Um, Right: Where’s Howard Kurtz On All This?

Apparently, Chazmo Johnson has become bothered of late that Little Green Footballs is widely known as a racist hate site inhabited by the scummiest peabrains on the Internet outside of Stormfront.

Above: They only wanted to be loved

In Chazmo’s position, a sane person might stop scouring the world press every day for anything that any Muslim or ‘leftist’ might have allegedly said or done which might help encourage scummy peabrains in an enthusiasm for exterminating Muslims and ‘leftists.’ For instance, he could recapture LGF’s former glory as California’s premier weblog for ponytailed, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing jazz guitarists who ride bikes a lot and do web design.

And in fact, he’s cleaned up LGF quite a bit in the past couple of years, since the Pajamas Media scheme started ramping up, banning some of the more whoopingly homicidal commenters (a popular individual called Rayra comes to mind) and installing a comment filter to eliminate instances of overspecificity, such as the terms ‘sand nigger’ and ‘nuke Mecca.’

But then, a sane person is not Charles Johnson, because his Final Solution to this problem, as with many such problems, is to jump up and down flubberingly accusing others of shamelessly, blatantly, and with incredibly lying dishonest blatant shamelessness, committing misdeeds which in reality Charles Johnson is trying to get away with — while only his own semi-retarded commenters can keep from laughing at the funny angry jumping man.

This is a near-daily thing lately, but sometimes it’s even more bizarre than other times; and here’s the latest in a series of updates on an outrageously offensive comment, the appalling like of which he has never seen in all his days, at the notorious hate site, The Washington Post:

When Will the Washington Post Clean Its Own House?

So how’s the Washington Post doing today at policing the vile, hateful comments posted in an article about Dennis Kucinich’s move to impeach Dick Cheney?

More than 48 hours later, the comment wishing for Cheney’s death at the hands of the Virginia Tech murderer is still online.

    It is too bad the shooter at VT spent all of his mojo on students and faculty.

    Posted by: mmather | April 17, 2007 11:20 AM

Where’s Howard Kurtz on this? He was very quick to condemn LGF for reader comments that were nowhere near this one in terms of sheer ugliness.

If you think there’s probably a comment at LGF that makes Charles look like the guy who rear-ended your car and cried whiplash, that’s always a good bet. And indeed, here’s one right here, from 48 hours ago:

#25 NhaTrang72 4/17/2007 11:25:55 pm PDT

I call for the death of the Washington Post

Chazmo’s other talent besides shamelessness is a sort of Duplo sophistry: one built of really big Lego bricks as opposed to, for instance, David Frum’s, which often requires the two-dot pieces and special stuff from kits. So look for the above comment to disappear as Chazmo explains that not deleting things is really the really-real issue — unless the Washington Post deletes their comment first, in which case they’re blatantly and dishonestly trying to hide something. Et cetera.

And then, conscience clean, he can return to his work exposing the Global Conspiracy of All Muslims and Liberals to Force Us Against Our Will to Exterminate Them All.

We can only enjoy our time with Charles, in the perhaps fleeting span of days until his chief venue of outrage against the world and the Other is hiding his meds under his tongue.


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Guitar players.

God save the rest of us.

I hear that leaving a pack of D’addario 120s on the dash of your Tahoe is good for getting “special” parking privileges out there in the Red States….


Dark conservative humor is the only political humor that doesn’t kill.


DoS attack in 5… 4… 3…

Principal Blackman

Is that picture–more specifically, that leather vest–for real? I’d like to say, “It just can’t possibly be real,” but this is LittleGreenFuckwits we’re talking about, here. Nothing is so stupid as to be out of the realm of possibility for them.


Is that picture–more specifically, that leather vest–for real?

Oh yeah, that’s a guy called Iron Fist. We’ve started watermarking Photoshopped pictures so there’s no confusion.


and that other guy’s Imus, right? It is a guy, right?


Those are some nice damn patches. Then again, Neo-Nazis order jacket patches that look just as good. It’s what they stand for that’s the problem.

I don’t want to visit LGF right now, but how does this “media criticism” post compare to the other ones? Are they all this inane?


So does Charlie think that characterizing 100,000,000 people as “Islamofascist genocide-freaks” hell-bent on “Islamonazi supremacism” (as one LGF commentor put it today), is reasonable? or does he realize that maybe at least SOME of the One Hundred Million Muslims in the world might get the impression that you HATE them.

Where I come from, when you surmise that 100,000,000 people are all Murder-loving Nazis based soley on their religion, we tend to consider it hate speach.

Would he be offended if I said that every Hindu, Christian, Jew and Buddhist in the world were fascist genocide freaks working for nazi-supremacism?

What about if I said it about black people? About women? about Americans? No no no…that would be wrong, but with Muslims, Chuck thinks its ok, because he believes its true.

He believes that all muslims are murders hellbent on world domination, and somehow he doesn’t see why people would consider that blatant bigotry.

The commentator in question was talking about Muslims and white people in Toronto, using a brief stay there as proof of his expert opinion on islamo-fascism. I am presently a white Christian American living in one of the poorest parts of Toronto in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood where on a regular basis I babysit and go over for dinner with my “islamofascit” neighbors, and just this morning, as I was walking through my neighborhood, a car passed by with a man screaming, “did you get your ass munched by a terrorist, you muslim-loving faggot?” before he sped away like a coward.

The simple matter is, sites like LGF serve to re-affirm the opinions of people like the one who screamed at me today. Sites like Mr. Johnson’s breed that intolerance and he deserves every bad reputation bestowed upon him.


“I don’t want to visit LGF right now, but how does this “media criticismâ€? post compare to the other ones? Are they all this inane?”

As Chuckles’ bullshit, whining, and dishonestly pile higher and higher, his “media criticisms” get progressively stupider. Even some of his drooling brood tend to fail to fall for it these days.


OT, but seriously, you can’t ignore this comment from Michael Ledeen:

If a medical doctor is walking down the street and someone collapses in front of him, he’ll run away, because he knows if he tries to save the collapsee, and the guy dies, the doctor will be sued.

This is how he actually thinks America operates. Seriously. Doctors RUNNING AWAY from people who need medical attention. Is there any country on Earth that this guy knows anything about?


“Omigosh, the man’s having a coronary!”
“Quick! Let me out of here! I’m a doctor!”


True story: I was at a ceremony being sworn into the Bar when one of the speakers collapsed, right there on the stage. A number of doctors and other trained medical personnel immediately rushed up to help him, exactly as you would expect to be the case. IN AN AUDITORIUM FULL OF LAWYERS!

a different brad

That shot is real?
So is there some other significance to the iron cross, or am I just pointing out the obvious?


Well, for what it’s worth the wapo comment has been deleted, but it appears to have generated quite a response in the other comments.

Maybe I’m confused, but I don’t see where it’s clear that the dumbass commenter was referring to Cheney and not to Kucinich… everyone seems to just assume it was a threat toward the VP.


A number of doctors and other trained medical personnel immediately rushed up to help him

Yeah, but how many of them reacted this way out of fear of being sued for negligence.


I unwittingly clicked on the LGF link before I realized what it was, and then read Chuckles’ entire post. Holy Jeebus, I could actually feel the IQ points sloughing off as I read. That’s thirty seconds of my life I’ll never get back, and I blame you. Expect to hear from my lawyer within the day.


*sigh* I have a friend who likes to insist that LGF is a fine, upstanding site that is only doing its best to warn us all about the Muslim Threat(tm). She’s not a right-winger at all on other issues, believe it or not, but is absolutely consumed with loathing towards Muslims but that’s okay since it’s not racism and anyway “they” hate women and gays.

It’s hard to convince her that being repulsed by LGF does not = wanting to hug radically conservative imams and that ‘using bacon as a bookmark in the Koran’* is not a joke that the moderate Muslims we need to support are likely to find hilarious.

*Actual running LGF joke.


What’s the big deal? If you had to read the Posts’ Redskins coverage every day, you’d want to kill them too.


The Iron cross has been showing up a lot lately, and it’s unclear whether or not it’s always a Nazi – type thing. I’m confused by it. Apparently, there’s a lot of bikers and skaters who wear it.


Thanks for the link to the pre-9/11 LGF. I’ll assume Mr. Johnson (Btw, is that his “real” name? Charles Johnson? Sounds generic to me, one step above registering at the No-Tell Motel as “John Smith.”) is one of those for whom “everything changed” after 9/11 (I know that water has been running uphill ever since, and puppies are no longer cute).
I was disgusted to note he seems to be a Frank Zappa fan. Wonder what that curmudgeon (and genius) would have thought of, well, everything, these days? “I know it’s hard to defend an unpopular policy…” (Louie Louie playing underneath.)

a different brad

Skaters? I knew about the bikers, but I’m confused, too, whether to take their use of it as rebellious antagonism or endorsement, at least in individual cases.
In any case, didn’t the Nazis have some Muslim allies? Doesn’t Pammycakes shout that every five mins or so?
That’s some mighty fine cognitive dissonance, right there.


Hey, what time zone are you guys working in? You seem to be nine hours ahead of PDT. That would be Rome time, wouldn’t it? Are you trying to be an hour closer to the (insert invective here) Muslimofascists than even the Frogs? Are your servers under the control of the Pope?


Its obvious, but the stupidest part of declaring all Muslims a threat to mom, apple pie, and double-value coupons is that it actually creates more enemies by slamming the door on those Muslims who aren’t members of the relatively small extremist factions.

Thankfully, that same kind of stupid is turning the US electorate against the hard right. You can only use “yer either with us or against us” to demand loyalty for so long before people become happy to be labeled disloyal.


By the way, what’s “one hundred million muslims?”. Not all Muslims, surely? There are roughly 1.6 billion Muslims. What does the number represent?


Surfers also have sported the Iron Cross since at least the early sixties. The Cross does pre-date the Nazis in the Kraut symbolic lexicon, as does the snappy Jolly Roger with the crack in its skull.
I fondly remember the Black Nationalist character in a Dragnet episode who told Sgt. Joe Friday: “Y’all just a buncha Nazis, ‘cept you don’t dress as sharp.”


Picking on LGF is like picking on the retarded, I mean, differently abled. That site is the Corky of the blogosphere.


For those interested in the history of the award:

The Iron Cross is indisputably the most historically rich and notorious German award. Its long tradition dates back to 1813, when King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia first instituted the order during the War of Liberation against Napoleon. The cross went on to be suspended from the uniforms of admirable German soldiers in the 1870 Franco-Prussian War, and again in 1914 for World War I. Through the sacrifice of the men who earned it, its humble but striking design became synonymous with old world German courage and triumph.

In the new world order where Germany was a pariah after World War I, few reminders of past conflicts could be a source of pride. Still, the old silver and black was reminiscent of gallant Prussian warriors, the great victories of the Bismarck era, and the brave soldiers of World War I; the cross has had an unquestionable aura since it was created. With the opening salvos of World War II, Hitler superimposed his chilling political imagery to this aura, evoking the glory of bygone days. With that act, the 1939 Iron Cross, now forever interlaced with the Third Reich, instantly became one of the most visually powerful and recognizable military awards of all time.


Reading a comment thread on the Star Tribune web site, a guy insists that it is in the Q’uran that Muslims must kill infidels. When I pointed out that, just as in Christianity, there are different sects, interpretations, etc., he would have none of it. He insisted sharia is right around the corner and that I as a liberal am enabling it. There’s no talking sense to a nut like that.


Oh never mind, just looked at the “about” & I see you are on Mittel-European time. How’s the Sharia coming along over there, anyway?

Principal Blackman

Gus: On top of that, if you point out that the Bible also has verses telling people to get to killin’ (Deuteronomy, for example, is chock-full of ’em), all you’ll get in response is “CHRISTIANS DIDN’T KILL 3000 PEOPLE ON 9/11 BLARGH!!!ELEVEN!!”

Shit, there’s a guy on B4B (Freedom1) who insists that Islam isn’t even an Abrahamic religion and that Muslims don’t worship the same God of Abraham that Christians and Jews do, but instead worship a pagan stone. To the surprise of nobody Freedom1 is quite the LGF fan. Also to the surprise of nobody, logic, reason, and facts cannot penetrate his +50,000 Aura of Teh Stupid.


Yeah, I forgot a zero, I meant 1,000,000,000 muslims. but your count of 1.6 billion might be more accurate. I was doing rough math in my head based on the CIA factbook page I was on that didn’t have a “total” section and I lost track of a decimal place in the process. My bad.

But really, I think if you could sum up LGF’s “mission statement” it would be to show evidence that muslims hate the US by cherry-picking isolated cases* (2 guys in Canada as representatives of the other 1 billion). The goal seems to be, “see! they ALL hate us, so we should hate ALL of them back!” (because fighting hate with more hate is such a winning idea).

That is why I consider LGF a “hate-site”. Its sole point is to try to prove the hate of others and convince people to reciprocate that hate back. (without ever realizing that that may just cause even more of those billion plus to hate us even more).

If Chuckie is truly worried about his site being seen as a hate-site then he should LOVE SadlyNo! as to me, the whole point of SadlyNo! is to use comedy to try and transform sites like LGF from Hate-Sites to mere Stupidity-sites by pointing out that they are much more effective at highlighting stupidity (and spreading it) than they are at hate.

It might be a losing battle, but I give SadlyNo! props for taking on the Goliath of Rightwing American Hatred of Others.

*Charles’ technique is akin to posting “dog attacks person” stories everyday as undeniable proof that every and all dogs hate humans, and therefore we should do our best to kill all the doggy-fascists trying to force their canine-supremecy on us homo-sapiens.


The sad truth is that, like most insular, overly religious tribal groups, white christian america hates and fears all the other tribes of people who are “not them”. Now sure, there are tribes they will live in peace with on the basis of a shared mutual hatred (hence the blind, unquestioning support for israel), but these peaceful relations are only supposed to last until the shared enemy is destroyed, then they turn on each other with renewed hatred.

LGF serves as the hearst newspaper for spreading hatred and fear. Make no mistake, their goal is open warfare. It could lead to a very serious “be careful what you wish for” moment…


Inquiring Minds

I agree with “Sevenless” above at 22:46. It’s just as likely or perhaps more so, that the guy was referring to Kucinich.


how stupid can you be when you don’t realise you are using nazi images on a site that is so pro Israeli that Kach and other jewist terrorist groups get a positive mention? Try and explain it to them, and you can almost hear there brains imploding

Old Pammy used to turn up there quite regularly, but seems to have realised it was better not to be associated with old Chuckles. When Pam Atlas realises your too extreme, its perhaps time to take a long hard look at yourself.


More on the Iron Cross:

These days, you mostly see it on the back windows of tricked-out Chevy Tahoes, driven by sleazy characters and their silicon’d out paramours. The Iron Cross decal on the back has the word “Skin” written on it in a singothic-style font.

Skin is a quasi-underground outfit of “swingers” that holds parties once a month in various U.S. cities.

Charles Johnson is the guy wearing the leather cowl and the black socks, plaintively holding up a crudely lettered cardboard sign reading “Will Be Ur Gimp 4 Attention.”


Is that lizard getting-off on the football? What’s the significance of that?


“Charles’ technique is akin to posting “dog attacks personâ€? stories everyday as undeniable proof that every and all dogs hate humans, and therefore we should do our best to kill all the doggy-fascists trying to force their canine-supremecy on us homo-sapiens.”

Beautiful analogy, mind if I nick it?

colonel Cathcart

The L33t core of LGF call themselves Lizardoids (no, seriously) hence the reptile having marital relations with the football.

Little Green Footballs to the best of my knowledge is a reference to snotballs.


Rayra has a website? Good god, that’s hilarious. Every time I have to cross LA on a freelance job I’m on the lookout for a guy in another car wearing a lizard insignia jacket topped with a green beret, struggling to hold a .38 and the steering wheel in one hand and with the other working a laptop tuned into LGF on the passenger seat, the whole scene barely visible through foaming gobs of drool he’s flung onto the inside of the car windows as he rages from freeway to freeway in search of ‘dhimmi’ events to show up at and heckle.


Oh yeah, that’s a guy called Iron Fist. We’ve started watermarking Photoshopped pictures so there’s no confusion.

Oh, geez, THAT dude? I thought he was one of the first to go during Chaz’ fits of housekeeping/temporary sanity. He used to hang out in the comments section of Eschaton signing himself “Iron Fist, LGF” and would type the most unbelieveable self-un-aware bullshit.


Boy, I’m really surprised at the LGF reader who wrote to Reason saying he’s read every single comment in every single post since August of 2001 and never once seen anyone advocate violence.

Maybe I can help him out.


Gavin – I guess the unfortunate thing for you is that LGF has credibility and gets quoted as a source by other media. Your blog in contrast has no credibility, no value-added, no purpose for existence.


If you actually take the time to follow the link to LGF (I forgive you if you feel allergic to the site & choose not to) you’ll find that the blogger who wrote a defense of Chas had this unbelievable thing to say:

I have, literally, read every single post that Charles Johnson has made at since about August of 2001. Every single frikkin’ post.

That’s some pretty strong medicine. I’d think anyone who’d try doing what this guy did might end up with the equivalent of a frontal lobotomy & walk around looking like Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein.


I always thought that the little green football was another name for a grenade? That’s from a brief brush with their site a looooooooong time ago in another galaxy…


Uh, I should clarify, I was there via a linky. Took weeks to get the stench off…


Little Green Footballs to the best of my knowledge is a reference to snotballs.

i’m going to have to second what celticgirl said: LGFs are hand grenades.


So…wishing for the death of an institution is equivalent to wishing for the death of a person?

Gotcha. Perhaps if the person had wrote that he wanted the instituion literally blown up you would have a useful analogy.

As it is, you look ridiculous to all but your silly lefty readers.


Actually, “Iron Fist” in the photo posted here has publically (on LGF at least) valorized and identified himself with 3rd Reich military strategist Martin Borman ( to whom he also bears a more than passing resemblance) ; I’ve included a visual side-by-side of Bormann and Fisty accompanied by his disturbing statements in the “answers” section of the LGF Quiz.


Companeros! I read these posts with great concern. Perhaps you spend your revolutionary ardor on your distaste for this “LGF”? I say refocus! Everyday the environment , it is changing! Is this not PROOF that we are in a period of global climate…change…!!! And yet you focus on this site LGF. Everyday the Je….., ah, um, the ….”neo-cons” ….conspire to thwart the personification of all that is right and just in the world – persons like Hugo Chavez. Why , if this LGF existed in Venezula they would all be thrown in prison! And if any of the above posters even raised their eyes to give challenging looks to the State (personified by Hugo) why, then naturally they would be thrown in prison as well!! Of course, this is the only way we could halt those evil right-wingers. Or else they would gain power and..uh, um, throw people into jail for specious reasons! Thank the State (as pure manifestation of the collective will of the workers) that the Left is here to protect us! (Just NO challeging looks, companero!)


you look ridiculous to all but your silly lefty readers.

This is like complaining to a Lotus dealer that he isn’t selling enough Chryslers.


Daleyrocks – LOL! When has LGF ever been quoted as a credible source? The 700 Club? FOX? Do you know how dumb you sound? Oh wait, you probably don’t.

Headhunt – you look ridiculous to all.

Principal Blackman

When has LGF ever been quoted as a credible source?

By other wingnuts, of course. Recall the wingnutosphere circle-jerk link strategy: Malkin links to Riehl’s link to Reynolds’ link to WorldNutDaily’s link to Clownhall’s link to LGF, thereby bestowing upon all of them a +20 Credibility Boost.


Hey! daleyrocks is a Greenwald troll!

No fair crossing over, dude. You’re not smart enough to play in this league.

Hie thee to Salon where you belong, posthaste. You’re not smart enough to troll Greenwald, either, but at least he’s used to you.


Ooh, daleyrocks, taking time out from stalking Glenn Greenwald. Whoop-de-do.


Ten bucks says we get an LGFer pretending to be a lefty posting anti semitic or threatening remarks.

Colonel Cathcart

This is like complaining to a Lotus dealer that he isn’t selling enough Chryslers.

To be fair, the Chrysler dealer is having a heck of a time selling them too.


OMFG! My extra special Little Buddy Rayra is banned from LGF??? Now I’ll never get another chance to try to make his head explode. 🙁


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