The Pam Is Risen


Oh dear.

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I used to hate performance art. Pam has caused me to reconsider.

Incontinentia Buttocks

She even manages to get her own url wrong. Interested insane people who go to the site listed at the start of the vlog (which, so far as I know, is pronounced as a single syllable….the Shrieking Harpy also didn’t get that memo), will be introduced to to a presumably Randroid, but Oshry-free, band.


Man, those 45 degree eyebrows are freakin’ me out. Where have I seen those before? Oh, yeah…. Uncle Leo!


But of course! The Captain is typically enjoyed by annoying people.


The list of reasons why I am not going to click the link that would allow this madwoman to rant at me on a Monday morning is very, very long. But suffice it to say that I’d rather light my toes on fire…



You seem to have made a slight error in your photoshop: That bottle still has liquid in it.


The fact of the matter is, my milkshake is better than hers…


Just the still photo of Pam waving a bottle of rum in my face was enough to make me poop my pants a little.


My god, everytime I click on an Atlas Vlog, I think “Gee, it’s not possible that Palama-Ding-Dong going to outdo herself from her last audition for a mental institution.” Then I click the link and am proved the fool once again.


make it stop. she’s seriously deranged.


She really said that we invaded Iraq because of “clitorectomies.”

I must admit, I did not know that. Well, let no one say that Pam’s vlogs aren’t educational.


Oh, they’re educational, all right!


Why did I click on that link? Now I’m scared and somewhat nauseous.


Most hilarious moment?

Pam, complaining about Muslims and Democrats to fade out, followed by black screen with “Later that day,” and into Pam complaining about Muslims and Democrats sitting on a balcony … as if she’d just kept going and going and going.


i’m sorry. i only made it to 1:54, after which point my body began involuntarily spasming. did i miss anything worthwhile?


i’m sorry. i only made it to 1:54, after which point my body began involuntarily spasming. did i miss anything worthwhile?



That’s not how you sing “Don’t worry be happy”.


First Althouse, now her. When do we get the vlog of Malkin’s besotted proclamation of her unrequited crush on George Takei and the Anchoress’ clumsy table dance that results in a broken hip?

a different brad

My hair is leaving too, so I shouldn’t laugh, but goddamn it’s funny watching Pam play with her hair to avoid showing that she’s going bald.


My Left Breast is jealous of her left breast. I’m thinkin’ a 3-way vlog with her & Michelle Malkin is in order!

a different brad

Also, I just noticed Pam has Bush disease, where what you’re saying and your facial expression don’t match. She’s got her sluttiest bedroom eyes going while talking about clitorectomies n such.
Is there anything at all about this woman that isn’t genuinely insane?


I just thought up a great game. I’m dropping that URL on a bunch of my non political – non blogger buds. Just have Pam pop up in their life, ranting drunkenly, when they have absolutely no idea that something like this even exists on the intert00bz.

Hoo Wee, people gonna be righteously pissed at me today!!



Sure, I hate document, but I absolutely love the vay-kay vee-log from down by the South Florida Ocean.

Innocent Bystander

Kind of old to be going on Spring break, isn’t she? And why drag her underage girls along?

This war on terror is taking its toll on Pam. I really think she’s headed for a complete nervous breakdown. I just hope she V-Logs it for us.


My favorite part?

1:07] “Do you feel like a slave yet? I know I feel like a slave.”

1:10] “So, I’m on the big va-ca[tion] with my kids. I’m really happy.”


See, this is where we on Teh Left get it all wrong. Pammycakes is bestest buds with Bush’s ill-advised pick for UN Ambassador and yet we treat her delusional rantings as a in-joke; a rarefied nosh for the connoisseurs of Wingnut crazy.

If Pam were similarly attached to a Dem partisan foot soldier, the RNC would make it a special mission to ensure that everyone in the damn country knew who she is, how crazy she is, and who her friends are.

a different brad

I would pay good money to see Pam interact with some good spooky eyed religious nut Florida locals. It’d be like throw the jew down the well without anyone being in on the joke.
She really is a talented performance artist, tho. The clitorectomy mentions were to establish her feminist street cred, so that when she went batshit and said it should be up to her whether her daughters are immunized from a kind of fucking cancer it’s ok.


“Kind of old to be going on Spring break, isn’t she? And why drag her underage girls along?”

Who else is gunna be sober enough to explain to the barkeep how to make the cocktails juuuuust how mommy likes them*?

Mikey, I see bannings in your future.

*Screwdriver, double, hold the rocks and the orange juice, garnish with a shot of absinth.


My favorite part?

1:07] “Do you feel like a slave yet? I know I feel like a slave.�

I liked this too, but mainly because the comment was a reaction to the evil Dhimmicrats raising taxes. Does Pammy actually generate any taxable income?


Oh you vicious, vicious bastards.

I have managed to avoid watching Pamalama since that nauseating episode a couple of months back where the 12-yr-old was moving her hands in sync with Pam’s rantings and I suddenly felt sick to my stomach that she was being allowed to inflict this utter hateful madness on a child. But that pic of her with The Captain was just too much …

Cut to: Pam, a day later, staggering down the street with her panties bunched around her ankles, keening “I wanna (hic) marry Cappin Morrrr-gan… ”

Yeah Pam, we all believe you when you claim that back in the wild, wild 70s, you kept them knees super-glued together … much like the ex-smoker is the most virulently anti-ciggie crusader out there, Pam fiercely maintains that she never got down & dirty, no matter how many ‘ludes she downed…

Her face is all swollen and puffy from the sun and the drinking .,., but hell, she could look like Imhotep in the early stages of The Mummy and still it wouldn’t match the ugliness that spews from that toxic swamp mouth. It is amazing that she parrots so much of the wingnut party line, far past the point where any other life-form with even a rudimentary central nervous system has recognized that reality can be denied no longer.


Egad! Watching that was certainly the most horrible 7:53 minutes of my
life including the time I hitch-hiked from Columbus,Ohio to Florida on my
Spring Break and was beaten and robbed at gunpoint outside of Atlanta
at 3:00 in the morning by 4 southern gentlemen who made the characters in “Deliverance” look like warm and fuzzy tribbles.


Sick: the moment when she drunkenly wonders if her kids are drowning in the pool.

Prudence Goodwife

So she’s against cliterectomies but for cervical cancer? Her poor daughters.


My mind is permanently bent; I did not know such a thing existed, it violates so many laws of nature. Pam is like the product of the experiment gone awry in
The Fly — a Sopranos wife, Phyliss Schlafly, and Liberace get scrambled into one disgusting, bloviating wingnut. Deeply disturbing…


Sick: the moment when she drunkenly wonders if her kids are drowning in the pool.

Sick indeed but at least she eventually remembered she’s reponsible for their safety. Usually she just ignores them and let’s Darwin
babysit for them.


Sorry, but I never open sPam.

OT, but priceless: Mickey Kaus advises the Democrats to stick to scoring points with potential voters in the 2008 elections about whether the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a mistake— as opposed to actually, you know, trying to fix the mistake.

Obviously, none of Mickey’s family are planning to serve in the military, or else he might actually give a shit about saving GI’s lives instead of cynical political bullshit…


I snoozed, so I loozed. Sadly, it’s not there (nor is she, for that matter).


Linky no worky. Video taken down by owner, it says here.
Think you could paraphrase? Picture says it all though.


Think you could paraphrase? Picture says it all though.

To be fair, the picture has been photoshopped. I think it’s a fairly good summary of the video, however.

It had said the video was removed by owner, now it’s claiming to load, although it never actually does. Perhaps Ms. Atlas is adding something. In any case, if I were to paraphrase:

Blah, blah, blah, Nancy Puh-poop-si,

(series of wild and seemingly random gestures)

Blah, blah, blah, Dhimmicrats,

(musical interlude involving milkshakes and boys and yards)

Blah, blah, blah, taxes

(another series of wild and seemingly random gestures)

Blah, blah, blah, Nancy Puh-poopsi (again)

(brief expression of concern for the lives of her children)

Blah, blah, blah, leftards

Of course this is all from memory. Have I missed anything, anyone?


“Oh dear” pretty much says all that needs to be said, although I guess the inflection leaves room for interpretation.


I watched for about a minute. Then I threw up a little in my mouth and just turned the sound off and hoped she would take off her shirt. She didn’t even do that.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Whisky! Beer! Feck! Women! Inner Circle Navy Rum!
…I’m sorry, that was completely OT. I’m just wondering whether it will trigger your spam detector.


Nah, but it did get me all revved up for quitting time…



She took down the video!

Buh bye Ms. Atlas. Buh bye.


For those who didn’t get to see it earlier today, here’s the new, revised Spring Break vee-log.


“You don’t even know you’re a whore!”



I’m not calling Pam a whore. It sounded like she said that when she was on the balcony, in reference to Pelosi going to Syria.


P.S. The first person to enter the Dunkin Donuts when Pam had her back to the door looked like he might have been from the Middle East. She’s so brave!


Thanks J. I guess. Fucker.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Jesus fucking christ that woman makes me furious. Cervical fucking cancer, slag, is cancer. Well duh. People die of it. Anita Mui, the finest actress/singer in Hong Kong, died of it three years ago, at age 43. Forty-fucking-three. Hong Kong had already been devastated by the SARS epidemic, then the suicide of one of their favourite stars (he jumped from a local hotel. but it was a 6 star hotel, so that’s okay), then Anita dying of cervical cancer. The poor bloody territory still hasn’t recovered. And that’s not hyperbole, it’s at least partly true: the economy was shattered by SARS, and the population was shattered by the deaths of three much-loved stars in the one year.

And only fucking bad girls get cervical cancer? Only girls who ‘give it away’ get cervical cancer? I’d like to hold her by that hair and punch her in the face a coupla times while I explain the point. And I can do that, being female. I’m sure she’d understand.

Does Pammy get smear tests? Or does she think she and her precious girls don’t need that either? Jesus wept, but I pity the doctor who has to wave a speculum at that monster. Were I the doctor, I’d probably prefer to pre-emptively swallow the bloody thing and choke.

Jesus fucking christ, some people make me cranky.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Ahem. Sorry about that fuck-laced rant, folks. I’m a little on edge, and stupidity pushes me over it.


Puh-poopsi? That’s not for reals, is it? If so, goddamn, that’s the most pitiful excuse for an insult name EVAR. And “Pelosi” has so much to offer to a bugwit like Pam: Pe-lousy, Pe-louse-y, Pe-grossy, Smellosi, Hellosi…


Okay, sure, she’s “insane,” and all. But if an aged, drunken homeless woman, who had lived on the streets for twenty years, wheeled her shopping cart piled high with discarded Fed Ex boxes and little foil Heinz ketchup envelopes up to you and proceeded to say *everything Pam said, verbatim,* you wouldn’t think twice about it, would you?

Nuff said.


Puh-poopsi? That’s not for reals, is it?

Well, in the re-edit it’s just Pel-Oopsie. But in the original director’s cut, she said it multiple times, and it eventually got, oh, I dunno… slurred… to Puh-poopsi.

Can’t imagine why she cut the first few minutes.

I love the addition of text on screen, particularly when she’s ranting about the HPV vaccine. The best: “Cervical cancer is not even an INFECTIOUS disease”. Sweet Jebus, she’s dense.


She’s really no fun at all. She’s removed it!


Thanks, Marita and J_.

Mr. W, I would have the same reaction in both cases. “Oooooo Kay, then.”


Qetesh, her point is totally specious anyway, since the vaccination is for HPV, which is highly contagious and asymptomatic (and which is the leading cause of cervical cancer). It doesn’t matter if women have one partner or 100 – men don’t even know they have it. It’s not caused by promiscuity – doctors estimate that 90% of teenage and young adult women have it. She’s totally off of her f*cking rocker, this one is.

Her later VLog is even funnier – she has one poor daughter sitting next to her during her rant. I really, really feel sorry for her daughters – if I had a mother like that I’d truly shoot myself. She also has a photoshopped picture of Pelosi getting f*cked in the ass by Assad at one point during the video – this is a good mother? What the hell is she teaching her kids? Someone should report her to Child Welfare for some of the things she says and does on her vlogs.

God, the woman is a complete moron (and obviously, her readers are as well).

Her best statement was that she wasn’t promiscuous as a teenager, during the 70’s. I near about blew coffee out of my nose listening to that bullshit. Just look at her –


Pamela in her most recent VLog mentioned above by CarolSoprano:

I’m in Florida, and they’re talking about making it [a HPV vaccine requirement] law now.

They would be the Republican-controlled state legislature, I guess. No matter, the Left is surely to blame nonetheless. And actually, the bill currently being considered by the Florida House would require middle school students to receive information about the vaccine but not the vaccine itself.


My fave vlog from Pammy was a while ago, where one of her younger relatives (daughter? neice?) was sitting next to her, and Pammy asked her, “What do you think about [insert right-wing talking point here]?” and the girl is barely able to blurt, “I–” before Pammy grabs the mic back and says, “I’ll tell you what she thinks…” and then can’t shut up for 10 minutes while the poor girl looks mortified.


Agonizingly realized transcripts of Pammy’s latest drunken explosions are up over at my place, should you be interested in this particular brand of self-torture. I know I’m not!


Pam doesn’t want her daughters vaccinated because she’s got some batshit-crazy fear of nefarious ulterior motives attached to the needle?

Where have we seen this before?


Oh, in Nigeria.

The Muslim parts:

Where crazies tried to stop polio vaccinations for the same reason.

What did Pammy think about that?


Qetesh–yeah, you may want to mail Pamela with the info she’ll need for the restraining order and all. This post/comments has been a very odd experience. Though obviously not for most of you….So, can I safely assume that Pamela-bashing is a regular feature here then?

I think WordYeti deserves best weird comment here, followed by anyone who mentioned reporting her to child services. And the guy transcribing the videos? That’s just really fucked up.


Pim’s Ghost, what’s wrong with transcribing videos uploaded to the internet?


And Pim’s Ghost, I hope you are brave enough to denounce Pamela viro-Islamofascism in an upcoming post. Or are you that kind of dhimmi who only gets upset when brown people do the kind of stuff that Pamela does?


“Pim’s Ghost, what’s wrong with transcribing videos uploaded to the internet?”

RZ, nothing. It’s quite a useful tool, actually. But for just the videos posts of one particular blogger? I just find this obsession with Pamela a tad bit odd, and going so far as to transcribe her videos just takes that obsession one strange step further.

But believe me, I have no problems in the “bravery” department when it comes to denouncing that with which I don’t agree. My blog is filled with such posts, even if I don’t write constantly anymore. I added that link. I had no problem denouncing an endorsement of John Hagee on my site, and left Pamela’s MNM for some time over it. As for the “islamofascism”, I’m an anti-jihadi blogger when I do blog. I tend to agree with Pamela on those issues. I focus more on wahabism/salafism as being ideologically dangerous sects within Islam, as do many Muslims, both on the web and among my personal friends. I don’t really understand those who do not see the problems with these dangerous offshoots of Islam.

As for calling me a “dhimmi”? Oh, please. My family ended up here because they WERE dhimmis. Yes, actual dhimmis (technically “millet”, as they were under Ottoman rule. They escaped genocide. I hardly think that it’s cute to throw such words around when I know too well how many of my family members didn’t escape the Turkish genocides.

I’m most amused, however, by the increasing use of the term “brown people”, since it is frequently applied to me offline. I AM brown. I’ve lived a life of not being considered a “white person”, unless I’m dealing with people online who haven’t seen me. So as a “brown” descendent of dhimmis, I don’t get too angry or upset when Pamela discusses news stories involving bullying, murder, etc. by Muslims, whether or not the Muslims in question are “brown”. We don’t agree on many political issues, but Pamela is a friend, and thus, I find all of the strange posts around the web about her breasts just downright nutty and sexist as well. Reducing women one disagrees with to mere labels such as “insane” or “hate blogger” and concentrating on their looks rather than opinions is just demeaning, whether the woman in question is me, Pamela, or anyone else. Just my opinion.

As for the video opinion, I made one just for people who love to label both of us:

Nonsense such as the “breast” comments among others tend to amuse us highly. I just sometimes find that I must comment, just every so ofter, at these sites that feature posts/comments such as this thread.


Pim’s Ghost —

I wasn’t aware that the transcriber’s work was limited to Pamela alone. If it is an “obsession with Pamela,” that might be odd, but I think it’s clear to many S,N readers that Pamela has her own blog obsessions that are odd and, to see the silver lining, presented in a way that is hilarious.

What’s not hilarious is her barely-stoppered hate for Muslims and Arabs. Rather than stoop to the level of Pamela’s RANTS!!!!!!….,
blood libel, and calls for
mass murder, I think most readers here are content to reveal her as the clown she is. Are some comments sexist? Yes. But as bad as sexism is, I’ll take it over genocide any day.

As a self-identified “brown person” you might see the irony of Pamela’s double-standard virology. She, a white non-Muslim American is free to denounce a lifesaving vaccine on spurious political and scientific grounds, but Muslims in Nigeria are not allowed that same luxury. Indeed, while Pamela celebrates her own paranoia at the expense of her children’s health, she damns Pakistani Muslims for the same behavior.

And as someone who doesn’t like to see the term “dhimmi” cheapened by those using it as an epithet in the contemporary American political sphere, well, you and your friend have a lot to discuss.

Here’s hoping this gets through, both to you and the un-previewed Internet.


Why this disease? Why now? I don’t know, Pam. Maybe because the vaccine has just been invented, you fucking shrieking harpy.


I just assume that “Pam Oshry” is some sort of straight-faced Andy Kaufmanesque prank.

I don’t care whether or not it’s true – I just can’t accept a world where anyone might take her seriously.


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