Who said Germans don’t like President Bush?

Blair draws our attention to this Daily Kos diary entry:

She needn’t have worried. Her son wasn’t suffering. In one of the several pieces of startling video exhibited for the first time in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11,” we catch a candid glimpse of President George Bush about 36 hours after his mother’s breakfast TV interview – minutes before he makes his own prime-time TV address to take the nation to war in Iraq. He is sitting at his desk in the Oval Office. A makeup woman is doing his face. And Bush is having a high old time. He darts his eyes about and grins, as if he were playing a peek-a-boo game with someone just off-camera. He could be a teenager goofing with his buds to relieve the passing tedium of a haircut.

Caipirinha, who posted the entry, added this:

The German news magazine Frontal21 aired the footage (made into a “silent movie” for the satiric clip of the show) in April 2003 and I’ve been sending the link to it to friends and family. It shows once more the compassionate president in action.

In our never ending quest to improve German-American relations, we offer the entire clip here in Windows Media Video format. [You know the drill: right click, save target as, …] Enjoy. (File is 4.7MB.)

PS: Thanks to Scott for technical assistance.

Added: The German captions read:

  • The President of the United States of America!
  • Before an important speech!
  • Two more minutes!
  • The hair isn’t right!
  • Could be better!
  • Careful: dandruff!
  • Sound!
  • About to start!
  • In 5 seconds!
  • To be continued…
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    I don’t like him or admire him but when I heard about this I thought it would be worse. He just seemed nervous to me. No level of annoyingness beyond the smirk we see constantly these days.


    This was very disturbing, but not surprising. I guess nothing that Curious George does these days is any shock to me.

    I guess when you plan for the war before you are even elected (was he elected?) you get used to the seriousness of the situation and can find humor in it.


    I find it very offensive that he was in such a good mood before sending so many to their needless deaths.


    What happens before a speech?

    Sadly, No!: Who said Germans don’t like President Bush? Check out this video of the 5 minutes before George W Bush gave the speech on invading Iraq. The German captions read: The President of the United States of America! Before an important speech! Tw…


    Do you people really think that this is the first president to do this? I can guarantee that all the others before him do/did the same thing, with the same mindset. when you’re about to go on TV, as leader of a nation, appearance is everything, and the guy was probably going over his lines making sure he didn’t stumble. I dislike him as a president, but let’s not forget that he’s just like every one before him. You just happened to see tape of this one.


    I can’t see the video ๐Ÿ™


    I can’t see the video ๐Ÿ™

    Care to elaborate on the nature of the problem? Media Player Classic would/should work.


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