Things to wish for on a chilly spring evening


One of the things I keep expecting to see is an uprising of regular fed-up Iraqis. ? la Superman II, when the Krypton criminals pin Superman behind the bus and the people of Metropolis, thinking he’s dead, grab whatever they can find and say, “Let’s get ’em.” Or like in The Three Amigos, where the regular townsfolk defend their city against the bullies.

We think it would be even more wicked awesome if it was an uprising like in Independence Day, where the Iraqis find some abandoned space ship and use it to kill all the terrorists in the world. Yeah, that would be kewl.

Added: Well, that sure didn’t take long.

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PS: Where’s our $5???


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How about like the “wolverines” in Red Dawn rising up against the OCCUPYING russian/cuban troops. That’s *most* of what we are seeing in Iraq, with a little bit of crazed fundamentalists “Bringing it on” as requested by bicylce boy.

After dismantling the Iraqi army, and especially after Abu Ghraib, the US are occupiers, not liberators. No matter what good intentions there may have been. (which are questionable)


I preferred Sarah’s post after the one you referenced, which included:

Tasha, who is 33, was presiding over a late-night panty powwow with Zazel and Elizabeth. As Elizabeth perched on Tasha’s couch, Zazel sprawled on the floor in a cream-colored body suit and lavender “Lick Bush” thong. “I think sometimes verbal discourse is insufficient as a mode of expression,” Tasha said, as if she were delivering a lecture for her fellowship at a prominent New York university. “There’s something raw and wonderful and gratifying about the more gestural expression of the flash. By putting on these bold, outrageous displays, we want to inspire others to also be bold.”

Lick Bush in 2004!! (Or “Lick Bush and Dick,” if you prefer. And yes, a Google search will reveal many items of clothing with those slogans.)


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