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After a hard day of attempting to blame the VA Tech killings on the International Muslim Conspiracy (the word ‘Asian’ suggesting, to her, a likely MSM code word for ‘Paki’), Debbie Schlussel relaxes by shrieking at her commenters, in her trademark key-poundy all-caps, that she can call the Pakis ‘the Pakis’ any time she feels like it, and WHAT IS THIS–ETHNICITY LESSONS FROM SNOOP DOGG (A/K/A “I CAN CALL THEM HOS AND NIGGAZ BUT YOU CAN’T”)?! UH, SORRY, BUT I DON’T TAKE MY LEXICON AND LINGUISTIC DICTATES FROM YOU. I SUPPOSE NOW YOU’LL BE ATTACKING ME FOR USING THE TERMS CANUCKS, GIRLIE-MEN, AND WIMPS–ALL WHICH LIKELY DESCRIBE YOU. BUH-BYE.

Ms. Schlussel is a Detroit-based attorney.

Update: The ‘HOS AND NIGGAZ’ oration has now disappeared from her comments in accordance with the principle, familiar to all infants, that if something ‘goes buh-bye,’ it ceases ever to have existed. An unknown number of comments critical to Ms. Schlussel have also never existed.

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Is it just me or is this person in drag? Inquiring minds want to know…


Gavin, you bastard! I just looked through those comments and my brain is leaking out of my ears…

“We can assume they’d tell us if he wasn’t a Muslim — because the powers that be in our country are desperate to minimize the fear of terrorism and avoid any ‘backlash’ against Muslims. So the silence is suggestive, if not conclusive, that this guy either is Muslim or has ties to Islamic extremism.”

If the media says he’s a Muslim, we know that he’s a Muslim. If the media doesn’t say he’s a Muslim, we know he’s a Muslim. If the media says he isn’t a Muslim, we know they’re lying to protect against a “backlash,” so we know he’s a Muslim. Now, THAT is some strong logic right there.

I need a beer.


o for fuck’s sake.

you have to be kidding. no way i’m clicking through to ask. i lived in london in the 1970s, in islington to be exact, and i remember the cockney pronunciation of the word “paki” all too well. it was, and remains, utterly racist. not sort of, not EVEN IF YOU YELL ABOUT IT IN ALL CAPS.

what an utterly contemptible human being shlussel is. what a piece of shit. what is wrong with the right in this country? how can she be on TV?


Isn’t there something sort of Muppet-y about her?


“We can assume they’d tell us if he wasn’t a Muslim — because the powers that be in our country are desperate to minimize the fear of terrorism and avoid any ‘backlash’ against Muslims”

If the Bush administration is known for one thing, it’s their minimizing the fear of terrorism (because of its over-sensitivity to Muslim feelings)!

a different brad

And Debbie isn’t Don Imus. Ann Althouse, who I am not, and I, who I am, cannot stress this enough.

a different brad

And here’s my guess as to her ‘logic’.
The British people she’s known well enough to spend more than a few moments around are also prone to yelling at random people and dishonestly racist, as they’re the only kind of people who could stand her. She, thinking British = classy, heard them say Paki and thinks it must be classy to call people of Pakistani descent that word.
Or she’s pandering to racists. One or the other.


Ms. Schlussel is a Detroit-based attorney. Is she a graduate of Pat Robertson’s law school by any chance?


Y’know, the usual sequence is this:

1. American uses the term ‘Paki’ out of ignorance.
2. American gets gently told that it’s considered offensive, but since you probably weren’t to know, no harm no foul.
3. American learns from mistake.


1. American uses the term ‘Paki’ out of ignorance.
2. American gets gently told, etc.

That’s what small children do.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone in the US media uses ‘Asian’ in the British sense to mean ‘south Asian’. And I’m pretty sure the main reason ‘Asian’ colloquially means ‘south Asian’ in the UK is because Britain didn’t have any large east Asian colonies that were a source of immigrants.

In other news, Debbie Schlussel is a fuckwit.

Isn’t there something sort of Muppet-y about her?

I was thinking ‘botched Jane Krakowski waxwork’, but each to his own analogy.


What teh fuck!? Who is this shrieking nutter? How could anyone put this fuckwitted clown on TV? Have they no standards at all?

I love the last desperate line of her post. Even if — even if! — it wasn’t a filthy jihadi, now they know how easy it is to kill a bunch of people.

I mean, fucksake. You can’t even laugh at someone like that. It’s cruel. It’s probably even illegal.


I thought that SNOOP-DOGG…LEXICON…CANUCKS…GIRLIE-MAN thing was Gavin doing parody.

Sadly, no.


And tell me she didn’t do the “Pakistanis are not a race so that wasn’t racist” thing! Do they hand out law degrees with your cornflakes or something?


So suddenly NOW it’s hard to find the old white woman jive talk sequence from “Airplane!” Pfff.

So enjoy this instead.


That old white woman was Barbara Billingsley. Ward Cleaver’s wife. The Beaver’s mom.


Dr Zen said @ April 17, 2007 at 9:07

And tell me she didn’t do the “Pakistanis are not a race so that wasn’t racist� thing!

She did.



Maybe she’s just practicing her audition for the “Time Cube” version of American Idol?



Yeah, that sentence needed another few runs through the ol’ proofreader.

Her next argument? I’m putting money on “I’m going to hold my breath until you say I was right.”
So instead of arguing about what the definition of “is” is, can we not agree that “Paki” is still a derogatory word? Would she defend the usage of “Chink” or …uh… something else that isn’t race-enveloping per se, but still is? Does “limey” work?


‘Aussie’ and ‘Brit’ are two diminutives that aren’t derogatory, but they’re also embraced (and maybe invented) by the party described. I can’t think of a single diminutive wholly owned by a third party to describe a second that isn’t derogatory and probably racist.

Here’s a few common English slurs, Debbie. You be the judge:

Jap. Abbo. Yank. Paki. Hebe. Yid. Pali. Muzzy. Chink. Russkie. Frog. Fag. Injun. Dago. Guinea. Mick. Paddy. Flip. Papist. Prod. Jock. Eye-Tie. Spic. Hun. Kraut. Ho.

I think the above might be a verbatim first-draft Archie Bunker monologue.

‘Jew’ is borderline and can certainly be loaded depending on the speaker, context and inflection. ‘Izzy’ would probably be the closest approximation to ‘Paki’, but I don’t think anyone actually uses it. I’ve never heard it anyway. Have heard/read ‘Pali’ and ‘Muzzy’ quite a bit on the eliminationist blogs like Debbie’s … their use of those terms is clearly racism, as is ‘Paki’ in this case.

These fuckers have been getting away with being out-and-out bigots for way too long.

And Debbie didn’t use the term ‘Paki’ out of ignorance, as ahem postulates. She knows full well what the term means … she’s just pissed she got called out on it, so now she’s playing the PC card to try to slide out from under her obvious and open bigotry.


I was wondering what l’il Debbie Snackcakes had gotten up to. [rolls eye] Gah! That’ll teach me!


L’il Debbie Snackcakes!


That’s what small children do.

They also wear pink bubblegum colored lip gloss, so check and check.

Priscilla, Queen of the Beach

I know it’s wrong to harp on appearance but what is it about these conservatives and bad haircuts? Are they so repulsed by teh gay that they won’t go to a decent hairstylist for fear of catching gay cooties? From Wolfowitz sucking on his comb to Pammy’s Jacqueline Smith fried-from-hot-rollers look to this, well, the only way I can describe it is washed in Ivory soap after using Mom’s sewing scissors to trim the split endz off look. Don’t these conservative weirdos care about how they look on dah tee vee? Guess not. And I didn’t even get started on the 80’s glossy makeup thing….


And Debbie didn’t use the term ‘Paki’ out of ignorance, as ahem postulates.

Oh, I suspected as much. But the presumption when an American uses the term ‘Paki’ is that it’s out of ignorance, not from being a complete shithead. Which is an odd sort of privilege: you get the first one for free, but afterwards, you’re just a piece of shit.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Man, she is one weird critter. And she is an attourney?!? Jesus H Christ on a bicycle, your country is in bad shape. A lawyer and on telly, no less. Fuck me, it’s like inviting a member of the National Front on, just so they can say that ‘sand nigger’ isn’t an insult, but they hate all of ’em anyway.

And the commenters. I’m getting so sick of that PC this and PC that bullshit. There’s nothing PC about it, it’s simply that I’d like people to stop being ignorant, bigoted, arseholes.

Jesus wept.


Ms. Schlussel is a Detroit-based attorney.

Whose image you have used without approval. Prepare to face her litigious wrath.

Hysterical Woman

I don’t think she knows what “Canuck” means either.


Hey Qetesh, Coulter’s an attorney too.

Paki is of course a slur, but Debbie’s goal (it’s kind of funny, isn’t it, to hear evil issue forth from the mouth of a “Debbie”?) is to associate all bad things with Muslims. As a rabid Zionist commentator, her goal (and the goal of her colleagues) is to fill the air with negative talk about Muslims, the people Israel preys upon, to make them less sympathetic in American eyes. She’s been doing this long before 9-11.

It’s Swift Boating — it doesn’t matter if it’s true.


Looking at her 2nd update, Schlussel is definitely attempting to make xenophobic lemonade out of the non-muslim lemons that reality seems to have provided.

If she can’t hate on muslims, she feels lucky that she still gets to hate on some other brown-skinned furriners.


“Ms. Schlussel is a Detroit-based attorney.”



“Here’s what we know about the murderer of at least 32 students and maimer of at least 28 more at Virginia Tech, today:

* The murderer has been identified by law enforcement and media reports as “a young Asian male.”
* Pakis are considered “Asian.”
[other facts]”

So, QED, he’s a Pakistani, and police, university officials, the FBI, BATF, et al, are all supressing that fact. Crystal-clear logic that.

“….wondering why the police and media are referring to the shooter as “Asian” and not by specific nationality. If I were Asian, I’d be legitimately upset with this broad generalization of the mass murderer’s identity.”

So it’s fine to throw out Paki repeatedly , but Asians would be upset because a murderer came from Asia? WTF, STFU.

Also, the killer had no ID and shot part of his face off. No wonder they have a tough time IDing him. Nothing to see here, you moron.


Pfft, you call that rampart speculation? That’s weak.

Bobby over at Confederate Yankee jumped the gun (literally) and declared he had decided the shooter was armed with an assault rifle “Based upon the high number of fatalities among those shot, and the high number of victims overall, and the description of the shooter as wearing some sort of load-bearing vest”

Thanks detective. Wait, the guy was using two 9 mm pistols? Oopsies!



Stupid bint.


Is she a graduate of Pat Robertson’s law school by any chance?

No. Too old. The plastic surgery’s a dead giveaway.


Crystal-clear logic that.

The shooter was a human.
Debbie Schussel is a— oh, doesn’t work, does it?


From the NY Times this morning:

>>Federal law enforcement authorities said his name was Seung-Hui Cho.

Wow, that’s the most unusual Pakistani name I’ve ever seen. It sort of looks Chinese. How odd.


Further update:

The lovely Debbie notes this at the top of the entry now:

**** UPDATE #2: The shooter has now been identified as a Chinese national here on a student visa. Lovely. Yet another reason to stop letting in so many foreign students. ****

But leaves all the Pakistani-smearing stuff up anyway.

Oh, what a delightful scamp she is!


Oh, and by the way: Visiting her site made my head hurt.

Please don’t let me do that again.


It’s embarrassing enough to be from the same state as Ted Nugent. Please stop reminding people that Debbie Schlussel lives here, too.


Well, Tony Blankley, who certainly knows better, said “Paki” on the McLaughlin Group some time ago during his ending statement. Then he kind of swallowed hard and looked uncomfortable, but by that time the camera had gone elsewhere.

But nobody cares about Tony Blankley, and nobody watches the McLaughlin Group, so it didn’t cause any scandal. But he certainly knew ‘Paki’ was a slur when he said it. I’m not so sure Debbie Schlussel knew, though, because she really is just an enormous cretin.


Hhahaha, yeah, I saw that “vest” implies “assault rifle” BS at Confederate Yankee. What a patheticly moronic yet hilarious rocket launch to conclusions.

Hmmm, I wonder what kind of CYA claptrap he’s posted in any updates?


32 dead? Where’s my Going-on-Hannity’s-show jacket?


Ms Schlussel doesn’t even get update #2 right. Seung-Hui Cho was Korean (which neatly destroys the “secret Uyghur” theory a few wingnuts had latched onto).

Hysterical Woman

Yeah, because American students never shoot up people *coughcolumbinecough*. Frankly, I didn’t know people hated international students.


The woman’s entire life is dedicated to demonizing Muslims, other browns, other forners, in that order. Whether or not she knew the meaning of the word is irrelevant in comarison to the daily eliminationist rhetoric her commenters refer to as the “proof”

Incontinentia Buttocks

Ms Schlussel doesn’t even get update #2 right. Seung-Hui Cho was Korean…

Iceberg, Greenberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same to me.



North Korean?

Terrorist, Japanese-kidnapping, nuclear-bomb-not-having, poor, evil, totalitarian North Koreans? And now they’ve invaded the fatherland?

Are you now saying that an undercover North Korean terrorist funded by George Soros, the Democrat Party and the Freemasons has murdered 800 American children!? That’s insane!! Why isn’t the media covering this breaking news? I smell a conspiracy.


Debbie’s latest frothing shout-out:


Uh, Debs? ALMOST ALL OF THESE SUCH INCIDENTS HAVE BEEN COMMITTED BY … um, I’m not really seeing a lot Muslims on this list.


[…] Sadly, No has a post up re lawyer, blogger and online pundit Debbie Schlussel, and boy, I wish I’d never read it, or even seen or heard of her. Speaking as a former member of the legal profession (I was crap at it in practice, I freely admit) I’m under no illusions that lawyers are any more moral, clever or humane than other average mortals. Probably much less so if anything. […]


Does she spit like a illama ?

The photo looks like she’s about to launch some non-dry spittle …


“The woman’s entire life is dedicated to demonizing Muslims, other browns, other forners, in that order. ”

I think Ms. S’s life is didicated to getting herself attention and money, maybe some power. She’ll use whatever means (preferably racist & bigoted) at hand. Nasty. A horrible person.


Dedicated, not didicated. Tho didicated sounds like a good word for… something!


I am amazed by the stunning logic of the comments on that board. I would ask her if she thinks that Jewish students with student-visas should be deported, but that would require signing in, something I will not do.

Jesus, Mary and Santa, she’s the biggest whore on the planet. I have to go scrub my brain with a wire brush now.


I just hope she was able to finish her furious masturbating to visions of “Paki” terrorists blowing away college kids before the news revealed it was a Korean student.


In short: a sort of cheap knockoff version of Ann Coulter. “Costco Coulter” anyone?


One of the hallmarks of wingut asshats, from cheney on down to schlussel is their willingness to supplant observable reality with their own fevered worldview. Therefore mass killings are done by muslims. It doesn’t matter how many times, or how many ways you show them that they are not correct in this view, they will continue to believe it, and they will continue to reinforce the same worldview among their fellow travelers.

It is this disconnect from reality that makes them so dangerous. They cannot be convinced, they cannot be persuaded, they cannot be shown, and they simply will not stop. Ever…



Iwent to Schlussel’s site and regestered (yikes!), and posted comments. all of my comments were civil and polite, but they were counter-meme. They were deleted within 3 minutes. My next post was intercepted while being held for evaluation prior to appearing on the blog. What a bunch of facists.

I love freedom of expression.


She looks much more seductive in the picture on her web site don’t you think?


Hey, Costco is a great establishment with many fine products — I got a membership there because their prices are just as good as Sam’s Club but they actually give their employees decent wages and benefits. They also donate primarily to Dems.

Now, if you want to start calling Schlussel the “Wal-Mart Coulter,” or the “Big Lots Coulter,” sign me up.


[…] ‘Costco Coulter’ (hat tip Alex in comments), running out of ways to tie Islam directly to the Virgina Tech Massacre, has discovered a new […]


See those South Koreans always hated John Bolton’s magnificent peace plan. NOW WE KNOW WHY! DO I HAVE TO DRAW A FUCKING DIAGRAM



I’ve never understood the anger over white people not being able to call black people hos and niggaz. I don’t feel any loss from not being able to do so, personally.

Do these cobags think some specific right has been taken away from them? Or is it a more generalized pitching a fit because they’ve been told “no” about anything at all?


Another conservative loudmouth who took makeup lessons from Tammy Faye Bakker. They’re like friggin’ mosquitoes, man.


She does resemble Ann Coulter in drag.

and she is clearly unhinged.

stuff like this tends to bring the unhinged out of the woodwork, and apparently out from under the bridges as well.


The problem is that all of this attention is just going to help her sell books, book a tour on the white supremacist lecture circuit, and generally make millions. Its become a competition b/t women like Coulter, Malkin and Deb. Who can say the most outrageous things! Who cares? Someone does. They pander to the 13-year-old imbecile that lurks somewhere in the 45-old-imbecile that thinks Bill O’Reilly is fair and balanced and would GLADLY go to Iraq, if only they were younger. These people make me tired.


Wait, the guy was using two 9 mm pistols? Oopsies!

Wasn’t it one 9 mm and a .22? I seem to recall one of the wingnuts making a big deal over the “just a .22” angle in chastising the students for not rushing the guy.

While I certainly can’t speak for the entire medical profession, the doctors I’ve worked with in the past would much rather deal with something larger than a .22 slug, which tends to bounce around inside your body and winds up doing more, not less, damage than a larger slug that blasts its way through and leaves a clean hole.


She has deleted every comment I ever posted on her blog, except one, where I praised the VT professor who shielded his students at the cost of his own life as a hero, then questioned some of her assumptions about the student who provided camera-video to the news outlets. Only the “hero” sentence survived that one. All the rest? Gone.


She’s now deleted the whole post.

Meh, it was like nuking fish in a barrel to make fun of her anyway.


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