Well, we certainly wouldn’t want to do that!

The WND’s Joseph Farrah follows in the Rabbi’s footsteps:

But if there is one characteristic of Kerry’s life that should disqualify him absolutely as a candidate for president, it is the fact that he has sought out millionaire wives to take care of him. Not to put too fine a point on it, he’s a serial gigolo. [Emphasis added]

“Cotton Eye” Joseph has more however:

Kerry has never had these simple life experiences. You may think he’s learned a lot by serving in Congress, serving as lieutenant governor of his state. But he’s never gotten his hands dirty. He’s always had a net underneath him throughout his political career ? in his case, a net woven of homespun 24K gold. [Emphasis added]

How low can a man sink? Tr?s low:

Teresa Heinz Kerry is not sure about her husband’s character. Are you?

Added: The likely origins of the gigolo line. Guess who?


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That Farah article is absolutely amazing. He seems to have had a bit of trouble coming up with his own ideas this week so he simply copied everything Schmuley said and added “he’s a gigolo” to the end of it. This the man who turns purple with rage whenever somebody questions the journalistic merit of WND.


In what universe did George W. Bush not have a 24K safety net? Do these people think they’re running against Jimmy Carter?


This whole line of attack is silly, anyway. I don’t think there are that many people who would blame JFK for marrying someone who’s wealthy. Heck, isn’t that the American dream?

What was he supposed to say? “I love you, honey, but it can never be, because you’re too damn rich”?

Would little Miss Coulter turn down that nice Mr. Scaife if he somehow shed all his encumbrances and popped the question? I don’t think so.


“Kerry claims to stand up to powerful interests,” writes Ann Coulter in her latest column, “but he can’t even stand up to his own wife.”

John Kerry is pussy-whipped! We deserve a President who has a Stepford Wife, like Dubya!


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