Are You Kidding Me?

Kevin Drum writes:

THE LORD’S WORK?….You know, I sort of admire the way Matt Yglesias continues to take on Charles Krauthammer and Brad DeLong continues to take on Donald Luskin — though I think Brad may have cried uncle on the Luskin thing a while back — but at some point you have to wonder if we’re endangering our national resources by allowing this to go on. Surely every moment spent reacting to the increasingly feverish drivel from people like this reduces your IQ by some fracton of a point? And fractions add up. How long before Matt and Brad, Flowers for Algernon-like, end up behind the business end of a mop in an industrial bakery?

You’re kidding, right? What do you think happens to us after we get done with writing a post about Mark Noonan, huh?

Actually, wait. You just don’t want to know.

Travis adds: Whenever I eat a slice of cobbler or munch on some leftover chicken tikka saag while I’m doing the Two-Minute Townhall, I often catch myself holding the fork in midair as I stare longingly at the overloaded surge protector over by the leaky piranha tank.

And I’m nowhere near as smart as those two, so consider this a cautionary tale!


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The concept that high pay is a reliable indicator of competence is precisely what is at stake here, isn’t it?


That may look like your typical dim-bulb frat-rat pledge hazing, but they are actually acting out the new 2008 GOP presidential primary system. That’s supposed to be Brownback in the orange shirt.


That was absolutely vile. I intend to keep it as a diet aid, so that no one will ever be tempted to photoshop me with a giant sammich.


If the business end of a rifle is the end of the barrel, isn’t the business end of a mop the head?

Just asking.


This will clear your palate.


Ok, the cartoon is an improvement, but barfing is pretty nasty, and not something I wanna look at, y’know?

I once served five months (100 days with good time) in the Maricopa county jail for, well, lets just say I broke some shit and leave it at that. Anyway, for a month and a half my cellmate was a music teacher/child molester serving out a probation violation. Smart, interesting guy when he wasn’t doing his, er, stuff. Anyway, I learned a lot of stuff. One of the things he said is that counselors do this weird form of aversion therapy when “treating” these kind of dudes. One of the things they do is try to make him visualize the child, at the critical moment, throwing up all over them. Idea being, I guess, that humans are so grossed out by vomit that this will cause him to lose his interest in children. Seems more like wishful thinking to me, but when you start throwing puke around, thats where I go…



Can I just say what a righteous rapper MC Hawking is?


Fuck yeah he is.


And, while I know that this has absolutely no relevance whatsoever, I just can’t stop laughing when I watch it. I’ve been laughing for fifteen minutes now, and I really don’t think it’s the cheap red wine I’m drinking, either.


My, is there anything so st00pid at teh teenaged boy? No? I thought not. Not even close.


Sadly, No! Ingesting Townhall and other wingnuts and barfing them back up for your enjoyment!

Man you guys must have heroic gag reflexes.


Is it me, or do all the human characters bear some resemblance to Daffyd ap Hugh? Maybe its the porcine way their eye dart around, or something …

REgardless, thanks for having the intestinal fortitude to troll around in sewers like LGF and Blogs for Bush, to bring us the glittering little jewels of teh st00pid.

Just don’t make me watch another Pamalama Dingdong video … the last one seriously put me off my Stolichnaya.


Jillian, MC Hawking is TEH BOMB! That was great!


I love that Family Guy skit. The first time I saw it, at the point where Peter pukes on Brian, I literally fell off the sofa.


What Ginger said.


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