The American Right: Proudly Irony-Free

Gregory Koukl, at TownHall today: For the good of everyone, religious people must involve themselves in politics.

Biblical teaching is clear: God intends government to use law to enforce morality…(i)f the Church doesn’t stand in the gap giving substance to the words “goodâ€? and “evil,â€? then nothing prevents leadership from reversing the definitions, praising evil and punishing good. Tragically, this is already happening…

The current understanding of separation of church and state—the view that the state is thoroughly secular and not influenced by religious values, especially Christian ones—was completely foreign to the first 150 years of American political thought…

Christian author Philip Yancey writes, “We have no mandate to ‘Christianize’ the United States—an impossible goal in any case. Yet Christians can work simultaneously toward a different goal, the ‘moralization’ of society…’

Frank Gaffney, at TownHall today: For the good of everyone, religious people must stay out of politics.

Observant Muslims who dare to challenge the Islamists over ideological agendas pursued in the name of religion are shown being subjected to ostracism, intense coercion to conform and, in some cases, death threats. As long as these anti-Islamist Muslims are rightly seen as isolated, vulnerable and powerless, it would be foolish to believe that many of their co-religionists will want to emulate them…

The success of organizations supportive of the Islamists and of their efforts to exploit real or perceived Muslim grievances and civil liberties to create “parallel societiesâ€? in Western democracies will, inevitably, attract more adherents to the former’s ranks…

After all, the anti-Islamist Muslims and conservatives are not the only ones in the Islamofascists’ cross-hairs. Homosexuals, women and Jews are among those whose lives will be made miserable, or simply be prematurely terminated, in the new world order the Islamists have in mind…

David Limbaugh, at TownHall today: We must focus on the real issues and not let ourselves be distracted by bogus red herrings.

The entire WMD issue has been a Democratic diversion from the get-go. It has allowed Democrats immeasurable cover for their irresponsible absence of policy on Iraq and has provided endless fodder for their libelous claims against the administration…

Democrats have had no policy since 9/11 began, other than to try to poke holes in the administration’s policies and actions — and to inflame the passions of the electoral “jury” against the Bush Administration and the Iraq War….

Are Democrats willing to commit to the position that they would not have attacked Iraq and that the world would be a safer place with Saddam still in power? If so, they should be forced to face the consequences of that position, as cogently illuminated by National Review Online’s Andrew McCarthy: “a Saddam Hussein, emboldened from having faced down the United States and its sanctions, loaded with money, arming with WMDs, and coddling jihadists.”

Pat Buchanan, at TownHall today: We must focus on bogus red herrings and not let ourselves be distracted by the real issues.

Almost no attention has been paid to the fact that Cho Seung-Hui was not an American at all, but an immigrant, an alien. Had this deranged young man who secretly hated us never come here, 32 people would heading home from Blacksburg for summer vacation. What was Cho doing here? How did he get in?…

In stories about him, we learn he had no friends, rarely spoke, and was a loner, isolated from classmates and roommates. Cho was the alien in Hokie Nation. And to vent his rage at those with whom he could not communicate, he decided to kill in cold blood dozens of us. What happened in Blacksburg cannot be divorced from what’s been happening to America since the immigration act brought tens of millions of strangers to these shores, even as the old bonds of national community began to disintegrate and dissolve in the social revolutions of the 1960s…

Many immigrants do not assimilate. Many do not wish to. They seek community in their separate subdivisions of our multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual mammoth mall of a nation. And in numbers higher than our native born, some are going berserk here.


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Smiling Mortician

Lordamercy, Mister Pierce, that’s one big bag full of nuts you’ve got there. But you’re selling these guys short. They’re irony-free, yes, but also 100% rationality-free and completely untethered from the pesky confines of planet earth. They are focused like laser beams on whatever skitters into their line of vision and they will grasp it in their big jowly maws and drool all over it regardless of what they were chewing on last week. They’re Cujo. They’re the Borg. If I thought they had any logical capabilities, I’d say we should force-feed them each other’s screeds and watch their heads explode.


For sheer lunacy, I vote for Pat Buchanan.

What was Cho doing here? How did he get in?…

Uh, Pat, I think he was probably holding onto his Mommy’s hand. He was eight years old.

Many immigrants do not assimilate. Many do not wish to.

His sister went to Harvard and works for the State Department. His parents work at a dry cleaners. Cho was mentally ill, but in fact, he assimilated real well – he adopted our culture of violence wholeheartedly.


Jeebus fucking Christ on a cracker. I clicked through to Pat. He is truly deranged. He’s got a laundry list of killers, strung together by the contrived common factor that they were immigrants, with the implication that their immigration status is what made them so Eeeevil!

And it’s vile, truly vile – he doesn’t even hide behind the charade of saying he just deplores the illegality of illegal immigration – he hates all immigrants equally.

Oh, wait. Just the brown and black skinned ones and the ones with slanty eyes. There aren’t any Russians, Irish, East Europeans, Brits on his list.

I’m not even sure what his point is, really, other than hatred and fear of people who don’t eat bologna sandwiches on white bread with mayo. Not to let anyone in, legally or illegally?

But it’s unintentionally funny at the end, because as a yardstick to measure how truly evil these guys are, Pat holds up 2 American white male killers (Bundy and Gacy) as the pinnacle of achievement.

See, I told ya these guys aren’t as good as real Americans.


Ow, dammit – now my head hurts!

Thanks a bunch…

Hysterical Woman

Yeah, the eight year old Seung-Hui came here with the express purpose of devolping a mental illness and shooting a bunch of people fourteen years later.

Hysterical Woman

Also, Pat, don’t mention the “I have a dream” speech. We know you think that MLK jr. was a uppity commie negro.


At last, the real Manchurian candidate emerges!


If they are giving out bonus points and a free t-shirt for comments I think “g” wins this round.


Oh, the things I get sidetracked on before breakfast!

Take a stroll through Wikpedia’s Mass Murderers article:

Amazing how many white male American born killers there are. And how many of them share Pat’s views on brown people, women, or gay people.

Buford Furrow. Kenneth Junior French. James Oliver Huberty. Edgar Ray Killen. George Hennard.


Mortician, these guys can’t qualify as Cujo (even on literary terms, and I’m told that wasn’t one of King’s better novels). They’re just a bunch of sorry spoiled lapdogs, yipping themselves into a communal frenzy at every passing squirrel or slammed door while trying to pee just that little bit higher on the fence than their fellow. Ever seen a little dog literally do a handstand (front-paw-stand) in an attempt to leave his mark a little higher in the world? That’s Townhall.

(Later, of course, the big dogs come along and pee over the little dogs’ marks… sometimes right on the little dogs, if they don’t move fast enough. Write your own progressive-blog analogy here.)


The last couple of mornings I’ve been noticing a funny noise in one part of my house, kind of a tapping noise. It’s a wooden post and beam house, so first I wondered if it was the sound of timbers creaking as they warm when the morning sun hits them; then I wondered if I was hearing drops of water falling onto something as the morning dew condensed; but it was too loud.

I finally found out what it is.

There’s a bird attacking his own reflection in one of my basement windows. Over and over he dashes at the glass, slamming his head into it, trying to attack the enemy bird he sees there. Again and again, bap! bap! bap-bap! bap!

He’s literally beating the shit out of himself; the windowsill beneath the pane is covered with bird droppings.

I have to go down there and put paper on the window to save the little bird-brain from himself.

Is that a good analogy for the Town Hallies?


Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself.

But I also don’t contradict myself.

Seriously, though, that’s what you libs just don’t “get”–that the right contains multitudes, and freely expresses a wide divergence of opinion. Some of them think Jesus was God, for example. Others think that He was Jesus. Some think it was wise to “go into” Iraq. Others, in sharp contrast, think it was smart to “invade” Iraq.

Whereas the left marches in lockstep behind their one Leader (some guy with the improbable, and hateful, name of Daily Kos, apparently).


Hey, I am a proud supporter of the Daley Cause! He’s been a strong progressive mayor who’s kept party unity while committing to…what? Who? Oh, sorry, never mind.

The right contains all sorts of contrasts. It is, after all, the big-tent party! You can be pro-life OR anti-abortion; you can say that blacks and Latinos shouldn’t vote, or that they should only vote for Republicans; you can focus on bringing more Christians into government, or on keeping more Muslims out of it; you can advocate for poor people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, or you can advocate for just ignoring poor people altogether; and you can believe that taxes, safety regulations and government oversight should be drastically reduced, or that they should be eliminated altogether. It’s all about inclusion!


Ace has the iRony,* and he doesn’t share it with anyone.

*It’s a Shuffle. Not only does it play the tracks randomly, but it turns itself on and off randomly as well.


Ooh, J-, is that the one that comes in those natty bacon/Play-Doh skins?


Oh, sorta OT except for ironiousness, and I had the misfirtune of catching Glenn Beck on the teevee the other weekend, and had to keep myself from yelling at it (I was at the mall). What a complete ass he is.

Right after bitching about all the “free publicity” Cho was getting (and claiming that as his motivation), and carping specifically about people showing the Cho tape, he bravely pledged to not show the tape “anymore”, right before he went ahead and showed the tape again. He continued to holler and work himself into a minor apoloplectic state, spitting out “dirtbag” as many times as his little Kiefer-Sutherland-lookalike head could manage, taking pains to keep anything nonsimpletonian and substantial out of his commentary, before loudly going on to the “coarsening of our culture”.

I blame the lady who sucked me into this food-court mess with her quiet, imploring “Try the chicken?”


[The entire WMD issue has been a Democratic diversion from the get-go.]

[as cogently illuminated by National Review Online’s Andrew McCarthy: “a Saddam Hussein, emboldened from having faced down the United States and its sanctions, loaded with money, arming with WMDs, and coddling jihadists.�]

Did that guy really write these two sentences with only one paragraph seperating them? Really? Wow. Just, Wow.

I think teh stupid might be hereditary, eh, Mr Limbaugh?

Smotes Durston

Alls I know is that those gos* dar* to all hec* Muslam Somalis at the Minneapolis airport are limiting my ability to taxi whurever I want to in the twin cities with duty-free liquor. Can you imagine that, them wanting to impose their values on us?! Practically every Sunday I am faced with this dilemma as I can’t get nothing stronger than 3.2 beer at my local quick mart.

a different brad

t4toby beat me to it.
when did life become alice in projectionland?
oh, right
after we all learned bill clinton has a penis.


What’s the matter with you folks? Don’t you know that the Chris’shuns have the friggin’ patent on “goodnes” and the perpetual copyright on morality? No one else ever had a moral code … a real one, that is … or ever came up with anything good and wholesome. Anything that denies (or even ignores) the supremacy of the Saviour-On-A-Stick can only be the work of the devil and is obviously the work of Satan.

That being said, that’s why our laws should be based on the book of Leviticus (and remember, folks, no more of that football; see, e.g., Lev. 11:6-8). After all, no one could possibly have guessed that murder is a bad idea if Gawd Himself hadn’t spelled it out in longhand for Moses….



Ooh, J-, is that the one that comes in those natty bacon/Play-Doh skins?

So I’ve been told. I’ve never seen it. Like I said, Ace is very protective of it. He keeps in it his pants.


when i read the phrase “coddling jihadists,” my mind is immediately filled with images of hussein snuggling with angry-looking dudes and their kalashnikovs. but like super-snuggling, like baby-monkeys-with-baby-tiger-soulmates kind of snuggling.


Geeze, sarah, make me feel bad. I always see a huge spoon and boiling water…


I agree with Pat. Those Mahicans, Iroqouis, and Cherokee should have never let those darn, alien, immigrants land in the first place.


les, how can you feel bad when you can just look at pictures of baby monkeys snuggling with their baby tiger soulmates?


There’s really more than one Limbaugh? I thought it was an urban myth. So the phrase, “the Limbaughs of the world” is technically correct?

The Limbaughs of the world are right: if those dastardly non-Churchillians had their way, there would still be “al-Qaeda terrorist training camps in a part of Iraq not under Saddam’s control” — and the U.S. would still be relegated to holding up photos of it at the U.N.


Shorter ClownHall: We’re all fucking nuts.

how was that again?

“Had this deranged young man who secretly hated us never come here, 32 people would heading home from Blacksburg for summer vacation.”

I love that logic. It’s unassailable. The thing is, though, that not all killers in this country are aliens. You keep out the aliens and you can stop some killings. All killers are, however, people who were not aborted, but you don’t find these same people who are railing at the aliens calling for more abortions, do you? Clearly they’re just not serious about stopping the killing.


There’s really more than one Limbaugh? I thought it was an urban myth.

I wish. One of them is a Justice on the Missouri Supreme Court.

No, really.

goat or panic

“Democrats have had no policy since 9/11 began”

So it’s now B.C., A.D. and 9/11?


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