Like a what where?

From the department of uh?, we offer this American Spectator quote:

Chalabi’s stock goes up like a scud on the Iraqi market.

Explanations welcome in the comments.


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Translation into standard English: “Chalabi’s reputation in Iraq increases.” The confusing references to “stock” and “market,” because of their ambiguity, detract from the clarity. “Scud” as a substitute for the more cliched “rocket” does add local flavor, but brings up unrelated issues, such as, “Where are the scuds Powell claimed Saddam had?” This further adds to the confusion. C-, rewrite.


(Godfather I quote) We’ve just learned that Reid Collins has moved from marijuana to heroin?


Thank god Reid Collins is a FORMER journalist.


Is this Uncle Pundit a literary conceit, an actual person, or one of Reid Collins’ more elaborate hallucination? That’s my question.


Well, this is what I think it means:

Chalabi’s stock goes up like a scud on the Iraqi market, then crashes to earth, destroying the wares of various vendors and making a big mess. Fruit, brass pots, and rugs are blown everywhere. Dozens are wounded, including a little girl who was just at the market to buy milk for her baby brother. The Red Cross and Amnesty International denounce Chalabi’s stock for targeting innocent civilians.


It’s a celebrity endorsement for all-natural herbal V1.agRa.


I think I can safely say it has nothing to do with the A-Team.


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