He will never learn, will he?

Following SullyWatch’s lead, we’ve always clicked on the link when the Daily Dish’s proprietor links to something that he presents as supporting something, such as:

NOT IN THE PAPERS: Jeff Jarvis does a useful summary of the Iraqi blogs. Big surprise: they’re not as gloomy as the Western press. [Emphasis added]

What does Jeff Jarvis do? Quote at length from a single Iraqi blog, a Thomas Friedman column, an article by Jay Rosen of NYU, before ending with a link to a blog run by two sisters in Florida. Some summary.


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I also can’t help but notice that the blogger who’s not as gloomy as the Western press also seems slightly, uh, insulated? cloistered even?

what kind of person, when seeking explanations for why Iraqis aren’t going out in the streets in hundreds of thousands, makes no mention whatsoever of the fact that they are in the middle of a war zone, surrounded by an army which — let’s face it — hasn’t shown a great deal of fire discipline?

it’s nice that Ali feels so safe, but the preponderance of evidence is that most Iraqis (and most of the occupying troops as well) are scared shitless.


Funny how these guys never link to Riverbend’s blog, or to faiza’s, or to faiza’s sons…

You don’t …think… maybe they’re *filtering* their data? (I know, I’m a bad person for even suggesting it…)


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