Maybe you really shouldn’t go there

America’s Worst Mother (used without permission of TBOGG) figures the day has come to make fun of other women’s looks (along with super gal pal Danielle Crittenden:)

My friend Danielle thinks if women are going to lie about their ages, they ought to round them up. No surgery needed: One white lie and you’ll will always look younger than you “are.”

Meghan and Danielle: MeghanCoxGurdon.jpg critt.jpg


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She has that “Just been raised from the dead” classic look about her. I wonder how she got rid of the green?


She washed it off with a skin-care new product-“Obnoxy 10”.


new skin-care product.
damn typos. I ruined my own joke.


Another anorexic white woman with blonde hair and an Adam’s apple bigger than mine.

What a world, what a world…


Hard to believe Megsie just turned 40 (and I think that picture of her may be a few years old). She looks like shit. Some of us look a lot better as we approach 44 (I got carded a few days before my 38th birthday).


In fairness, though, it?s all that sex with stingrays (scroll down) that keeps me looking so young.


Frederick, man, you take spring break to a whole new level!


They call it “bestiality” because it’s the best kind of sex you can have! I see BeatBushBlog is getting a lot of hits from Sadly, No! readers eager to see some hot man-on-stingray action.


getting a lot of hits from Sadly, No! readers eager to see some hot man-on-stingray action

Our readers are a scary bunch.


I wonder about the motivation of whoever first posted that picture of Meghan on the Internet. I know Meghan’s no Heidi Klum or Alexandra Kerry, but it’s hard to believe they couldn’t come up with a better picture of her than that (red eyes and all).


The man on stingray action was good.


Of course they couldn’t get rid of the red eyes. It’s a common trait among mind controlled zombies like Meghan. And Danielle just looks like a crazy harpy.


ya know, middle-aged housewives with four maniac brats shouldn’t mix booze with their pills. looks like she’s ready to die.


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