Must. Find. Muslim. Angle … Aha!

The ‘Costco Coulter’ (hat tip Alex in comments), running out of ways to tie Islam directly to the Virgina Tech Massacre, has discovered a new storyline to push.

Above: Costco Coulter roxxors teh Foxxors

While at least 32 were murdered in yesterday’s massacre at Virginia Tech University, a lot more could have been killed. But a number of students were spared because of the heroic efforts of Liviu Librescu.

Librescu, a 76-year-old Holocaust survivor and Israeli, was a professor at VTU, yesterday, when the gunman tried to enter his classroom. But he stopped the gunman and saved the lives of his students by jumping in front of him and giving his life.

On the Palestinian side, Jamal Al-Barghouti, a Palestinian Student from the “West Bank” (who grew up in Saudi Arabia) took video of the shooting that made TV worldwide.

His film didn’t save a single person, but he’s getting far more media attention and kudos than the barely-mentioned Librescu is getting. And he used the “opportunity” on CNN, to compare the Virginia Tech massacre to “violence” in the in the “Occupied Territories”. One problem with his story: He grew up in SAUDI ARABIA.

Wondering if he’s related to Palestinian terrorist mastermind Marwan Barghouti, now in prison for planning mass terrorist attacks and homicide bombings, which murdered many Israelis? It’s very likely.

Can you imagine how bizarre it must be to be Debbie Schlussel? To have to deal with what goes through her mind on a daily basis?

Debbie’s brain: That nice Jewish plumber I hired is fixing my sink! On the Palestinian side, nobody’s fixing my sink! I wonder if that no-show plumber is related to Palestinian sink clogging mastermind Clogjam al-Ubend, now blacklisted by the plumbers guild for clogging the sinks of many Israelis? It’s very likely.


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good job debbie!! instead of shooting useless video and parroting his unimportant opinions on what happened yesterday, that palestinian should have taken the high road(like you did) and falsely accuse muslims of being behind the shootings at VA tech. gosh, what is this world coming to?


That is absolutely disgusting.

Mr. Barghouti already explained to the media that he approached the sound of gunfire because he has personally heard it before (he didn’t specify if it was the West bank or Saudi Arabia), and he felt it was necessary to record it (as would I, or certainly a photographer or journalist).

This is worthless, wing-nuttery


Shouldn’t we be fighting the South Koreans over there so that we don’t have to fight them over here?


You know, I actually kind of feel sorry for Pammalammadingdong, because I think she’s genuinely messed up in la cabeza and suffering from a bad alcohol and speed problem. But I can’t feel sorry for this Debbie person, because she seems rabid-dog vicious and mean, positively bursting with hate. Even worse than Coulter, because with Coulter you get the impression that she’s just a sociopath selfishly promoting Coulter. She’s got a moneymaking thing going on, and that’s what’s in it for her… This woman…. you get the feeling that both the Pammy nuts-ness and the Coulter sociopathy are elements in her personality, but with an admixture of genuine, sadistic, scary-ass evil.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she just seems really awful.


I have been checking right wing sites all day and bitches be slippin’. Sure it’s tragic that all those people died but, LGF, HotAir, the Costco Coulter, etc. have failed to point out that a school in Rhode Island got a fresh new coat of paint yesterday. Why aren’t they taking the lamestream media to task for that? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in the face of unimaginable carnage if you’re a right wing blogger? Point to trivial good news stories to divert attention from teh horror, teh horror?


One tragic-but-long word can explain the last several of her posts: deinstitutionalization.


Debbie looks eerily like Reno 911’s slut-cop Clemmie.


There’s a Muslim “terrist” under every bed, except Debbie’s. Just some dust bunnies there. And in her head, too.


ooooo, she should have researched that “Ismail Ax” thing a bit before she accused the shooter of being a muslim because of it. i can’t wait to see how she turns a tattoo about math into a tattoo about terrorism.


scienticians should drop this global warming thing and get to work on designing pathology-proof-national-tragedies.


And the amazing thing is, if you have the stomach to peruse her site’s comment threads AND NOT GET DEAFENED BY HER OWN INSERTIONS, she honestly doesn’t consider herself a bigot, and gets offended when anyone suggests she is. What an amazingly oblivious crackhead.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

But Wait! Somebody reported that the South Korean shooter had an arabic-like name written on his arm.


Muslim Angle BITCHEZ!!one11!


Oh, Debbie. How I remember our golden years of 2001 and 2002, before even Town Hall decided you were too nutty for their tastes. How fondly I recall your days as a sports agent, when you used your alleged familiarity with the NBA to engage in horrible race-baiting. How I look with wistful tears on your claim that living in Michigan made you America’s foremost expert on the evils of Arab immigration, and not just the last white woman in Harlem screaming “Lordy Lord, the coloreds are movin’ in”.

And now, you’re reduced to this? Namechecking Snoop Dogg on your website and desperately trying to cobble together a link to radical Islam? Move with the times, babe! Don’t you know all the respectable wingnuts have moved on to blaming our lax immigration laws, even though the gunman was a legal US citizen who’d lived here since childhood? For the old times, Debbie, get with the program.

“Immigants! I knew it was them! Even when it was the bears, I knew it was them!”


Cho had a green card, meaning he was a legal permanent resident in the US.
No student visa required, meaning Deb’s Rant (Update #526) about student visas is short-sighted, moronic, etc.

And as a bonus, this means he could legally buy guns, so it throws a monkeywrench in all the ghoulishly exploitive and opportunistic knee-jerk reactions by gun-control debaters–on BOTH sides. Fuck ’em–they couldn’t wait 24 hours for facts before piling on the BS.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

oops jenni beat me to it.

jenni can you tell me what it means? Haven’t seen any coherent explanation elswhere, and none that refers to math.


I suppose Debbie also can’t see the dichotomy between “professor” (i.e., adult in charge of and responsible for a group of younger adults) and “student” (i.e., younger adult in charge of and responsible for…himself only) in that situation.

In fire drills, the professors are the last ones out of the room. Hey, Debbie, read up on Columbine and other school shootings and you’ll see the same basic pattern: caring about your students is part of being a teacher, you nitwit!

It’s really offensive that she can take this man’s bravery and dedication and pervert it into a slam against some random student, a random student that this manwould have died to protect had he been in the same classroom. Why not slam all of the students who weren’t as heroic as this professor? Maybe because “heroes” are, by definition, better than the average person?

No, no, it’s more important for Debbie to get her racist rocks off, even if she has to cheapen the sacrifice a teacher made for his class to do it. What a self-important, small-minded asshole she is.


Did jihadi quality management system institutions have some connection to the Virginia Tech massacre? Check this out:

isles AN NNS
islet AK VB
islington AC NN
ism AC NN
ismail Ax NN-NNP
ismeri Dm NNP-NNS
isn AM VBP
iso Bb NN-JJ-NNP
iso14001 AT CD
iso9000 AT CD
isobutane AC NN
isoglucose AB JJ

Coincidence? The mainstream media will never report on this, so who knows?


“how she turns a tattoo about math into a tattoo about terrorism”

Don’t you Islamomarxofeminomexodhimmis know? Math was invented by Arabs! You think it’s a coincidence that the word “algebra” sounds sort of “al-Jazeera”??? Higher mathematics, what with all its “zeroes” and “Arabic numerals,” is a jihadi plot to turn our children toward dhimmitude and jizya slavery, as surely as XIII is the square root of CLXIX.


I did a google search for Ismail Ax and came up with a bunch of listings for mathmatic sites with references to an Author named Ismail. Anyone else know anything about that?


i don’t know what it means. i know a guy named Ismail wrote a theorem that included (ax). that’s the only thing i can find on it. i will add that i looked through 5 pages or so, and saw no reference that attributed the term to Islam.


Regan started all these bad things when he closed the mental hospitals after becoming Govenor. Bleah. It was downhill, faster and faster and faster, after that.


Since the killer was an English Major, I took Ismail to be another form of Ishmael from Moby Dick, by Melville. There is a particular passage on page 5 that is striking:

And, doubtless, my going on this whaling voyage, formed part of the grand programme of Providence that was drawn up a long time ago. It came in as a sort of brief interlude and solo between more extensive performances. I take it that this part of the bill must have run something like this:

Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States

Whaling Voyage by one Ishmael


I don’t know about the Ax part, and my knowledge of Melville is limited but…

Let the backlash against literature begin!!!!

Pabst Blue Ribbon

sweet another chance to roll in the book-burning mobile


Do Debbie and Pam room together or something? Looks like they exchange more than grooming tips.


It’s a shame really. You’d think there’d be some way to make postive use of that remarkable ability to connect utterly random things in support of her overarching monomania. If only you could be a professional paranoid schizophrenic.


dbati, yea, i had to add that the name Ishmael in literature can be a reference to a certain character being orphaned, exiled, or otherwise alone. this seems like a reasonable explanation.


I’ve already seen this presented as an Islamist terrorist incident because of that Ismailax. The idiot in question was apparently quoting from a Chicago Tribune article that painted the shooter as an emotionally disturbed loner. But of course he leapfrogged that info to get the the cryptic writing on the kid’s arm. One track minds think alike.


I find it interesting that she refers to him as “the gunman” and not by name. Maybe that’s just me. I’m sure there’s a fascinating study on human psychology about that, as to the dehumanization of tragedy being preferable to intimate knowledge of the facts.

Irregardless, (yes, i used it. Bwahahaha.) I would venture that the main reason why they are not telling grandiose tales of how bravely and valiantly the victims were gunned down, is that it would be in EXTREMELY POOR TASTE, even for the media. Let the bodies cool first and get buried. Jesus Christ.


I’m sure the suspect has closet North Korean ties. If we can link this tragedy to the axis of evil, we’ve got ourselves a story.

Principal Blackman

She kind of looks like Rachel Dratch when she’s playing the (aptly named in this instance) Debbie Downer character.




That’s not grandma’s eye shadow, that her ‘cool’ aunt’s eyeshadow — you know the one who was the first to get that cool perm in high school in 1977…


Did Cho listen to reggae? To get totally speculative, could ‘Ismail Ax’, apparently scrawled in red ink on his arm, be a misreading of ‘I small Ax’ … which could reference the early Wailers song ‘Small Ax’.

Lyrics: ‘If you are the big tree, I am the small ax, coming to cut you down, coming to cut you down …’

Again, totally speculative. The song is widely interpreted to be Marley’s light threat to the ‘Big Three’ (pronounced ‘t’ree’ in patois) record producers of Jamaica at the time (forget who they were, but one was Coxsone Dodd, I think).


Whoever said the wingnuts needed a ‘real’ terrorist attack to feed the fear?

Incontinentia Buttocks

Tho’ I lurv the name “Costco Coulter,” I feel moved to point out that it’s unfair to Costco, which is best of the buyer’s club stores. Unlike, e.g. Sam’s Club, they famously treat their workforce very well. Some of their stores are unionized. The rest govern their employer-employee relations based on a union-like contract.

All of which is not (NOT NOT NOT) in any way to be read as a call to stop using this name for Schlussel.


I can’t help but be struck by the disparity between the very senseless deaths of 33 in Virginia and that same number in Iraq on a nearly a daily basis.

We are a very self-centered culture.

It’s appalling.


Yes, IB, it’s a shame that Costco Coulter sounds so perfect.

Dollar General Debbie
Discount Debbie
Five and Dime Debbie

descriptive, but doesn’t get the “Knock-off Coulter” thing across. (How sad would it be to go through life as a poor man’s Ann Coulter?)


Did Cho listen to reggae? To get totally speculative, could ‘Ismail Ax’, apparently scrawled in red ink on his arm, be a misreading of ‘I small Ax’ … which could reference the early Wailers song ‘Small Ax’.

I and I Small Ax, indeed.

One must also consider the involvement of Emanuel Ax, the concert pianist.


One must also consider the involvement of Emanuel Ax, the concert pianist.

You also can’t rule out Rocket Ismail.


Maybe it’s a misspelling of “I smell Axe,” as in the body spray.

a different brad

I enjoy Debbie’s overblown ego, I have to admit. Is she still screeching that she’s not Don Imus?
While she’s both mentally and physically repulsive, like Imus, she ain’t, like, famous n shit.

I want Fox to do a conservative version of the view. Pamalama, Michelle, Debbie, Ann Althouse in the Alan Colmes faux-lib position (tho Colmes is a better person than AA, to damn him with faint praise), and Camille Paglia as the wildcard, batshit insane in a slightly different flavor oddball of the group.
Obviously, Debbie would be the runt of the litter, that they all pick on.


Let the backlash against literature begin!!!!

by your command


By the way, Schlussel’s capslock meltdown has extended to the newer threads on her blog.


Diff Brad, you’d have to have Peggy Noonan in the Barbara Walters, elder stateswoman role.


disgusting and vile. viley disgusting. disgustingly vile. there, that cover that.


Note to Debbie’s stylist: she definitely looks better with her chin tucked down to her chest.

I mean, with her chin raised…er, tucked down…up.

Well, anyway, she’s got a good face for radio, and the perfect persona for…let’s talk about what she should do with her chin.


Different Brad, you’ve got to get Coulter into the Fox News version of “The View.” I think it’d do a great job of pushing Malkin and Schlussel into fits of jealous rage whenever she one-upped them.

a different brad

Maybe Fox could take a page from the X-Men back in the early 90s and split the BatshitView into two groups in different time slots. Marie Jon, who cares how she “spells” it, could be the other runt of the litter. With 4 per group that’d give us an even 2 groups. We do need a minority in the other group, tho. There’s gotta be a token batshit black woman out there who could slot in for MJ.


Good lord, her commenters are still yammering on about student visas. Don’t they even watch any news before ranting about it??


Schlussel? Wondering if she’s related to Ernst Schlussel, notorious Nazi camp commandant, sadist, pedophile, pervert, putter-of-ketchup-on-frankfurters, and person-of-interest who did absolutely nothing to assist the side of democracy at the Battle of Hastings (1018 C.E.). Not caring if he never existed. It’s very likely.


D. Aristophanes: ismail Ax NN-NNP

That page looks like an automatically-generated lexicon for a machine translation package (similar to Babelfish or Google’s language tools, hinted at by the “Dutch-MT/tools/EnglishTags” in the URL.) I think the Ax means that this word was extracted automatically from some large corpus of stuff, and the NN-NNP means that whatever did the extracting believes it to be a proper noun. That probably means the program just never saw the term before, because often programs like that assume that never-before-seen words are names of people or places (which is often the case).



Not surprising that Debbie Schlussel sees a Jewish side and a Palestinian side to the school shooting.

I wonder why that Palestinian grew up in Saudi Arabia, Debbie? Just askin’. Could it possibly be because Zionist propagandists in the US helped obfuscate the horrors that US giveaways to Israel fund?

Interesting meanwhile that the professor is an “Israeli” with no mention that he’s actually Romanian, but the Debster’s all over the the Saudi upbringing of the Palestinian guy.

I’d love to know what the professor and the student would have to say about Strudel’s “analysis.”. I think they’d first hug over their shared sorrow, then together punch Debbie in the face.


There’s gotta be a token batshit black woman out there who could slot in for MJ.



I’m not a great fan of Debbie Schlussel, but she’s on to something here. If you all don’t think that the Ismail Axe scrawled on the gunman’s arm is a connection to Islam, than what’s y’all’s theory?

I mean why not Spike? Or some Korean word? Or “Go to Hell American bastards”?

No, the guy chose to scrawl an Arabic phrase on his arm.

You gotta admit that’s kind of wierd?

Eric Dondero, Chairman
Libertarian Defense Caucus

Hysterical Woman

Maybe he got it from a Beetle’s song?


Hell, I think it’s possible that “ISMAIL AX” was a misreading or only part of what was on his arm. Without a picture of it, it’s all especially groundless speculation.


I saw Jamal Al-Barghouti interviewed on CNN, and he made three things clear: (1) how sorry he and the rest of the student body was for the victims, (2) what a peaceful and wonderful community he thought VT and Blacksburg was, and (3) that Debbie Stussel is a raging fucking idiot.


Come on now, Eric. Don’t be so humble. Tell us what “Ismail Ax” means. You’re the one who speaks over 10-15 languages.


“an Arabic phrase”

Just a tip Columbo, Arabic phrases are normally written in a language called “Arabic” which has a different alphabet from the proper one used by good christians like yourself.

Therefore this could not have been an ‘arabic” phrase as, by definition, it was not written in Arbic.


I think all this points up the fact the mentally ill among us are not getting the help they need.

Seek it out, Debbie.



Laffin’ at “over 10-15 languages.” My tweak:

“as many as over 10-15 languages–and more!”


I too speak 10-15 languages… For all values of ‘speak’ defined as ‘knowing at least one word or phrase, usually ‘where is the library?’ *Snerk*

Who knows what ‘Ismail Ax’ means? Maybe Cho wrote a note in code, reminding him to feed the cats before his crime. Maybe it was the name of someone he admired, or maybe it means absolutely nothing and he wrote it to further inflame the nitwit brigades… I’m inclined to think it’s probably the latter.

Also, Clogjam al-Ubend is brilliant. I’m still giggling at that.


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