You call that a paranoid fantasy?!?

David Frum, writing on May 4 about good pal Ahmad Chalabi:

Chalabi is one of the very few genuine liberal democrats to be found at the head of any substantial political organization anywhere in the Arab world. He is not consumed by paranoid fantasies… [Emphasis added]

Ahmad Chalabi, May 23, 2004:

First of all, the charges about giving classified information to Iran by me or by any INC officer are false, non-existent. They are charges put out by George Tenet and his CIA to discredit us, and I want to go to Congress. […] It is no good quoting unnamed sources to say that they have a case. These are allegations that are put forward and directed by the CIA. […] Well, you can see the quality of the information then. Iraq is not Latin America. It’s not Honduras.


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Congress has given Chalabi hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. Now I bet they won’t give him the time of day. Which, if Bush and Cheney had used their vaunted foreign policy experience, they could have ignored him before spending billions of dollars and thousands of lives.


Iraq isn’t Honduras?! Somebody better tell Negroponte!


Here’s the best line I’ve come up with in the past two days. Sick of it yet? I’m not, so neener neener.

Chalabi has played BushCo like a busload of Nebraska rubes on Bourbon St. And I don’t mean to insult Nebraska rubes.


Let’s see, David Frum, wrong again? what a shock I tell ya!

I wonder if being a neo-con kills brain cells. Sure seems like it. 😉



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