Flash by dummies

For all our freedom-hating, French-wine drinking, President-criticizing readers — this Flash animation is for you. (2.5MB.)

Thanks to Scott and Blair for their comments and Scott for technical assistance.


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Zut alors, M. Non, c’est vraiment magnifique.

My favorite part is when Rummy says we know exactly where the WMDs are: somewhat north, south, east, and west of Tikrit and Baghdad.


made my frickin’ day.


What, you mean the Iraqis haven’t named some square in Baghdad after Bush yet? You chose a great photo for the ending.


I didn’t know you were so talented. That was quite entertaining.


I like the letters being typed on screen and the focus on Perle’s UN article.

You should do one of these every week until November.

four legs good

That was cool! I forgot about them saying that there was going to be a square named after chimpy.

And I supposed reports of the UN’s death were premature.

Heh. And how’d ya know I drink french wine? psychic maybe?


Flash By Dummies

Check out the most excellent Flash animation by the entities at Sadly, No!. It’ll make your day. These jokers are going down. If there’s any justice in the world at all, they will be literally laughed out of this Universe…


Pete M: Merci, c’est bien gentil.

Frederick: Was that a compliment or an insult?

Daniel: Will you help? Though we already have a song and theme picked for the next one.

FLG: Total Information Awareness, that’s how we know.


They are gonna name a new high-security prison after Bush, aren’t they?


Frederick: Was that a compliment or an insult?

A compliment — I don’t have a clue how to make a flash animation, so I was impressed that you’d make one. btw, referring to your new “Who is he not to tell you about his life-threatening illness?” header, Pete M. has a theory about that — see this
and Pete’s comment thereto.


so I was impressed that you’d make one

Just wait until you see the one we’re working on now. It puts man-on-stingray to shame…


Very peppy smack down.

As someone already said, I think the new prison should be named after Commander Bunnypants. It could have four wings, laid out just like a cross, and they could be named for Cheney, Rummy, Rice and Wolfowitz. Or whoever Dear Leader deems most worthy of this Great Honor. I’m sure the Iraqis would be Deeply Appreciative.


I’ll help, but I can’t run the Flash composer on Linux 😮

I’ll look for nice Kodak moments…


That was still funny today.


FLG: Thanks — be sure to come back Friday.

Daniel: Kodak moments (and the right song to go along) are always welcome.


Excellent presentation, Seb! I particularly liked all the words falling apart as they left the screen.

I also think you should be doing one of these each week until November. The only thing I would be saying in the way of a recommendation is that the slides seemed to go off the screen too fast. Slow it down a bit so we can catch everything you’re putting into the piece.

Just my two cents…


Tom: One a week it will be. This week’s is more or less done — we’ve tried to adjust the tempo a bit, though it does remain fast paced.


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