Glenn Reynolds Roboshop Contest Winnar!!!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to tabulate the results of the Glenn Reynolds Roboshop Challenge, but in my defense, I’m a lazy sack of crap.

And now, here is TEH WINNRRR!!!!

To the person who submitted the winning entry- please e-mail me your home address so Scott from World O’Crap can send you a prize. Excelsior, bitches!


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That mosque looks perfectly usable to me…

Oh yeah, congrats to teh winner!


Intersting that this android has female hands, whereas its maleness is on its feet, ‘genitals’ and face. An inhuman thing.


That robot’s right leg will never get any action. Ever.


A well-deserved win. Congrats to the diseased mind–I mean brilliant brain–that conceived it.


that entry destroyed the competition!!!!

oh wait, did I say “destroyed”?!


The corndog was an especially nice… uh, touch. I guess. Congratulations. Whodunnit?


Congratulations to the winner. I hope Sadly, No! will host another contest soon.

the dryyyyyyy cracker

Probably a coincidence, but it’s a nice, subtle touch that Shapiro’s the blue lion.

There were a lot of worthy contenders, but man, this sucker rewards repeated viewings.


Grumble. I’d like to congratulate the winner of the Glennbot2007 Photoshop Contest.</soreloser>


Muchas Gracias. I’m glad collective lapses in judgment sometimes work in my favor. I especially liked the runner-up for its allegorical perfection and the fembot one because it added the perfect body to the face.

As to mine, well, the whole thing was an excuse to use the Assrocket corndog for a crotch. The rest, as they say, was gravy.

I’m email the name of a proxy to receive the fabulous prize on my behalf.


[insert recount joke]


If I had bothered to enter the contest, knew how to use Photoshop & had I idea, I woulda won! Oh, yeah, I’d need a copy of Photoshop also…


Excellent contest, entries and the winner truly deserved the acco-kool-aid. For me the entire Circus Maximus feel of the winner and its integrated link between wingnuts and 7 year olds and the Dome that is/not puts it into its own category. Plus the photoshopping is quite well done given the amount of stuff to be manipulated and blended in …

Put that pipe fitting degree to work !!!!


It’s never to early for another Glenn Glennington, Hero of The Future contest, you know. I’d offer a prize except I fully expect to win, knowing this time that it’s vulgarity rather than subtle alpha channel tweaking that amuses the peanut gallery.

Charles Giacometti

I recognize everyone else, but whose face is on the right foot?


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