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Two Althouse funnies. First, thanks to the reader who sent in this lovely graphic of his local Alethouse:


And thanks to reader Joe for passing this wicked-sweet video along to us:

Both the graphic and the video are to funny forever. Neither is made of ham, however. Nor are they beanbags. All the same, they’re pretty cool.


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There comes a point and time where mockery and ridicule crosses a line. This isn’t one of those times.

PS – This video should come with a warning not to eat or drink while viewing.


Is it just me or does Althouse seem more, dare I say, modest? I like the change.

She also cut back on the sauce. Congrats.


But it’s true! Malcom X *didn’t* have a blog!


Fucking hilarious but when did Althouse get so attractive?


When are you gonna post that mock country video of the blonde singing about getting freaky at Abu Ghraib? Man, if that ain’t strangely addictive. Still, Ms. Outhouse does come off much better in this video than usual.


Col. Klink, now I have that song going through my head, Curses! First I had “Dick in a Box” stuck in my head for a week, then Abu Ghraib….

At least Anne didn’t sing in this vid. And her hair is looking exceptionally nice. Still, she must be slipping, as she was drinking red wine in a white wine glass. I’m shocked! Shocked!


Hate to duplicate from Tbogg, but I’m proud of remembering where I saw Ann Altmouse before.

Brando in the hizzy


that halifax Althouse looks suspiciously partisan.

a different brad

Is it twisted that when the “breast blogging” bit came on my first thought was, “take yer shirt off, you big beautiful beyotch”?
This kind of thing makes me think I should make the annalthousemakesmehorny blog i reg’d active.
Especially since altmouse seems inactive.


You videotaped me from the wrong angle. I am much curvier in person.


Dear Sirs,
I, Ann Althouse, would like to complain in the strongest possible terms. I, Ann Althouse, have been a pioneer in vlogging ever since someone first told me, Ann Althouse, that it existed. Would you make a video mocking Jackie Robinson playing his first major league games? NO. But because you are uncouth, incivil, fat hating anti-feminists you refuse to note that I, Ann Althouse, have a VAGINA. This means you cannot make fun of me, Ann Althouse.
Additionally, I, Ann Althouse, never screech like that. I, Ann Althouse, am far too talented a legal mind for that. See if you, a non-Ann Althouse, can find the hidden legal analysis in this comment.

Ann Althouse, who is Ann Althouse

P.S. – I, Ann Althouse, just kissed the editor of the radio times.


Ann at 20:32 makes some great points. She forgot to note that she is a better feminist than you.


Sadly No is too stupid to understand my blog. The people who get it, get it. Get it?


The George Tenet crack and the excessive hair tossing made me lol.


What is so scary is that he has althouse’s moves down.


It’s not too hard to have Altmouse’s moves down…talk about your self, get pissed off when a young woman asks you about the breast issue, call yourself a feminist and then support the men over at Auto Admit and their TTT locker room talk and for god’s sake, don’t stop taking about Ann!!


thats pretty disturbing. ages ago i had a republican party at my flat and one of my friends turned up as ann coulter. thet looked exactly like that. (but a little skinnier) even the crappy wig is exactly the same. i wondered what had happened to it. i’m glad its been put to good use


You can get this PLUS an unparalleled Atlas Pam imitation over at dependablerenegage.


er dependablerenegade


Are you sure that’s not Debbie Schlussel? Striking resemblance.


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