After much listening, I think I finally “get” Arcade Fire, and I like ’em quite a bit.

I still don’t see what’s so bloody special about LCD Soundsystem, though. Can anyone shed some light on this, or does Brad get an “Ach ja” for his bewilderment?


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Hell, I’m still trying to figure out Arcade Fire.

How about the Fratellis? Or Shack?


LCD Soundsystem’s “Losing My Edge” is nice and wry, everything Tullycraft’s “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend is too Stupid to Know About” should have been.


Yeah, but what’s so great about them? I just hear standard dance beats and no memorable melodies or hooks. And yet critics and the kool-kid indie crowd go gah-gah for ’em.


“Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” is a pretty brilliant song and “Losing My Edge” is hilarious. I do think the LCD dude– what’s his name, James Murphy or something– is a little bit overrated by the critics, but he’s made some pretty fun little jams. His music is obviously tailor-made for geeky music-crit types. It’s all obscure references and wry, winking humor. “Daft Punk Is Playing…” sounds awesome on a dance floor.

Incontinentia Buttocks

What’s wrong with Tullycraft? I happen to think “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriendis Too Stupid to Know About” is everything that “Pop Songs Your New Boyfriendis Too Stupid to Know About” should have been.


I was into Fratellis b4 it was kewl to be into Fratellis. First heard ’em while streaming a Zane Lowe broadcast, and they caught my ears immediately. Klaxons are pretty good as well.


Well, we can’t all be as kewl as you, Brad.


Well, we can’t all be as kewl as you, Brad.

I’m an old guy and there’s no decent radio in Milwaukee. One keeps up as one can.


I worked at a record store for much of my 20s and took lots of drugs, so I’m pretty much right in the crosshairs of LCD Soundsystem’s target demographic. His inside-baseball lyrics avoid being condescending or pompous because it just seems like he really loves music.

Also, I get all the winky jokes, which flatters me.


“Tribulations” is a pretty wicked awesome song, with a pretty great melody, I think. “Too Much Love” expresses, to me, the e/rave backlash better than any other song.

But, you know, I’m a dance music guy.

Can’t stand the Arcade Fire.


It took me a while to get into Arcade Fire too, but when I finally did I must have listened to “Wake Up” about 5000 times.

I think whether or not you like LCD Soundsystem depends on whether or not you like dance music. LCD isn’t going to win many people over who aren’t dance music fans.

The Klaxons are only cool because they have a song called Gravity’s Rainbow.

a different brad

My basic rule is any white person music act Sasha Frere Jones knows and likes is ass.
Which is to say I still don’t get Arcade Fire’s allure.
Or how you can call Eminem “icky”. Not that I’m a fan, but sheeit.


Get a freakin’ MOG you wankers. We want wingnuttery and snark.

And while you’re at it, listen to the vast assortment of tunes in the SXSW BitTorrent download. Quit worrying about what all the kewl kids are listening to.


I saw some band advertised on Adult Swim called “Stars of Track and Field” who were making some sorta pompous emo-anthem-pop. Honest to God, is there an entire generation of scarf-wearing lead singers who have been taught to cry and sing at the same time? I had to listen to an hour of Alabama Thunderpussy to drive it out of my head.


I love LCD Soundsystems first CD but haven’t gotten the second CD yet. I first got turned on to them when they opened for the Pixies a couple of years ago and they put on a good show. And how could an aging hipster like me or anyone who has ever felt anxious that there was some cool music eluding them not dig a song like “Losing My Edge”? Check out the lyrics

As for Arcade Fire. I don’t love them but they’re the kind of band that the kind of women I go crazy for go crazy for. So they are at least very useful. And anytime music comes up I’m going to evangelize for the Drive-by-Truckers. The best hard rock band in the world right now. Decoration Day is the CD to start with.


“Stars of Track and Field�

named after the Belle & Sebastian song, no less. gack.

i don’t get the Arcade Fire, either. or Sufjan Stevens. or the fucking Blueberry Boat people, whoever they are.



I finally did it… and i’m so, so sorry.
Yes, I finally listened to Dr. BLT’s cover of depeche mode’s Personal Jeebus, and I think I’m scarred for life.
Why would i do this, you ask? I mean, I actually *like* DM and that song. And, unsurprisingly, BLT massacres it. Well, IT IS A MYSTERY. I’m just self-abusing, I guess. Anyhoo, gotta run–medical treatment awaits!


the new LCD is, as far as i can tell, a series of covers of the song “I Zimbra” by Talking Heads, along with some other songs from Remain in Light, with some mid-70s Brian Eno thrown in for good measure.

and i, for one, welcome such an album. it may not be the most original thing in the world, but it’s still pretty damn good. i’m still trying on the arcade fire–i think this london hotel room calls for another listen.


As someone who grew up on Jefferson Airplane, Janis, Free, Teh Dead, James Taylor, Tommy James, Creedence, Marvin Gaye and Blood Sweat and Tears, I don’t recognize much of these, although I will come back to this post and research a few of them on Limewire.

My attempt at kewl would be to suggest you check out the Internet Radio site Probably the slickest radio on the t00bz, and I’ve been quite happy to revisit the early nineties on the 90s alternative channel. Lots of user level control though, which I find to be very cool…



Honest to God, is there an entire generation of scarf-wearing lead singers who have been taught to cry and sing at the same time?

Loud music was a lot more fun when it was about Satan.


or the fucking Blueberry Boat people, whoever they are.

Took me a bunch of listens to get on the Fiery Furnaces bandwagon myself, and I’m still not down with everything, but after a while, the first 8 or 9 tracks on that album just clicked for me, and I found myself singing Mason City and Paw Paw Tree in my head a bunch of times. The guitar in Paw Paw Tree reminds me of the guitar in a lot of the latest Spoon album.

Currently listening to a lot of Viva Voce (thanks to the Uncanny Canadian), Ted Leo (prep for his 4/28 concert), and the Walkmen, who put on one of the best live shows you, I, or anyone will ever see. “The Rat” may be the four most perfect minutes of live music ever performed.


I keep telling the people that I know that some of the best music ever made is being made right now and I consider Arcade Fire a fine example of that. My favorites off of their latest album are Black Wave / Bad Vibrations, Antichrist Television Blues and Black Mirror. No doubt there is a lot of crap out there, too. At least there is so much diversity in today’s music that everyone is bound to find something that they like.


You’re officially old when you know longer understand music. Not so much dislike it, but you listen to something and can’t figure out why you’d want to bother listening to it. So I looked those guys up and listened to them and I’m officially old.


Wasn’t there some other lefty blog who didn’t get/like Arcade Fire not long ago? I simply cannot fathom an intelligent progressive who doesn’t dig Arcade Fire.

But, if you want something heavier, then listen to Isis or Jesu or Pelican. Being an indie snob doesn’t mean you can’t like heavy music, too.

And if you like LCD, take a gamble on the new Pole or The Field albums.


I ran out and bought Funeral after previewing a few tracks, and eet eez goood!

What finally clinched the sale was David Byrne’s plug for Arcade Fire on his blog. Nothing like a recommendation from an Elder Statesman of Rawk to tell me that “It’s OK To Like This”.

I like to keep up with some new bands so I don’t feel, like, you know, uuuuuh…, old.

But if you don’t ‘get’ LCD Soundsystem, that’s good enuff for me; I’ll avoid them.


Kaptcha ate my comment! But it wasn’t that good anyway.


The thing that’s so awesome about Murphy / LCD Soundsystem is that he takes the whole motorik-Krautrock-Can-Talking Heads-Neu!-Eno thing beyond the 70s into dance music. But not boring, bleepy, wanky dance music — fun dance music that you can, y’know, dance to. And so even if you don’t like all of those bands, you can still enjoy the heck out of LCD Soundsystem.

It is kind of weird how in a couple of the songs on the second album, it sounds as though David Byrne just elbowed the guy out of the way for a chorus or two.


First, I wanted to clarify something from above-my poor writing made it seem that I needed medical attention because I listened to a Doc. BLT track, and nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, the medical appointment had been arranged quite some time ago, and listening to BLT’s opus had no bearing on whether I went or not.
Second… why… is… the… site… loading… soooooooooooo….








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