Train I Ride, Sixteen Coaches Wrong

The Ismail Axpress to Mecca has long since left the station. The tracks have been sold as scrap metal. All that’s left of the attempt to pin the Virgina Tech massacre on Muslims? A lonely tumbleweed bouncing down the dusty and forgotten Road to Paranoia, past the boarded-up Ticket Booth of Jumped-to Conclusions, through the rusty Turnstile of Strangled, Tweaking Desperation.

Folks, tumbleweed. Tumbleweed? Folks.

Yes … in a move that surprises even us, Pammycakes is STILL trying to play the ‘Ismail Ax’ angle.

Even the Costco Coulter seems to have given up on that one, seeing as how the only publicly available image of the one-time nom-de-jihad ‘Ismail Ax’ is actually written as ‘A. Ishmael’.

An image that Pam actually posted on her blog. On Wednesday. Whereas today is Friday. That says ‘A. Ishmael’, not ‘Ismail Ax’. That she posted on her blog. Again – not ‘Ismail Ax’ but rather ‘A. Ishmael’, posted on her blog, etc. etc. Wednesday, Friday, her own blog.

Anyway. Here’s Pam today, Friday, two days after ‘Ismail Ax’ and attendant theories were debunked:

Who or What Taught Ismail Ax to Kill?

I know everyone is dismissing the glaring Ismail Ax angle of the massacre and calling the depraved murderer Cho, but it seems to me that if this savage wrote (or tattooed, still unclear) Ismail Ax on his arm, signed his suicide note Ismail Ax , sent an overnight package from A Ishmail, made sure he had no other ID on his person after he martyred himself , you can be damn sure he wanted to be remembered as Ismail Ax.

Or alternately, A. Ishmael. Which, again, has pretty much been accepted by even the wingnuttiest of the wingnuts (in the Costco Coulter’s case, by omission).

Also, when you read the line “I know everyone is dismissing the glaring Ismail Ax angle of the massacre and calling the depraved murderer Cho” …? Can you feel a trace of a contact high from the breakaway flakes of meth-rotted fingernail crud grinding into Pam’s keyboard as she types, that somehow travels through the internets and in through the pores of your eyes?

Or is that just me?


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Is that why my heart started jumping around in my chest? Meth? I thought it was just revulsion.

I’d better get a beer and mellow the high.


From some of what I saw on the news, he wanted to be remembered as Jesus Christ. What’s she gonna do with that?


Everytime you guys drop a Pammypost I want to chide you for making fun of the clearly deranged and obviously addicted. Then I remember that she is BFF with our nation’s former ambassador to the UN and it reminds me just how close Teh Batshit St00pid is to the levers of power. The only significant difference between Pam and the majority of Republicans in Washington is that she doesn’t have a press secretary and a speechwriter

Right, time to start drinking.


I like how she’s still searching for the killer’s motive, even after he sent a fucking multimedia package to NBC outlining his motive. I guess her argument is that NBC is censoring the really juicy bits where Cho– er, Ismail Ax– talks about how he’s a Muslim jihadi. Or something.


Are there a lot of Korean Muslim jihadis, then?

Also, I’m not sure this is really a wise course for them to pursue. I don’t think Republicans want to remind people just how easy it is for terrorists to buy guns in this country.


I posted a comment on Crazy Pammy’s blog asking if, out of a sense of decency to the memory of the murdered dead, she might make a public statement that she was wrong about the guy being a jihadi, especially since, you know, no one in the world except her thinks he was a jihadi. To my total shock and surprise, she deleted the comment.

Also, since the biggest memes from the crazy right have been (a) OMG what if this guy was totally a Muslim or something; (b) ZOMG the students were like total cowards who didn’t do anything heroic; and (c) OMTFG the onliest real hero was that Holocaust survivor only he was a Jew and so the media totally aren’t talking about him because they are dhimmitudiful anti-Semites, I read with interest the story this morning about Waleed Mohammed Sha’alan, an Egyptian grad student who, according to witnesses, saved a wounded student’s life by distracting Cho and sacrificing his own life to save others. OH ALSO SHA’ALAN WAS A MUSLIM. So naturally, I headed over to the righty blogs, thinking they’d totally mention this heroic fellow! They must have been on really strict deadlines, though, because not a one of them had a fucking thing to say about him.


how close Teh Batshit St00pid is to the levers of power.

It’s crazy to think it’s trickle-down stupid?

a different brad

No chance it’ll stay up, but I posted a comment telling Pam she’s turned into Fred Phelps. I hope she protests the NYTimes again soon. I wanna see her in person. I forgot about it last time.


Muslims? I thought we had agreed to blame it on Richard Dawkins..

Did he convert?

I’m so confused.


Cho was obviously a Moonslumist, what with his being Korean and all.


Despite the prior unscrupulous behavior of your identity-stealing commentators, for which you still haven’t apologized, thus fueling your efforts to undercut my leadership of the moderate wing of the Democrat Party, I, Ann Althouse, applaud this post. The Virginia Tech slaying is not about Islamic jihad.

It is rather, of course, about me, Ann Althouse. I, Ann Althouse, have yet to quite figure out how this is so. But eliminating the possibility of its being about the GWOTR makes it one crucial step closer to being about me, Ann Althouse. And for that I, Ann Althouse, am grateful, despite your viciousness to me, Ann Althouse.

You know, I still don’t think of myself as the blonde. My sister was always the blonde!


So has the world decided that “A. Ishmaal” refers to ‘Captain “Call me Ishmael” Ahab’ yet? Or is that still being debated? An English major referring to Moby Dick seems quite reasonable to me. But if she really wants to get into the biblical Ismael, how can you decide that taking the name of an Old Testament character specificy references Islam over Judaism or Christianity since they all hold that book sacred?

Sounds to me like she’s been pounding too much blood of Christ/Jesus juice again.


I’ve been saying it for years. Closet-Muslims from Korea who compare themselves to Jesus are a much bigger threat to America than black lesbian dog-catchers from Switzerland. But nobody listened.


Please, G-d, don’t anyone tell Pam that the difference between a Korean and the Koran is one measly letter of the alphabet.

a different brad

I dunno if that’s the real Ann. The real Ann gave me a list of 10 things that are not about her on her own website. I forget almost all of them, but it included the superbowl.


Well, in a fit of bravado, I went to read Atlas Pam’s post, and found that she had updated it with this:

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit reveals an extraordinary detail here;

I was also sent an email today that Cho’s father worked in Saudi Arabia but it looks like that was back in the 1980’s when Cho was a very young boy.

So I looked at Gateway Pundit’s link, which was to this Guardian piece… and then I wrote the following comment to Pam:

If you read the Guardian piece that Gateway Pundit linked to, it doesn’t support even the tenuous connection to Islam that you want it to.

The poor family had a difficult start. Cho’s mother was forced into an arranged marriage with a man 10 years her senior – Cho Sung-tae, who came from a poor family in the south but had worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 years on construction sites and oilfields. Hyang-im was from a well-educated family of North Korean landowners who had fled during the Korean war. “She didn’t want to marry, but she gave in,” said Yang-soon.

This looks an awful lot like it’s saying Cho Sung-tae had worked in Saudi Arabia before he married Cho’s mother. There’s nothing in there about it being “back in the 1980’s,” and a strong implication that it was before Cho was born.

Unless you’re going to suggest that Cho’s father was a secret Muslim because of those 10 years in Saudi, and secretly indoctrinated his son. (And now that I mentioned it, you probably will suggest it, because you see Muslim terrorists in the world around you the way other people see Elvis’s face in a tortilla.)

We’ll see how long that stays up.

a different brad

Ah, there we go.
Ten things not about Ann Althouse, by Ann Althouse, who I am not,
“1. The Superbowl. 2. Star Trek. 3. TJ Maxx. 4. World Music. 5. Physics classes. 6. Microbes. 7. Cars with automatic transmissions. 8. Seafood restaurants. 9. The Harry Potter books. 10. Cruise ships”


Hee hee… she also updated to call this post a “leftard grand mal seizure.”

I have no idea what that even means.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

I’ve been saying it for years. Closet-Muslims from Korea who compare themselves to Jesus are a much bigger threat to America than black lesbian dog-catchers from Switzerland. But nobody listened.

But Vic, are you talking about black lesbians who catch dogs, black people of indeterminate gender who catch lesbian dogs, or any old catchers of black lesbian dogs? The devil is in the details, Vic.

a different brad

I think it means “i know you are but what am i?”

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Hee hee… she also updated to call this post a “leftard grand mal seizure.�

I have no idea what that even means.

A major epileptic fit. Grand mal is the falling down and twitching one, petit mal is the minor blanking out and eye flickering one (or variations thereof). Most people don’t notice the minor seizure. I had a friend who had epilepsy, and she’d sometimes have the minor one.

What your interlocutor is saying is that we’re all thrashing around on the floor, twitching uncontrollably and biting our own tongues.

Which, ha ha, shows the joke is on her. In fact, we’re all thrashing around on the floor biting each others’ tongues.

I feel ill.


Seriously, some of Pam’s rantings echo the anti-Semitic paranoia in the Dreyfus affair.


I always kinda figured that Ismail Ax was going to be his stage name for when he finally formed his Herman Melville themed Guns n’ Roses cover band…


Life imitates … snark?

It was the EEEEEEnglish!


“Maybe he read Professor Bernice Hausman’s “Changing Sex: Transsexualism, technology, and the idea of gender” — just the thing for a disoriented young male suffering from massive culture shock on the hypersexual American campus.”

WTF? I thought the kid had lived in the U.S. since he was eight. Christ, these fucktards never let facts get in the way of a good narrative, do they?


As much as I love alliteration Costco is a lovely blue company that financial analysts have repeatedly criticized for paying its employees too much, and marking its prices up too little. IIRC when asked about this Costco’s CEO said something along the lines of “Yeah, they say that but I don’t want to do it.” I’m sure you get the point. “Costco Coulter” is like saying “Compassionate Conservative” – an alliterative oxymoron.

In advance I apologize for mispelling and the lack of clever tags. I would preview this but…


I noted that Cho’s neighbors in Virginia had an Arabic sounding surname when the highly responsible press gathered en mass to interview the parents of the killer. Hypnosis induced sleeper cell maybe? Pam, get on the case…

Herr Doktor Bimler

you can be damn sure he wanted to be remembered as Ismail Ax.
Who the fuck cares if the wee fuck wanted to be remembered as Ishmael? Maybe he went around saying “I am John Doe”. He could have called himself Ozymandias, King of Kings for all I care. He no longer has a say in the matter.


She’s trying to fit the evil stepsister’s foot into the glass slipper. A sight to see.


Doesn’t she realize that she’s leaving a tangible record of her nervous breakdown? Nah,guess not. She must be a blast at parties,PTA meetings,or the kiddies softball or soccer games. Holy crap.


Meanwhile, in Indonesia a blogger ponders Pamela’s and Debbie’s spasm of interest in her Flickr account.


The poor kid was just a bad speller with poor penmanship. It wasn’t Ismail Ax he was writing. It was “I smell Axe”. He was driven mad by the over use of a body wash used as a sexual attractant by debauched students.



you can be damn sure he wanted to be remembered as Ismail Ax.
Who the fuck cares if the wee fuck wanted to be remembered as Ishmael? Maybe he went around saying “I am John Doe�. He could have called himself Ozymandias, King of Kings for all I care. He no longer has a say in the matter.

Plus there’s the fact that if that’s what he wanted, then Pammy is playing right along with him. Why does Pammy support psychotic killers?


Oh Jeebus. I checked the comment thread this morning. (Mine is still up.) The supporting comments are astounding, not only for their sentiments but for their actual existence. This woman has fans?! Double-you Tee Eff?

One of them says something like “If you’re being compared to Fred Phelps, you’re scoring points.” To which I responded “Well, either that or you have become a monomaniacal, hate-filled bag of bile.”


Slightly OT, but this entry in The Sandbox includes an interesting look at what happens when you have a heavily-armed citizenry:

Given the cultural need for honor and respect, and the presence of many AK-47s among the Pashtun and Cuchie groups, the confrontation quickly escalated into a violent scene. Who said what or did what during these tense moments is unclear, but when the dust settled empty bullet casings littered the streets, hostages had been taken by both sides, and a small Pashtun boy lay dead, struck by an errant bullet.

(By the way, if you don’t read The Sandbox — Doonesbury’s collection of blog entries from forces on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq and some of their families — you are missing a lot of terrific insight into the wars and the people fighting them.)


Another thought, inspired by something above:

Another thing I didn’t consider, since we know that Pammykins and Ms. Sluicel are both well read in the classical Western Canon (it does contain books by American authors now, doesn’t it?), in Melville’s Moby Dick, Ismael (Ismail), the Pequod’s only survivor, is saved by clinging to Queequeg’s coffin which was fabricated by the ship’s carpenter, probably using an adz (mistake by non-carpenters for an axe.) Cho was drowning in the overwhelming waves of bullying generated by the Great White Masses ( as Ismael was drowning in the turbulance of the passing of Moby Dick, the great white whale) and was looking for something to cling to. Ismail Ax obviously refers to Ishmael… Adz, an attempt to create the coffin to cling to in the deluge. This time, however, it was just a coffin.



Hey, Pammy just sent a bunch of wingnuts over via her link. Why aren’t they commenting? C’mon, guys, show us moooooooonbat lefttards whacher made of. C’mon! Chicken! Chicken! BAWK-BAAAAAWK!!



You mean tehshrieking harpy just sent a bunch of wingnuts over, don’t you, Hon. Dr. St. Rev. Bradley S. Rocket, Esq, PhD, MD?


As an agnostic, I pray to God Pam doesn’t have a license to own firearms…


Poor, poor spamela, sad little sclemazl that she is, has only one tool in her box. Whe all you have is a righteouswesterncivilizationhammer, everything looks like an islamofacistnail.



“Costco Coulterâ€? is like saying “Compassionate Conservativeâ€? – an alliterative oxymoron.

I agree – how about “Bargain-Counter Coulter”?


You sent me to the google, md.

14. Schlemazel

The poor dumb putz a Schlemiell is always spilling soup on.

Wouldn’t this fit better?

7. Chaleria

A derogatory term which best refers to a female business associate or a mother-in-law. The closest English equivalent is “bitch”.


My methodology for Yiddish spelling is purely phonetic. But I think it’s safe to say that America is the schlemiell and Bushco the schlemazel.

How’s this for an entertaining (un PC) night?

The Kvetching Yentas, with Pam Geller, Debbie Schlussel, Laura Schlesinger, and Special Guest Michael Medved

(Opening act) The Shrieking Shicksas (to balance the un PC) with Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker, and whoever it is that writes the Anchoress.



I’ve been thinking ‘dime-store debbie’ myself. that’s about all that she and her 50’s era ideas are worth


TJ MAXX is ALL about me! If it weren’t for me, TJ would go out of business! I practically live there! Sometimes I hide at closing time and spend the night cruising the isles. I like the stale gormet food section best… no the jewelery at 50% off… no, the linens…. no the designer purses discounted by 90% (but still expensive)…no, the-


The more important question in this Ishmael Ax thing which n one seems to have commented on yet is when did Cho get the “Fire Walk With Me” tattoo on his shoulder, and where did he get it?


Malkin’s a shiksa? Who knew?


God, you are hysterical. I’m so glad I can read your blog.

I still maintain that Pammy should just take her shirt off, show us the areolic scars and clear the whole thing up.

Wait, what were we talking about?


I’m with niticker & others in that I have a problem with calling her “Costco Coulter” as Costco is a decent warehouse store that treats their employees decently or at least so I hear. The first alternative that springs to mind is “Walmart Coulter” but “Sam’s Club Coulter seems to preserve some of the alliterative appeal. What’cha think?


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