Daisuke Open Thread

Yep, Daisuke Matsuzaka’s about to make his Fenway Park debut. Rock.

…2-2 on Ichiro. Let’s go Dice-K!!!

…3-2 on Ichiro. Feck. C’mon, Dice-Man…

Ground ball to Daisuke, he throws to first for an out.

A new era begins.




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Alrighty then. This oughta get me to the Noah Lowry – Greg Maddux throwdown at seven.



and that era will end in 2 years when he goes to play for the Yanks.


Will it now? Since he signed a six-year contract, that’s not likely.


This isn’t a rhetorical question but aren’t Red Sox fans the saddest fucking people on this planet, even worse than Cheetos-stained warbloggers? Note: I’m not a Yankees fan, my favorite team isn’t even east of the Mississippi. I normally hate the phrase “get a life” but damn! The season is barely two weeks old, the guy has pitched well but nothing at a Nolan-Ryan-in-1973 level and the hype is just unreal. Of course, the sad sack Sox supporters are aided and abetted by ESPN, who for some bizarre reason, thinks that 10 minutes on this dude on the 11:00 Sports Center is something people outside of New England are clamoring for.


He shoulda been a Met but him going to the Sox was the second best thing that could have happened. I’ll be rooting for him when he pitches against the Yankees. They’re a Republican team. Then again the Sox do have noted wingnut Curt Schilling.


Criticizing a pro sports team for having wingnuts among the players, coaches and owners is futile. It’s like criticizing Hollywood for having liberals, it just IS.

The Angels signed Justin Spier, a LHP, over the winter. About two weeks ago, he was in the Los Angeles Times whining how “our brave, honorable soldiers” are so disrespected, the US should kiss their asses at all times, no dissent allowed. Of course, in the Autry days, there was very much a “white, Anglo-Saxon Christian” vibe to the team, so he’s just part of a tradition of wingnuttery playing atop the Indian burial ground in Anaheim.


The Red Sox have at least three Jesus Freaks:

Curt Schilling
Tim Wakefield
Jason Varitek

But seriously, Matsuzaka is going to be a fine player for the Sox. He will pick-up where Pedro left-off, with a low number of walks and a low number of earned runs. He is the real deal.

I’ll root for the Mets as well. But my first love is the Sox.

And if you think Boston is partying now, just watch what happens when Clemens joins the Sox later this spring…..


Of course, the sad sack Sox supporters are aided and abetted by ESPN, who for some bizarre reason, thinks that 10 minutes on this dude on the 11:00 Sports Center is something people outside of New England are clamoring for.

Shorter Henry: “WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! BOO-HOO, ESPN keeps talking about Daisuke and doesn’t spend enough time on NASCAR coverage, WAAAAAAAHHH!”


Oh, and Henry, I like you, man, but when you call me one of “the saddest fucking people on this planet, even worse than Cheetos-stained warbloggers,” I have the right to be insulted.


Not all ballplayers are wingnuts. The Mets have a socialist first baseman after all. OK, he’s a multi-millionaire socialist but he’s going to take Schilling deep 3 times in October.

And actually, Yankee fans are the pathetic ones. They sit around praying their team won’t lose so they experience relief when they win instead of happiness. That’s why watching Yankee games with their fans is a such a lame experience.


It’s just not cricket!


Nah, Brad, but there really is an east coast bias on ESPN. Ok, I know most of you guys are fast asleep long before the west coast games are decided, but Henry and the rest of us clinging to the left edge of the continent are regularly dissed by the national sports press. There are some interesting storylines being played out in the western divisions, but it mostly looks like “BONDS STEROIDS YIKES”…



Go Mariners. It’s currently 3-0 though there’s a runner in scoring position so maybe the M’s can tack another one. King Felix > Dice K

Also: Boston sports fans = the most obnoxious of all sports fans
This applies to multiple sports.
(No offense)

a different brad

Enjoy the import. We’ll settle for Clemens in June in the Bronx.
I actually like the Sox, at least for a Yanks fan. But you have to own up on Schilling.
And, to get back into a needless circular argument, please remember, Cheney was booed at Yankees Stadium.
(And yes, Bush was cheered at the 2001 World Series, but for fuck’s sake, it was barely a month after 9/11. We were all a bit loopy at that moment.)


The jinxing update to this post is not acceptable and should be removed post-haste.

For shame.


Sorry, brief political interlude.

I want you to imagine something. Come with me on an imaginary journey. Ready? Steady? Have your tickets ready.

OK. We’re Army grunts with 7 months in country. Stationed out of a Forward Operating Base in Diyala, we spend our days agressively patrolling, doing night raids and providing REACT to the Iraqi indigs. We’ve been here a long time, seven months. We know our way around. We understand the rules, written and unwritten. Most importantly, we know our rotation date. We’re here for 12 months, we’re more than halfway through the deployment, we’ve sent some of our friends home in a bag, we’ve got cuts and scrapes and maybe a little shrapnel, we’re hardened, angry and not particularly charitable. We don’t want to hand out candy to the kiddies. We don’t care when the women wail when we take their men. We’ve lost contact with our humanity, because we’re seven fucking months into a combat deployment and we’re about surviving and going home.

Today they yanked the rug right out from under us. Without a moments reflection, they extended us another three months. Everything you’ve marked on your calendar, everything you planned with your family, all just flushed. And tomorrow you’re going to kick down doors and confront Iraqis who hate you. What are you going to do?



I think the people who declare Boston fans to be the most obnoxious are the most obnoxious. Neener.


The jinxing update to this post is not acceptable and should be removed post-haste.

What jinx? Pointing out that the guy IS STILL THROWING A NO-HITTER THROUGH 7 INNINGS is a jinx?

Speaking of jinx, Francona just brought Joel Piniero into the game. Why not just raise a white flag over the park, Tito?


Now, can we please cut the “Let’s go Sawks” crap and get back to busting wingnut balls? Please?

Also, go M’s! King Felix rulzzzzz!1!!!!!


Piniero complies by walking the first batter he faces. Boos are heard.

Is this a good time or a bad time to mention that I giggled when the BoSox ended the hitless seventh inning with 20 million dollar man Manny Ramirez watching a third strike go by?

a different brad

hey buckethead, man, what’s in the bucket?


So much anger in the world. Where’s the love?


B-head: chill, man, I dig talkin’ sports every now’n’then. Reading wingnuts hurts after a while, dig 🙂


JD Drew? Oh f that.

I blame the fox sports announcers who stopped forming completed sentences to just burst out “no hitter!” every third word. You can’t do that, it displeases the baseball gods.


dice k is on my fantasy team….GO GO GO


Incidentally, though, Mr. Hernandez is a pretty amazing young pitcher. Pray, and I mean PRAY, that Hargrove knows enough not to overuse him at this young age. I think Hargrove is pretty smart, and not a moron like Dusty “I’ll let Mark Prior throw 130 pitches in his first start back from the DL” Baker.


Bradley O’Furniture, LLC: Ooop! No more no-no! Bwah-ha-ha!

That’s why they call it a ‘jinx’.

I’ll bet you were the “OMG Gore totally has the election in the bag!” guy, too.


Tonight we learned what we do in the blogosphere really does have real world consequences. Behold the power of the cyberjinx.


I know Schilling is a wingnut, but is he really a “Jesus freak”? I thought he was one of those Alaska libertarian gun-nut types.


I prefer the iJinx. It still fucks things up like a cyberjinx but it comes in a sleek sort-of bauhausy case.


Introducing the iJinx No-No, or make that the iJinx No No-No.

a different brad

Will Carroll of BP thinks King Felix is gonna go down almost no matter what. Violent deliveries ain’t good for yah.

Hysterical Woman

Um, all I can say is that he’s Japanese, and that’s Interesting.


Go Twins! They decided to bring their bats tonight (and some decent pitching).

oh and GO WILD!!


I watched the game at Russian River Brewing. I drank a Pliny while the Sox lost. Cheers, Brad Esq.


Felix is on my fantasy team. Thanks for jinxing him – assholes! I’ll remember this come judgement day!


I can’t believe what I’m hearing in here.

Talking negatively about the Red Sox actually hurts the troops.

a different brad

I had Felix last year, RO.
He’ll break yer heart.
I think his home park gives him bad habits, but i don;t see him pitch too often, so i can’t really say.


he’s going to take Schilling deep 3 times in October.

What, is Schilling going to get traded to the Tigers?

(And, how could he break into the Tiger starting rotation?)


DiceK = Good

Eternally uninspired Mike Lowell instead of former Rookie of the Year Eric Hinske at Third = Bad, very bad.


I’m sick of the Sox and the Yankees, but I finally realized it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the fucking media who somehow forgets that there are more than two teams in the major leagues. I hate watching the Twins on national television, where the announcers know everything about the entire Yankees or Sox roster but can’t name the Twins’ starting shortstop. John Miller called him Josh Bartlett for half of the first playoff game last year. Christ that’s irritating.


hey buckethead, man, what’s in the bucket?

Why don’t we save a little energy?
Uh, just shut up, baby!

(Animal Behavior)


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