Cowboy Up!

Kevin Millar, you’ll always have a spot on the Red Sox’ payroll. W00t! Go Sawx!

…that said: if we lose Josh Beckett for an extended period of time, we’re pretty much screwed…


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And just maybe Bochy learned something today. As the giants played their 20th consecutive game this afternoon in Colorado, he sat down the old meat. Bonds, Durham, Winn, Molina and Aurelia all on the bench. Played the kids, Frandsen, Fred Lewis, Alfonso, Ortmeier. Cain started. What happened? Oh, Lewis hit for the cycle, the giants pounded out 15 runs and 22 hits while the young staff shut down the Rockies offense, holding them to one run. These kids can play, if Bochy’ll let ’em…



Your Gints have a terrific stable of starting pitchers. Your problem is that your offense consists of… Barry Bonds. And that’s it.

When you’re counting on Rich Aurilia to give you a first baseman’s production, you’re in bad, bad shape…


I would just like to say that if I hadn’t left to take a shower after Crisp got aboard in the ninth, the Sox would not have won. I miss the 6-run f’in comeback for a fifteen-minute shower. You’re welcome…


I certainly hope it was one of those pre-sex showers, Dj. Sheesh…


a different brad



yeah, clemens was awesome today.
and mikey, i had a full day of yard work and the couch was calling me.
but thanks for the image.





I can’t believe I watched the first eight innings, then gave up and went for a walk. Argh!


Warriors Jazz at Oakland just starting. Grab a favorite beverage and get on the bandwagon!!


charles pierce

The blisters were a problem for JB in Florida, remember.


The Red Sox are really doing a great job. They haven’t had such a good start since 1978, the year they jumped out to that 14 1/2 game lead over the Yankees and never looked back, winning the World Series.

What’s that you say?


Little Joe, when I heard you tonight explaining the Tigers’ difficulty in keeping the ball down by suggesting the Twins were doctoring the mound and it was hard for visitors to adjust, and when Miller reminded you that the Tigers’ pitchers had completely shut the Twins down in the first two games of the weekend series…I could just imagine the guys at firejoemorgan, having apoplexy.


It’s not a blister he has this time, Charlie– it’s an avulsion. The Great Gazoogle beckons…

a different brad

Look. We all know how this plays out. Sox jump out to an early lead, n it’s gone by august 1st or so. That’s the script. Plays out the same every year.

Yeah, yeah. They won one. So did Bush. Reality was distorted for a while.

(Well done n etc, but come on, admit it, just more proof we were all in bizarro-world for 5 years or so.)

not the senator

It wouldn’t be Boston if we didn’t have at least one “Pennant Fever Grips the Hub!” headline during May but now we know our hearts are not always crushed in the fall.

It may take awhile but the Evil Empire can be vanquished and Rove will pay someday, just as long as the pitching holds up.


Beckett had better not be out for an extended period. Not only is that bad for the Bosox and their fans, but also for me, as he’s on my fantasy team and is a big reason I’m not in last place in my league this year.


we’ll see how ya’ll do facing smoltz and hudson this weekend.


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