The Virgin Ben Shapiro’s appearance on KGO-AM’s Ronn Owens show. For your pleasure and convenience, our favorite quotes are presented here. (And yes, there went one hour of our lives we’ll never get back.) [Note: The Virgin Ben is a registered trademark of TBOGG GmbH, used without permission.]

On abortion, why Ben should be able to tell a woman she cannot have one:

The Virgin Ben: You chose to have sex and mistakes were made…

On sex:

The Virgin Ben: What’s the difference between a 14-year old having a sex with a 12-year old, and a 30-year old having sex with a 12-year old.

On sex, again:

The Virgin Ben: What you need to procreate is a man and a woman.

On morality:

The Virgin Ben: The prevailing ideology that is being taught on the campuses is moral relativism, with the absence of moral absolutes.

On getting ready to be bitch slapped:

Ronn Owens: If you’re a moral absolutist, it’s wrong to murder, correct?
The Virgin Ben: Yes.

After Ronn gives the example of a beaten woman who one day murders her husband:

The Virgin Ben: Obviously, uh, ah, murder is a complex law. Moral absolutism doesn’t mean there aren’t complexities… but there are degrees of wrongness. [This sentence originally read “…there are complexities…” Our apologies for the error.]

On getting double bitch slapped:

The Virgin Ben: … what I do in my book, Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth.
Ronn Owens: Hang on… Did your publisher tell you to do that […] say “in my book, and then give the title?”
The Virgin Ben: My publisher told me.
Ronn Owens: Don’t do that again.

Bonus Trivia: Ben’s mom is a reality TV producer, and her company has produced America’s Funniest Home Videos and “the cop show in Los Angeles.”


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Moral absolutism doesn’t mean there are complexities…

Did he really say that?


Did he really say that?

Sorry we forgot to fix this one typo — we’ll upload sound clips in the near future.


I hope Ben’s next book is about giving women orgasms through oral sex. I smell a best seller–I know I’d buy it.


Didn’t VBen misquote his own title? Shouldn’t it be Brainwashed, the story of my life?

Brainwashing is a euphemism for torture through sensory deprivation. Kind of like having a bag over you head for a few days and deprived of sleep. So it seems like Abu Ghraib is some sort of liberal arts college, no wonder Bush wants to close it down.

Speaking of Iraq, where is the moral absolutism in supporting the murder of over 10,000 civilians so Cheney and his henchmen can own Iraqi oil fields?


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I think you need a little pizazz for this post. Why don’t you link to this picture so everyone can see what the cover of his new book looks like?

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Thank you for doing the lifting for me. “one hour of our lives we’ll never get back” should be a universal link to a ben shapiro site. Perhaps one concerning relative moral absolutes. I could handle only 10 minutes of the live radio show. In that time I heard all the quotes except the sex stuff. Lucky me.


— Did he really say that?
— Sorry we forgot to fix this one typo

Either way, it’s a pretty special comment. In the original version it was sheer simple-mindedness. Now it’s “Shorter Virgin Ben: When I talk about moral absolutes, I mean it in a relative sort of way.”


“You chose to have sex and mistakes were made…”

If Ben ever gets some, I’m guessing this is a phrase he’ll be hearing with some frequency.


Why did Owens lower the smackdown on Shapiro for mentioning his book? Is that considered wrong? Mind you, I want nothing to do with his book, but I would be surprised if he didn’t mention it.


Why did Owens lower the smackdown on Shapiro for mentioning his book? Is that considered wrong?

It was Ben’s giving the long title of his book that Owens didn’t care for.


As punishment, Ben should write the full title of Fiona Apple’s second album on the blackboard fifty times, in longhand.


Ronn Owens had already tested Ben on basic matters of reasoning and reality. Ben was way deep into degrees of moral absolutism (AKA “relativism”, Ben!). Ronn was probably annoyed that Ben, author and future law student, couldn’t think his way out of a paper bag, but could remember his coaching points and stick the full title of his book into his lame spiel.


What do wingnuts mean when they blab about moral relativism? And more importantly, where can I get some of this heavy, heavy shit they smoke?


“moral relativism” = “naughty sex”

By the way–Ben Shapiro’s mum a reality TV producer? So much for the myth of Hollywood liberalism. Or is it just the actors & scriptwriters who are Hollywood liberals, and reality TV is supposed to be a right-wing runaround of them?


The Virgin Ben: What you need to procreate is a man and a woman.

Oh behave, Ben! A kinkmeister like him might want to have both a man and woman, but, strictly speaking he only needs a woman to procreate. Naughty little sausage … must like to watch.


well, procreation requires a penis and a vagina, and the jury is still out as to whether Bennie has either.


Moral Relativism is change the value from good or evil into some sort of sliding scale. whereas changeing the word for a particular act to make it fall into the good or evil is just fine.


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