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Dr. Hilzoy is a very smart person. It’s very sad to see her waste her brain power on gutter-trash wingnuttery that’s normally the terrain of Sadly, No! At the same time, the fact that she’s doing it means I don’t have to. So thank you, Dr. Hilzoy. You are teh awesome.

And with that, I’m off to the baaaaaaaaaah to watch the Saaaaaawx.


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a different brad

Sox fan or Yanks fan, there’s one thing we can all agree on; fire joe morgan.
I hate when espn gets games.


Just because Dr. Hilzoy completed the same homework assignment doesn’t mean you get to slack off, you slacktivist, you!


Oh Bradley, I hope you’re already at the bar and saw all that…


What the hell are the Red Sox doing right now? Geez this is fucking insane. 4 home runs in a row?

And Wily Mo strikes out – what a surprise.


woah! 4 dingers in a row vs. the yanks! how ya like that brad??


So … where’s the Unseen Hand to pop in and defend this Lewis guy? I mean, it’s not dishonest if he really believes it. So it’s not PC to call Lewis a liar.

Liberals are mean. And got no sense of humor.

Liberals. Hmf.


OT, but who watched the Simpsons tonight? Homer encourages Marge to finally get on the internets telling her it’s where you can: “find the best conspiracy theories. Did you know that Hizbollah owns Little Debbie snack cakes?” A clear reference to someone like teh Shreiking Harpy, no?. Later, Lisa is upset with Homer for screwing up her soccer game:

Lisa: I thought I had found my new thing but you’ve turned it into a joke.
Homer: A hilarious joke?
Lisa: Sadly, no!

Maybe it’s the chronic talking but I think the Simpsons gave a shout out to Sadly, No tonight.


where’s the Unseen Hand to pop…

Does any one of us need that visual image? It’s only the shrimpyâ„¢, it’s only the shrimpyâ„¢.


Did you see what Pamela wrote about those evil Democrats? [url=http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2007/04/open_season_on_.html] Check it out[/url]


Sorry about that. Click here


punkinsmom said,

August 26, 2006 at 4:38

Marq, here’s your drunken city listing. It’s easy to see why you’d forget #2 and 3 (Minneapolis/St. Paul and Columbus, Ohio, respectively) Whodathunkit?

I got your Columbus, Ohio, right here! *hic*

P.S. Thanks for the intro, R!ghteous Bubba.


Hehe. R.J. is right.

Pam Seyz:
“I have long railed against the criminalization of Republicanism. ”

With a name like ‘Smuckers’, it has to be good.


Some Guy–

A point of historical interest: When Smuckers first started that “name like” campaign, it was “With a name like Smuckers, it BETTER be good.” Seriously. Wittier than what it became but, apparently, too “edgy” for the public. Or teh Smuckers. Anyway…

Can I say, once again, that the more BushCo becomes indefensible, the more the only people defending it (and attacking its enemies) will be lunatics, re-tards, fanatics, perverts, certified Morans, etc.?

Sooner or later we all have to confront the question: When does mocking them become not worth the trouble? Who(m) are they talking to? Other Morans? It’s a death spiral of stoopidity, innit? When is it better to disengage, as one would with a krazee person?

I wasn’t familiar with hilzoy, and thank B. for the link and the citation.


Who could forget the relentless pounding of the senile canard.

Bwa ha ha!

Teacher! Leave the senile ducks alone!


Don’t you get it? Political Correctness is to blame:

a) political correctness meant that the faculty made excuses for Cho (accepted his Korean culture as the source of his madness uncritically) and let him slide to the point of massacre (Camille Paglia) (“He was Korean and so people were hesitant to declare he was abnormal in American terms.�)
b) political correctness meant that girls can have as many sex partners as boys and this is especially hurtful to outcast males, and thus PC enabled girls to spurn Cho without paying attention to the volcanic hormones raging within him (Camille Paglia)
c) political correctness ignored the “fact� that young males are awash in hormones and PC claimed the bourgeois work (i.e., non-energy-releasing), is suitable for all, so this PC class-ism “false humanitarianism� is “especially damaging� for boys who might otherwise (in the past) have found exhausting blue-collar-ish employment that would keep them from massacres (Camille Paglia)
d) political correctness has damped down the freedom to say anything about the relationship between the link between boys’ sexual frustration and its ties to crime, therefore PC has hampered the solving of this social issue (Francis Fuckuyama)
e) political correctness has made “us� (i.e., whites) scared to challenge the macho, “gang-banging� culture of gangsta-rap for fear of being racist, and it was from this sub-cultural fantasy that Cho freely borrowed his gunning style (some wanker)
f) political correctness has kept the press from revealing Cho’s true Muslamofascist marching orders (batshit insane woman & other batshit insane woman)
g) political correctness has led to the feminization of males—they don’t want to be so masculine as it’s politically incorrect–so the victims did not perform as true heroes like proper men in the past would’ve (proof: the old-guy sacrificed himself). These big, soft baby-men who no longer model themselves on Rambo are the products of PC (Derbyshire, Malkin, some asshole)
h) political correctness has created a “zone� of not being able to discuss the decline of our culture—especially in the terms of the increase in violence—and therefore the culture has declined further into massacres (Gingrich)
i) political correctness has made it impossible to restrict “vulgar and vicious� speech, and thus PC has played a major role in dehumanization, and the ease of one person to shoot another (Gingrich)
j) political correctness in the teachings of the university have made the white male and the United States a permissible target for hatred, and thus PC has created a pathology of hatred that enabled “civilized� behavior to be mocked and hate-filled destruction to be praised (James Lewis)

Ah, but these pundits, nay, intellectuals, they are so brave. So brave they challenge the perceived wisdom of political correctness again and again, at great cost to their careers, their families, their souls. All to root out this horrible control over our lives. We can’t say towelhead any longer, and this restriction has created a rash of gun massacres.


Well shoot, if Mark Steyn AND Camile Paglia say something. . .


Via the RSS feed… incredible fucking lunacy in comments to an old thread.

Bill Clinton was orally copulated? The things you learn on teh internets…


Is there some sort of Harmonic Crazy Convergence going on that I was not aware of? Is the Moon in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligning with Nutball? Good grief!


I gotta agree with Gingrich.

The fact that he still has a podium to make pronouncements over the airwaves indicates how degraded our culture has become.

We need to start discussing, NOW, how to eliminate this fatuous egotistical gasbag from our public sphere, and how to avoid people like him obtaining any level of power above, say, gas attendant in the future.


Did I miss something? Is Sadly, No! all Brad all the time now?

Gavin? Seb?


And I can’t help but point out here Brad that after this weekend, thanks to the Sawks and some righteous starting pitching of their own, the Giants have a better record than the Yankees…



congrats to your team Brad. great series.

ps. if anyone has ever enjoyed an action movie, you should definitely go see Hot Fuzz. teh awesome indeed.


Smotes Durston, thank you for distilling all that crazy so succinctly. I thank you even more for not linking to any of the numerous (some asshole)s, as I am afraid that I know all too well who they are.

Is there some sort of Harmonic Crazy Convergence going on that I was not aware of?



Come back, Preview Button! All is forgiven!

Anyway, Dan Someone took the words right out of my mouth, or off of my fingers, or something.

Is there some sort of Harmonic Crazy Convergence going on that I was not aware of?

I keep looking for the adverts or posters or something, but I seem to have missed the run-up to the Harmonic Crazy Convergence.


Damn Smotes… that was superhuman. I only pray your mind wasn’t destroyed compiling all of that.


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