And now deep thoughts, with…

We’ll let you guess the author of this line:

Eminem’s politics, and the politics of HSAN, are Leftist, but we’re talking the Left side of hell.


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Um, Bill O’Reilly?


You are way, way off! (And this one should be *so* easy for you…)


Michelle Malkin?
Kaye Grogan?
America’s Worst Mother TM?


Anna in Cairo — going down swinging. 😉


Joe Lieberman?


The cultural name dropping for no discernable purpose along with a sentence with no clear idea seems to point to Douglas Giles.


While we are happy to note the absence of Google cheaters, we must regretfully announce that our philosopher’s identity remains a secret. (On another note, we think Doug Giles would make an excellent topic for Flash Friday.)


HSAN has to do with hiphop, right? And who’s our nation’s hippest person? Yes, it has to be George Bush!

Okay, if George didn’t say it, I’ll guess Rush Limbaugh. Or maybe John Podhoretz.


So I’m a Google cheat. Sue me.

It’s the work of Hans Zeiger.

And he even looks like Eminem, in a Bizarro World sort of way.


So I read the travesty this guy wrote, and ignoring all of that “don’t let the coloreds or the white kids who act like coloreds vote” attitude, I noticed something strange in its final sentence. “In the words of Eminem from the song ‘F*** off,’ ‘You do what we say and we’ll do what we want to.'” That lyrics was, in fact, performed by Kid Rock, not Eminem. So since I’m a loser, I wrote Zeiger an email.

“Eminem is featured on the song “F*** Off,” but the lyrics that conclude your article were performed by Kid Rock, not Eminem. Isn’t it kind of odd that you write an entire article disparaging music you find offensive, and, to move your point along, you list lyrics from songs you’ve never heard?”

Has Mr. Zeiger been featured on Sadly, No before?


Ah, Hans Zeiger has apparently made the big time. He used to be a columnist on the “teen page” in our local Sunday newspaper. I remember when he mentioned in one of his last columns that he was going to attend Hillsdale College; obviously, that place suits him well, given its function as a conservative intellectual factory


Has Mr. Zeiger been featured on Sadly, No before?

Mr. Zeiger’s work is more often the subject of World O’Crap’s analysis.


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