I just approved a whole buncha comments that got munched up by the spam filter. Wicked sorry, guys, I dunno WTF is going on.


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Perhaps it’s the part where it bounces any incidences of ‘Red Sox’ and ‘suck’ in the same sentence.


Gee Brad, is your sys admin the same guy who’s managing the RNC servers?

Smiling Mortician

OK wait. So the spamcatcher flagged mikey, of all people — and now kingubu’s comment has been redacted? What planet have I suddenly awakened on?


I think that the fact that the comment filter keeps rejecting me is proof that Sadly, no is part of a vast, vast conspiracy to make she and he who must not be named look bad through evil censorship.


it aint’ as bad at over at pandagon…i find that if i write more than a paragraph in comments, it gets eaten by those internet lavoliers and is gone for ever.

the best way to counteract it is to never write a comment that actually says anything worthwhile.


I dunno skippy, I’ve been doing that for years and I still have spam-filter problems over there.


Brad, your list of titles sucks ass in comparison to this guy:


From a fake university. The rest of the site yields many other pretenders who are comfortable stopping at “Professor Doctor Sir”.


Well, at least the filter is nuking whole comments. C n ou ima ine h w rit t ng t wou d b f it wa ju t aking pa ts?

a different brad

*organizes march then forgets to show up*



Kurt Vonnegut has passed.

I am completely, completely bereft. What a wonderful man he was.

So it goes.

Matt of the Open Range

That middle initial. That’s just an S, right? Doesn’t stand for anything? Kinda like Truman?


So, Bradley, your advanced degrees are no match for a spam catcher?

Lo, how the mighty have fallen!


Mikey gets dinged but the spam often gets approved, if the last thread is any guide. Dr. Dave’s bad spam karma is making a lot of misdiagnoses.


The rest of the site yields many other pretenders who are comfortable stopping at “Professor Doctor Sir�.

That’s Professor Doctor Sir Master to you.


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